Friday, November 28, 2014

♨ Wild Honey - Brunch , Scotts Square Singapore

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we decided pamper ourselves with nice brunch before a shopping day!
happy to find another nice brunch place here, near to Orchard Road

Wild Honey, Scotts Square, Orchard Road
(5-7min walk from Somerset MRT station)

we went there quite late in the afternoon
so it wasn't packed with people
apparently if you go earlier, you might need to wait for a seat

Inside of Wild Honey
and our Mocha to kick start our day!
well, Mocha was not bad, satisfying much.
But I wouldn't say it was the best ever though =P

They have quite a vast selection of food in their menu
mostly ranging around $20-40 dollars

English Breakfast ($25)
including pork sausages, bacon, baked beans,grilled tomato, brioche, potatoes...

It tasted like any typical english breakfast out there
not bad actually
and the bread was soft, "fluffy" and fragrant!

English Breakfast ($25)

and this is Caribbean ($20)
Coconut waffles with fresh passion fruit creme 
served together with baby bananas, mangoes 
& passion fruit syrup (thumbs up!)

I love the passion fruit syrup!
It was a filling breakfast meal 
the waffles were well done
and the mangoes and bananas were sweet!

Caribbean ($20)
Ratings :

Food : 4.2 / 5
Price : 3.5 / 5
Ambience : 3.8 / 5
Service : 4 / 5

will definitely come back to try more!

Wild Honey
Scotts Square (3rd floor)
333A, Orchard Road,
Tel : +65 6235 3900
Opening Hours : 9.00am - 8.30pm
(except Fri & Sat : till 9.30pm)

(5-7min walk from Somerset MRT station)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Malindo Airlines Review

Today is my first experience of taking Malindo Air from KL - SG
Usually I take airasia / tiger airways as they offer cheaper fares
but this time around Malindo offered the cheapest fare
(KL - SG is their new route)
so I thought, why not give it a try

According to their website
they offer a few things which is not offered by other airlines
1. Extra legroom
2. In flight entertainment
3. On-board Wifi
4. Free Snacks
5. Free 15kg baggage allowance

and I'm actually quite excited to try out this plane

The plane is very new, you can feel it when you get seated
and the leg room was quite impressive.
As someone who is almost 175cm tall
will long huge legs
look how much more space I have for my leg!

In flight entertainment! (with USB ports)
but too bad I didn't get to play games
maybe because this 1 hour journey is too short LOL
(maybe they didn't turn the function on)

and the on-board wifi & roaming is only for Boeing 737-900
which is not available in this plane

and free refreshments!
its simple but I'm contented enough haha!

 The only downfall is they don't have in flight magazines
which is one of my favey thing to do on a plane!

Well although a lot of the facilities provided are not available in this flight to sg
but consider the price that they offered
I really think it is worth it
and a lot more comfortable
the take off and landing were smooth
at least no loud weird engine noises LOL
(you know what I mean if you experienced one before)

Will definitely fly with Malindo again in the future!

♨ Magnum Cafe, Mid Valley KL

After almost 2 weeks from the day of opening
I decided to join the hype
But, on a wonderful monday afternoon, very odd hours
the queue was still quite remarkable. LOL.

We waited almost 15min to get into the cafe
then probably another +/-15min to get our orders done
Tips : ask one of your friend to CHOP a seat first whenever you see one
if not you will have to sit outside / stand while you indulge yourself in magnumland!

The queue from inside starts here
it basically goes one circle before you can place your orders

So for self-crafted magnum icecream
it is RM9.90 (fixed price)
you get to choose either a chocolate or vanilla ice cream
one coating
and 3 toppings
I actually asked whether we can go for 4 or 5 toppings
and the cashier said after 3 toppings, you need to buy another ice cream =P

They have wide selection of toppings
some are for more adventurous customers
eg : chilli as topping LOL
(yet to try it!)

The toppings selection counter

White, Milk or Dark choc to coat your Magnum

Pour your selected toppings onto the ice cream
 and tada! 
here's my ice cream
chocolate magnum coated with milk chocolate
topped with
1. pretzels
2. popcorns
3. rose petals

I personally think the rose petals gave the ice cream quite a unique taste
just that you probably get rose petals stuck in between (all over) your teeth LOL

and my friend's
vanilla ice cream with milk chocolate coating
topped with 
1. potato chips
2. oreos
3. chocolate balls

tried both of these and I think the white one is much better
(not as sweet as chocolate)
my choc one was a bit too sweet, and too overwhelming =P

of course, they have other menu as well
quite interesting also
maybe I will go back and try!

Ratings :

Food : 3.8 /5
Price : 3.5 / 5
Service : 3.5 / 5
Ambience : 3 / 5

*another upcoming Magnum Cafe - IOI City Mall*

Magnum Cafe Kuala Lumpur
Mid Valley Megamall

Toppest floor (near to cinema)
Opening hours : 10am- 10pm

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Incurable disease. Marriage.

Rare occasions where I feel like posting some inner thoughts of mine
well, this time around is about the topic, as stated above.

Lately, there are a few articles circulating on my fb newsfeed
is regarding a lady, in her 20s
which suddenly discovered she has some incurable cancer or what
and the 6 years long relationship boyfriend decided to marry her
even though she has 2 months left to live.
of course, it was a happy wedding.

Funny enough, i actually question myself on this
If one day I have some stage 4 cancer / incurable spreadable transmittable scary disease(s)
will my boyfriend marry me just because they say 
"both of you love each other too much?"

oh well, just in case
if you are thinking that I might be one of those
you know
princess / annoying gf that wants a 
YES OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU reply from my boyfriend

For me,
its more like
"will I let him do that even if he wants / insists to"

In my opinion,
if I only have a few months to survive
of course I wish to have my family members / friends / boyfie around me
(well except if I have some air-borne transmittable disease then, maybe not too near to me)
but even so, I wished they will wear mask / protective attire and at least visit me 

but marriage?
as much as I want to have a loving husband in the future
I think I will say no.

why tie someone's future when you can't have the future with him?

well, be with me as a boyfriend and see me die peacefully
and then, you can lead your new life, hopefully
keep some memories of me in your heart
but don't let me interfere with your future gf / wife / family
it's not worth it. 
cuz i will be one of those dead meat decaying in a coffin
and I won't come back to you anymore. 
(even though I want too, badly i guess)

- just some thoughts -
(maturity checked. LOL)

Monday, October 13, 2014


Officially a 4th year medical student now!
Hidden meaning : I PASSED MY EXAM!!

i'm happy.
Im reallly is.

I think at this point of my life
I begin (finally) to like my unilife more.
I enjoyed them more.
and more to enjoy in the future I'm sure.

This time around
this exam
I really have whole list of people to thank
like, seriously.
Many showed warmth and love to me
Many encouraged me
Too many too many!!

without all these people
big or small, significant or not
it does hold me in place

I might not look like i'm going to break into pieces 
but i'm always at the peak
the stress that I have accumulated since the pageant
is overwhelming
is too much
i really think it's too much to handle
especially the exam stress.

Guess Really, I grew up a lot this time.
Stronger, firmer, happier.

This is going to be so old school LOL 
but i need to do this, for future reference
when I look back at my blog probably 30 years later.
(if blogging still exists)

(Disclaimer : number order does not mean anything)

1. Roomate no 1

I have always wanted to go home.
Everytime, every single day, once I dont have class I will shoot back home.
That was how I went through my 1st and 2nd year.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my ex-roommates,
they are angels of course.

she managed to...
make me feel like staying back in hostel feels a lot OK?

This year around,
my room is not just a place to sleep.
is a proper ROOM.
like, ROOM. 
a room that you don't mind to go back even if its not weekdays.
Maybe its because of her 
(if you are reading this please don't feel geli, 
this is NOT a love letter.*roll eyes + smirk *)

She did helped me a lot
in studies
I'm a question bug
I ask a lot of things
why this cause this
why leh why cannot like this
why this why not that

geez she is always there to answer for me!
although not everytime got answer la 
but still she will help me to work it out!

and her notes.
banyak useful.
super NEAT.

and she stayed back till I finish exam even though she finished a lot earlier
(ok la no transport / pakto purposes also included)
but stillllll~~~~~
I dont think anyone had ever did that to me

2. Roommate no 2 

She is extraordinary STEADY this time for exam
imagine she grew up from a 
kind of girl
to someone that consoled me this time cuz i cried terribly.
(fuck that osce)
even accompanied me to *search* for my hp after exam
that was the time I REALLY dont want to be alone
and she offered to accompany me!

and ended up raining
and her baju wet.
(that's why i ran so fast back cuz i feel damn bad if her baju wet)

Dont know what else I can say
but her existence in the room this time
is different
feel like more of a sister than a roommate
yeah right imagine someone always sleep across the boundary between your bed and her bed =.=
(our bed is attached together side by side)
but it's comfy! to have someone like this beside =P

*good luck girl, ace your next exam!*

3. The ultimate trainer

I have lost word, how to thank him
Without him, I'm nothing
Without all his help, I might screw this exam up, entirely.

I'm not the kind of great student 
that is aiming for distinction
Our relationship is not made because I want to be trained to be a distinction.
Many misunderstood.
I dont want your distinction, go get it yourself
and stop getting jealous.
(and try to be cool and not jealous in front of me)
it's obvious.

Its a friendship
nothing like what you all think of.
Its a student - teacher relationship.
It can be a father - daughter relationship too.
I will say it is more like a fate.
It comes naturally, this bonding.

But, he did helped me a lot.
I am really nothing without him.

before every exam, 
he will come earlier to the exam hall
to just, say good luck or what so ever.
you don't know how much it means to me.
especially someone like me that really scare of screwing up the exam.

4. That Awesome Buddyline

When i'm emo and everyone else is not
I know who to find - Julia

and all the support, food, motivation, time
it means a lot.

and the mysthical buddyline-blood
it is a sure pass buddyline blood in us =D

5. Friends

Everyone that da-pao-ed dinner for me 
cuz i damn kiasu emo have to stay in room and study 24/7

life is so much better with Germany Rocks whatsapp group =)

not forgetting my study groupmates
i learnt a lot from all of you
and I hope you guys learnt a lot from what I shared too

6. Family

Especially my mom, that prayed for me everyday
turn on the magic staircase light for me everyday
submitted my name and exam date to the temple etc

and the little baby at home
I quietly told him a lot of things =P
and asked forced for blessings from him 

and everyone else in the family

7. The Man

The crazy drug dealer that always recommend me to take anxiolytic agent (=.=)
to the person who listens to me
and tell me that he prayed for me every morning

it's awesome.


every single piece of my life
is getting more and more precious

I will cherish them all

Friday, October 10, 2014

Niece diary.

At almost 2.5 years old
I think my niece is an awesome toddler.
A smart one.

I always come down SG to spend time with her
have to keep reminding her who I am wart
scare one day she will forget about me if I really ended up in Melb

This time around
she is a lot more chatty
and playful.
(not forgetting the tantrums as well)

I gave her a string, and she somehow shaped it into an unknown shape
and she told me :

"xiao yi, this is fish."

Me : "wow jayyee, so clever, can I eat the fish?"
Niece :"cannot, this one not cooked."

*quietly change the shape at the corner*
(into some unknown shape also)

Niece :" Xiao yi, this can eat. bite?"
Me :"did you cooked it for me?"
Niece :" yes"
Me :" oh okay, so nice of you, *bite*"

she change the shape again
and say
"xiao yi, crocodile"
I pretend to run around and scream
"urgh NO xiao yi scare crocodile! NO NO..."

she looked at me innocently and say
"but I like crocodile"

Me :"you serious baby? crocodile is scaryyy. they BITE"
Niece :"do you want to bite the crocodile?"
Me :" nope, i bite fish, i dont bite crocodile"

then she say
"ok, i know i know. *change the shape*"
"I make dog dog."

Me :" ok you make dog dog. Why suddenly dog dog?"
Niece :" Because no one scares dog dog"

Me :" thoughtful."
*show me her dog dog*
Niece :" sayang dog dog, dog dog not scary"
Me :" ok sayang dog dog"
"can I kiss dog dog too?"

Niece :" No, dog dog dirty."


She grew up so fast!
So intelligent dy!

I'm going to miss her so much =)
Sometimes i will sleep her room
I'm so scare one day when she understands it
she will say
"that's my room. why xiao yi sleeping there?"

OMG im going to be so heart broken if that happens
but I know the day will come.
When she grows up.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back in typing.

Disclaimer : this is a very uninteresting post.
more of talking-to-myself kind of post.

oh, hello people.
(anyone here?) 
LOL i know right I have been a terrible blogger
for not blogging for so long
although i have tonnes to blog about.

i'm done with my final exam!
more so - I'm done with my stress. 

Stress started at least 3mths ago
first 1.5mths is for the pageant.
Stress for dieting, pimples, hair on body, skin, complexion etc
everything have to be at the perfect condition
but its so hard to have stress-free face when you are stress LOL

then after pageant
stress for studies attacked me
started with end of posting test 1 week after pageant
that 1 week was dreadful, so packed and rush.

and then study week
and then finals.

and a lot of palpitations
more stress
fluctuate between confident and zero confident


medic exam is not easy.
not easy in the sense that you have to perform well in front of doctors.
it's not about the writing papers 
(although writing papers already stressful enough with the vast amounf of books to swallow)
but you know, if you dont know something when the Dr asks you
right in front of your face
you will see disappointment
sarcastic smile / laugh


and we really afraid that we get a case that we don't know 
i mean, you can be damn hardworking and study 100 diseases
but you might just get that 101 disease that you JUST happened didnt study
it's like, searching for a string in the sea

I'm glad that it's over.
I hope next monday when the results come out
it will be PASS PASS PASS. =D

ps : Maybe I should blog about the pehhhhgeeeent.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

♨ The Good Batch, Damansara Uptown

Another new brunch place in town!
The Good Batch @ Damansara Uptown

It is a really good place for brunch
love the service and ambient
plus serving speed =)
I'm over satisfied =D

However, it was quite packed in the morning
and better if you can make a reservation before going =)
cuz we ended up have to share table with others 
which i'm okay with it though =D

I decided on a pineapple juice for myself
with The Good Stuff (RM24.90)
Grilled mango with stuffed french toasties, with crushed nuts, gula melaka & a scoop of vanilla ice cream

I personally love it a lot!
as a french toast lover
I can say that the bread was really well done,
slight crispy outside with fluffy soft spongy bread inside
surprisingly the mangoes blended quite well with the toasties! 
thumbs up! definitely come back for more =) 

The Good Stuff (RM24.90)
 and my makan kaki had The Portobello Road (RM20.90)
which comprises of two breaded portobello mushrooms with wilted spinach and tomatoes, topped with poached eggs

I'm glad that she loves it too! but we both think the french toast tasted yummier!

It was quite a rush morning with many customers
hence we didnt get to try the coffees and desserts
will definitely come back for more in the future!

My ratings :

Food : 4.2 / 5
Price : 4 / 5
Service : 4 / 5
Ambience : 4 / 5

The Good Batch
53, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Uptown,
Petaling Jaya.

Opening Hours :
Tues - Thurs : 10.00am - 10.00pm
Fri-Sun / Public holidays : 10.00am - 1.00am
Tel : +6(03) 7733 2303

Parking : vast amount of parking in front of the shop, but it is always full! =P

Monday, July 7, 2014

♨ Crab Factory, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Yoohoo!! It has been looooonnngggg since my last blog post =P
I'm back here! hopefully this month will be slightly more active in posting more food blogs!

*drum rolls..*
welcome one of the new hit in town - Crab Factory in SS2 PJ
Easily directed by GPS, but parking is hard during dinner time!
So we ended parking quite far away, and then have to walk across some back alley
which is scary
(just want to drama a bit LOL)

so this is what the shop looks like
We almost missed it as the "Crab Factory" word is quite small
well, it's at the end-lot, so you wont miss it =)

Crab Factory
inside deco
with the menu hanging on the walls =)
I actually love the concept of the shop, quite comfy inside

the menu works this way :
1. Choose your seafood (you'll have to refer to the menu hanging on the wall for prices)
2. Choose your sauce 
3. Level of spiciness!! 

for first timer, unless you are a real hot spicy fan
go for MEDIUM
medium is killing enough for me already =P

and you can have a quick look of the menu here in their website =)

They recommended a king crab (RM229.00) for us
but we don't know how big the size is, 
so we go for 2 meat crabs (RM159.00)
they mentioned its NOT ENOUGH for 2 pax, but i think its okay,
okay for filling but not really really full
just nice =)

and we ordered a side dish too!
just in case if the crab is too tiny for us =)
House Fried Baby Squids (RM12.90)
i think it tasted average only
not "tastefull" enough for my tastebuds!

House Fried Baby Squids (RM12.90)
 and here, our crabs!
it was bigger portion than i expected!
(cuz the waiter really say until like its the smallest thing on earth haha!)
the sauce is YUMMY
but crab meat was not that fresh i think
not chewy enough
but overall it was not bad =)
(very spicy though!)
good experience wearing an apron and eat with hands!

2 meat crabs! (RM159.00)
 so in total we spent almost RM190 for two
which is slightly pricey but I think it was a good experience!
(I like Fatty Crab more though =P)

I recommend you guys to eat during tea time
where they have this promotion (crabs with some side dishes) 
quite cheap i think, around RM50-60 only
and the promo is until 6pm only! (not sure weekends available or not) 

My ratings :

Food : 3.5 / 5
Price : 3 / 5
Service : 4 / 5
Ambience : 4 / 5

Happy me =)

Crab Factory 
21, Jalan SS 2/64
47300 Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours :
Mon, Wed, Thurs : 3.00pm - 11.00pm
Fri - Sun : 11.00am - 11.00pm
Tel : +6(03) 7865 5850
(it's good to call for reservation!)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Twenty. Two

Well, Taylor Swift has a song "I'm feeling 22" and the lyrics clearly don't suit me LOL.
Guess my 22 is much older than what she was having / imagining when she wrote the lyrics ;)

and here, just some thoughts on my 22.
22 things I can think of, myself.

On my 22 :

1. I realize 25 is near, means, 30 is near. 0.0
2. I realize I grow fat much easier nowadays.
3. Face just grew laterally without increasing in weight.
4. Wrinkles, at the edges of eyes.
5. I shop lesser than when I just turned 21.
6. Birthday presents? aiya, no need la, what for?
7. I definitely have less than 22 close friends.
8. I chose to leave quite a few friends of mine.
9. I know what kind of personality (in others) that I like.
10. Can I just get married and stay out of human other than my own family?
11. Often doze off when I watch movie in cinema.
12. More and more responsibilities felt. Working days are coming nearer.
13. I need holidays / trips. All the time.
14. But, I just want to sleep whole day in hotel, too lazy to tour around.
15. I spend lesser than when I was 21.
16. I'm still waiting the day where I can celebrate birthday together with The Man.
17. I'm going to be upgraded from aunty level 1, to aunty level 3 this year.
18. I started to dislike dark colour highlighters. Yellow will do.
19. I love home deco more than fashion magazines nowadays.
20. I can't sleep easily nowadays. Like my grandma / mum.
21. More pimples erupted this year. I thought i passed teens?
22. I don't look forward to 23.

alright, that's all!

Regardless, I still had fun on my 22. Still got a few coming-soon birthday parties I have yet to attend. Thanks all my family members, BFFs, future doctor friends that celebrated my day with me ^.^

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


                       Sometimes I don't know what I am holding on to in this context. I knew I would really like to have a change, or rather not to continue. I lost interest in things that I used to have interest in, in a bad way. What pushes me right now is probably a fierce terrible cruel rude high position person that can lead me to a miserable path. I knew I wanted to do that, but I never have the courage to do so. I have a lot of choices right now, or rather in a few years time. However, I am still holding on to something that I do not even know it's existence. Just because I think I should not waste therefore I have to live up to expectation. Not other's expectation, my own expectation. But my expectation to myself actually do not lead to anywhere useful, to be frank. I do not want to go through that, but I knew I want myself to at least finish what I started. But come to think about it, what for? When I have already planted that hatred in me, in the point of view to that context. I need courage, courage to convince myself, and courage to be able to make myself see positive things in many ways. But I still care, the eyes that are looking at me, the minds.


Monday, April 14, 2014


I really think we need holidays
imagine our last holiday was during CNY
and that is because its CNY that's why we get holiday
not even a proper sem break or what

and the next one is in Mid July during Raya
and that is TOO because of RAYA
if not i really think they do not have the intention to give us
other-than-festival holidays

so sick man, 6 months no holiday at all
forgive me if I ran back home everytime when I knew friday no class
or go back hostel only on monday night because monday no class
kind of sick of classes and wards and clerkings
luckily my doctor don't have classes on saturdays or sundays
i have the bad strong terrible guilt if I stay in hostel and don't go to ward
although I do not need to
but I will ended up going too even when I don't have class
just because I am not officially having holiday


Everyone else
other courses
they have relatively NORMAL holidays okay
at least people have a 2-3months end of year break 
yeah we USED to have too

end of 1st year break was almost 3months
2nd year break was 2months
and 3rd year break 2 weeks
and 4th year to 5th year break - ONE WEEKEND

what is this man!
and you come telling me
"because you are going to be a doctor that's why you need to spend more time studying"
mtf doctors / medical students also need break ok

and when other students having their sweet holiday / vacation
WE, stuck here studying
scrolling thru instagram and facebook *imbalance*

and after a few years when all the accounts/ business and law ppl graduate
WE, still stuck here studying
I know, you'll probably say "enjoy study time, dont work so early"
yeah right i know but at this point i need holidays

and when others get married
WE, still stuck here
or even after we graduate, 
we have to go through housemanship years first
before settling down and get ourselves a baby

from the first day when we enter medical school
I guess we were destined to work slave-hard for the rest of our life
maybe until we turn 40 or 50 year-old


ok finish all my rants
but I still need holidays.
people need holidays because they are dying to travel
for me, i dont need to travel
slack at home
on my bed
with my pillow and ipad
(with my skype possibly)


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

♨ Afternoon Tea at The Lounge, Hilton KL

Another afternoon tea post!
for other afternoon tea places / options : 
find LABELS - Afternoon Tea / High Tea on this blog's right bar

This time our afternoon tea is held in The Lounge, Hilton KL (KL Sentral)
Let me enlighten you more about this place =)

Hilton Hotel is one of those chain-linked hotel that you will definitely heard of
but I'm not a fans of Hilton Hotel (the old PJ one freaked me out a lot)
that's why I visited this tea lounge now, 
after all my other options were scratched out from my to-visit-list =P

presenting The Lounge, Hilton KL Sentral

The Lounge, Hilton KL
There's 2 sections there :
Smoking & Non-Smoking

The smoking section has the better view, beside this big piece of glass
and the non-smoking area is nearer to the lobby entrance,
you don't get the view
you don't get second hand smoke too.

We were initially seated at the non-smoking area (as requested)
but we realized no waitress can see us
even though we waved out hand sky high to order our food
and it's PRETTY HOT there
don't know what's wrong with the air-con that day

Eventually we made a request to change to smoking area instead
better view, better attention (from waitress =.=), and maybe better pictures! =P

Smoking area : The Lounge, Hilton KL
We ordered a set of  HI TEA (RM69++ per pax)
which comprises : 

Selection of finger sandwiches :
Cucumber with cream cheese on Caraway Seed Bread
Egg mayonnaise with Chives on white bread
Chicken with wholegrain mustard mayonnaise on Basil Bread
Smoked Salmon with lemon butter on Rye Bread
Cheddar cheese sandwich with Chutney on Onion Bread


Raisin and plain scones (2 per pax)


Carrot cake
Hazelnut coffee cake
Profiterole with pastry cream & fresh berries
(Profiterole : it is a french dessert choux pastry ball filled with cream / ice cream. Taste like a rounded doughnut!)

and a choice of Coffee or Tea


So, we ordered one HI TEA set
and asked what tea they have there
apparently they have a selection of Ronnefeldt Tea there (according to reviews)
and we weren't sure what we want

but we got a unsatisfying answer.

We  :" What are the seletion of tea you have?"
the waitress replied :" English tea, and Japanese tea."
Me :"huh? That's all? More specific english tea choices maybe?"
Waitress :"That's all."

not very friendly huh

we ended up ordering English Tea then.
Japanese tea with english hi tea don't sound very compatible =.=

This is our HI TEA set =)

Most of the sandwiches were okay
but the mustard on basil bread one was horrible
maybe we are not used to the taste
cuz it tasted a bit, dry and sour and, REALLY SOUR.

Scone was nice
and the carrot cake (white colour) was YUMMY!
others were fine =)

Scones were not bad too
not too dry but not one of the best that I have ever eaten

And, back to the air-con complain
we sweated SO MUCH
it was SO HOT (REALLY)
I really don't know what's wrong with the air-con
but when we look at other people
they looked perfectly fine without sweat
but I still think it is hot
like no air-con + no fan kind of hot

In all, I think The Lounge in Hilton KL Hi Tea was...
just OKAY
some quite nice some was just normal
but not worth a second visit though! =P

My Review :

Food : 3 / 5
Price : 3.5 / 5
Service : 2.5 / 5
Ambience :  2.5 / 5

My lovely friend and I

The Lounge, Hilton KL Sentral
3 Jalan Stesen Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel : +6(03) 2264 2592 / 2596
Hi Tea : starts from 2.30pm

Parking : Inside hotel, have to pay RM8 even after getting a stamp from lobby.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kajang Food : 农家乐 Happy Farm Restaurant

Today I will be blogging about a new lunch place in Kajang =D
recommended by my mum
it is a farm-liked restaurant
that they claim they serve all organic food
apparently they planted their own vege, rear their own chickens
and even fishes! 

Presenting 农家乐 Happy Farm Restaurant in Kajang

the entrance in is quite, easy to miss
you gotta be very alert when you search for it
it is a small entrance
something like a kampung lane that only can fit one car at a time
parking can be hard if you go there during peak hours (12-1pm)
as you can see from pics below, they don't have proper parking
you just anyhow park beside the kampung lane road
and, yeah, you will have a hard time when you want to leave the place
reverse all the way from inside to the outmost entrance

so mum had a bad experience parking inside
we parked slightly outside
and walked in

on your left, you will get to see some unknown fruits
and also brinjals (aka eggplant) =P which my 2nd sis got quite excited over it
(she always thought brinjal plant is really short, near to ground)
and on your right you'll see lots of nangka trees
with lots of going-to-ripe-soon fruits!

99% back to nature kind of feel
the 1% left is due to the big huge fat highway right beside the restaurant =P

the mini farm displayed 
kids love them
you hear kids pointing this and that 
telling their parents :"papa you see chicken!mummy you see fish!"
i think its quite educational though (and interesting of course)

 there are not a lot of tables for food-goers 
but since we were early (went there around 11.30am)
hence we get to sit in the glass room, with air-con
i call it the Greenhouse =)

and here comes the food!

A jug of sweet sour plum juice (RM5 per jug)
can serve up to 4-5pax

They have 2 choices for rice : White Rice & Chicken Rice
we choose the chicken rice
sounds more yummy =P

and our first dish :
Pork leg with sweet vinegar 猪脚醋
yummy yummy
very tasty & appetizing

and Eggplants!
I supposed they took the eggplants they planted!
Tasty and very home-cooked kind of taste!

apparently this is one of their famous dish
they claimed that they cooked their own kampung chicken
which, it was really nice
the meat very chewy and simply fresh

Last but not least, spinach =)
very fresh too!

after eating our main
we were curious whether they have own farm fruits 
so dad asked the boss,
and yeah, they really have =P
a choice of Longan or Nangka
but Longan not ripen yet
so left with nangka only
and we ordered a plate!
so big plate RM5 only!

it was really SWEET!!
I will definitely come back for more!
cheaper than the malay uncle that always sell nangka beside the road =P

nice experience eating there =)
but a reminder : if you want to sit in air con glass room
go earlier =)
but I do wonder what will happen if heavy rain *hmm*
The food was yummy, very home-cooked grandma kind of feel =)
and it is not expensive too
for what we ordered (5 pax)
the total bill was only RM90+

My personal review :

Food : 4.3 / 5
Price : 4.5 / 5
Service : 4.8 / 5 (the boss is friendly!)
Ambience : 4 / 5

the map that they provided clearly did not help much
even I'm from Kajang
I do not understand what the map says
so, to be safe, use GPS =D

Happy Farm Restaurant
Lot 1283, Kolam Takangan,
Jalan Laksemana, Taman Cahaya,
Sungai Chua, 43000 Kajang,
Tel : +6016 264 3909
Opening hours : 11am - 5pm

Parking : Park outside and walk in 
(unless you don't mind reserve all the way out)