Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A letter to myself from 2014

Last year CNY (2014)
one of our batchmate came out with this brilliant idea
where everyone is required to write a letter to him or herself
to be viewed in CNY 2015

Of course, I usually think things like these are cool
but most people don't think so I guess
(they need to be forced to submit the letter =.=)
so I wrote a letter to myself
folded it
gave it to the organizers
and forgot about it for the rest of the year

it was not exactly a to-do list
or a bucket list by 2015 CNY
more of what I expect myself to realize my own thoughts
might be trivial
but I think it's worth writing down & looking back

Today, when we have our annual CNY gathering 
We were given back our letters
I was like "oh my god I hope I didn't write anything embarassing"

And it goes :

" Hello you, by 2015 CNY, you should be at least doing all these :

1. Europe plan
2. UK elective plan (that time nearly gave up already LOL)
3. Pass 3rd year without supplementary, less stress!!
4. Prepare for exam early, cannot last minute (er....)
5. Call grandma NOW. (and yes I did after that)
6. Still loving loving with The Man. Say sorry NOW if you two are quareling. (LOL)
7. Still same weight, cannot FAT! (Clearly failed)
8. Went oversea trip with The Man, or own selfie camera (HAHA I got both, not bad)
9. In the process of publishing some journals / papers / articles (er....no way, not easy)
10. Everyday healthy, no sick no sick! "

Well, I have to say it feels good to achieve most of the things I wanted to do last year
and reminders too (like calling my grandma straightaway...)
has always been telling myself to call her more but still its a monthly affair =.=

I think I should start writing letter for myself, maybe this time 10 years later.
It's quite interesting to look back at your thoughts at that time
and whether you have changed to be a better / worse person after writing the letter.

But, where should I keep my letter for 10 years?
(mum is probably going to throw it away)

Can we have this game again this year ? =P

Monday, February 23, 2015

CNY gathering questions vs Med Student

I have been expecting this for CNY gatherings
and yet it can be quite annoying when you have to repeat
the same answers for like freaking 10x in one dinner. HAHA
I think all my geeky med friends feel it man

So whenever someone approach you
be it old or middle age or same age group
once they found out you study medicine
(of course I try my best not to mention it unless my parents mentioned it / they happened to ask me what I study)
aiya u know la some people might think I brag if I say it out loud =.= LOL

it goes this way.
never fail.
trust me.
(even my answer also the same =.=)

Question 1 :
You study medicine? Then your results must be super good loh!
Answer :
Er...haha okok la, lucky also la to get into med school. 

Question 2 :
What year already ah now? 
How long more to graduate ah?
(padahal every time see me also ask same question)

Question 3 :
So total have to study how many years?
Answer :
5 years.

Question 4 :
Wah quite long ah...so what speciality are you studying in?
Answer :
No la, we study general one, what also cover..next time only can specialize.

Question 5 :
Oh so when only you will become a specialist?
Question :
Haha dont know wor but need 5-10 years la at least

Question 6 :
Why need so long one? I see who who who at *whatever* age already become a *whatever* specialist woh!
Answer :
Haha dont know wor, if lucky then will be faster la, depends on what speciality you choose.

Question 7 :
So what you want to specialize in?
Answer :
HAHA dont know yet wor

Question 8 :
Har you dont know one ah? agak agak sure got a few you like more one mah
Answer :

Question 9 :
I tell you ah, female be O&G good ah, if not then be.....good ah...
(sambil provide a long list of speciality that they think is good for you...)

Question 9 :
oh so now you working in hospital already?
Answer :
Not working la but having classes in hospital & lecture halls as well

Question 10 :
Means practical lah! Consider working la!
Answer :
No la not exactly

Question 11 :
Oh you mean intern isit now?
Answer :
No we don't have intern one...

and the cycle continues....

Monday, January 5, 2015

Waffles, The Owls Cafe : Bukit Jalil

The Owls Cafe is gaining the-must-try waffles popularity in KL now
hence, me being kiasu curious decided to go over this morning
since I'm down with severe waffles cravings =)

You can't miss this =)
It was a busy Sunday afternoon
where the waiting list was really long
(they don't take phone booking)
and hence we had to wait around 30 minutes for our turn
I was actually quite surprise that a cafe in such location is so crowded!

the workers there advised us to come in before lunch / after 5pm
usually during those times it will be less packed!

a very busy kitchen this afternoon!
I wonder how many cups of coffee they brewed today =)
Cakes mostly sold off (left 2 slices) because it has been a busy morning & afternoon for them!

 clearly its an Owl's Cafe 
 So finally we get to be seated!
3 pairs shared a 6 pax table
but it's okay =)
Looked through the menu and here are our orders :

The Symphony (RM10)
thought of getting something fizzy and cold in this afternoon
and also it might be a better choice to complement the filling waffles

its a mixture of passion fruit, lychee and lemon
i personally like it a lot!

The Symphony (RM10)
 My friend ordered a cup of Nutty Mocha (RM11)
it was not bad too, but a little bit too much to eat with waffles!
(that's because we are not sharing waffles LOL)

Nutty Mocha (RM11)
and our waffles selection :
(both recommended by them)

Rebecca (RM18)
covered with blueberries, strawberries, almond flakes, maple syrup
and their home-made earl grey ice cream
which I find the taste rather unique, but maybe not to everyone's liking

Rebecca Waffle (RM18)

Milo Dinosaur (RM15)
Dark chocolate ice cream (ultra chocolateyyy)
topped with coco crunch & marshmallows
and of course you can never go wrong with milo powder shimmer on top!
As a milo fanatic, of course, I choose this over Rebecca!

Milo Dinosaur Waffle (RM15)
 In a nutshell
They have unique waffles selection
but it depends on what kind of waffles you like
for me, I love soft waffles more, which I think their waffles are not bad
but for my friend whom prefers crispy waffles, think their waffles are just OK
but still, worth the visit!
I will come back and try their Queen Waffles! 
(didnt get to try it because they don't have macaroons anymore LOL)

We were soooo full after we finished our meal
and yes, listen to them
1 waffle is sufficient for 2 pax haha!
but I'm happy I proved them wrong anyway! 

My Ratings :

Food : 3.8 / 5
Price : 4 / 5
Service : 5 / 5
Ambience : 4 / 5

Workers were really friendly and efficient though
although they didn't serve you a lot =)
they close at 7pm which, is not very "OWL" at all haha!

The Owls Cafe
12-1, Jalan Jalil Jaya 6,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +6(03) 9543 9828

Opening Hours :
Tues - Sun : 10am - 7pm
Closed on Mondays

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

♨ Brunch at Forty Hands, Tiong Bahru Singapore

So I was in Singapore and met up with Lisa
of course, Forty Hands in Tiong Bahru again this time
as we did not get to dine here the last time we were here
too crowded during weekends!

I'm excited to see more and more cafes / bakery bubbling up 
in a fairly normal housing estate - Tiong Bahru
especially this Yong Siak Road, where most of the cafes are hidden here
(as well as a nice cupcake shop - Plain Vanilla Bakery)

Before we go into Forty Hands (I wonder whether they really have 20 staffs LOL)
We were in Open Door Policy cafe during our last visit
just opposite to Forty Hands 
had brunch there, and it was fairly yummy too =)

Forty Hands is not a huge cafe
but it is cosy and nice
especially the coffee fragrant that hits you once you enter the cafe
with a mixture of toasties scent too
damn, i'm so owned!

Main Entrance
 The cafe is basically divided into 2 parts
a cooler air-conditioned front half
and the not so cold other half at the back

the backyard
the frontyard =)
Started off with a cup of Mocha ($6.50)
which tasted more coffee than mocha
but it was okay, not too bad =)

Their brunch menu is from 8am - 4pm daily 
and we choose Salmon Hash ($19) from the brunch menu
it includes poached salmon, creamy potatoes, mustard sauce
fries & toasts to dip in the sauce

it was actually quite filling
quite nice too
generous portion of salmon square-chunks in the sauce

Salmon Hash ($19)
and we choose another menu from the Toasties section
Truffle Mushroom ($12.50)
it's a toast with mushrooms, truffle mushroom puree plus wild rocket leaves
simple and good, especially the crunchiness of the toast
(I'll come back to try their Jamaican Pork Toast next round!)

Truffle Mushroom ($12.50)
 and as a side,
we ordered Smokey Fries ($9)
which was served with homemade lime ketchup
well then, the fries were well done
but it tasted like a normal fries to me though
maybe because my senses were filled with the truffle mushrooms LOL

Smokey Fries ($9)
In all, it was a great brunch date with Lisa
I will definitely come back again
really love the ambience of this cafe
nice, cosy, comfy.

My Ratings :

Food : 4 / 5
Price : 4 / 5
Ambience : 4.5 / 5
Service : 4.8 / 5 (efficient)

Forty Hands
Blk 78, Yong Siak Street,
Tiong Bahru,
Opening Hours : Tuesday - Sunday : 8am - 7pm 
(closed on Mondays)
Phone : +65 6225 8545

Monday, December 15, 2014

District 21, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Joining the hype of District 21 located in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya
We are finally here!!
We reached here very early, at 9.45am
super kiasu
fearing it will be a crowded Sunday
but we were glad that it was okay! 

A little bit about District 21 first =)

District 21 is a apocaltic themed adventure park
where you can jump, ride, fly, scream, basically almost everything
It has 11 adventures, which I will write about later
as well as 8 function rooms where you get to party here!

Main Entrance
Ticket Counter

Basically you "order" your ticket here
and then collect & pay it at the Checkpoint counter
quite efficient =)

We paid RM55 per person as they are having opening promo now
and they do have family package too
RM165 for 4 tickets (RM41.25 per pax), applicable to all adults / children
more info on tickets, please visit their website here
and the reception actually encouraged us to follow their facebook news
more updated over there (District 21 Facebook Page)

the ticket is a multiple entry ticket
you can go in and out a few times in a day without purchasing a new ticket

Walking in....

The Adventures are :

1. Power Station (Rock Climbing etc)
2. Roller Glider
3. Go Pedal (similar to Go Kart)
4. Pump Track (Cycling)
5. Low Ropes (for kids)
6. Launch Pad (Trampoline park)
7. The Maze
8. Free Fall
9. Sky Trail
10. Tubby Ride
11. Carousel 

Map to Everything!
 So, let's start with The Maze!
It does really look attractive
I mean, who doesn't like a hanging school bus & long slides?

The Maze, with slides
 oh of course, a selfie with the spiderweb ball =)

and another view of The Maze!

At the entrance of The Maze
they provided us with grip gloves
(Gloves and stockings are already included)

So let's crawl in here!

Entrance of The Maze!
 The first part of The Maze
a bit stuffy at first
but it's okay! It was quite fun!
I kind of wished I wore long pants instead
some of the crawling part did hurt my knees
but not too bad, not too bad =)

Crawling up The Maze
 Then you crawl into a gym ball cage
where you crawl in from the upper part
and have to seek the way out, which located lower at the cage!

a little Hello from me & my sister! 


More climbing and crawling
sweating already!

OK! Time for a rest before we take the slide down
Below my feet is the spider web adventure
where you actually enter from the bottom
and find your way up to this globe before you can take the slide down
quite fun I would say

 After that we climbed up the school bus
and took the other slide down
which I REALLY LIKE that slide
fast and furious *laugh*

Next, the Launch Pad
it is actually similar to the Jump Street in PJ 
(which I will blog soon, hopefully)
but here, you don't get instructors
and this is mainly most of our "rest station"
after all the exhausting activities
(socks are provided here!)

Launch Pad - Trampolines
 Next on, Tubby Ride!!
My sister initially chicken out this ride
as when you were seated down in the tube
you actually see no track in front of you
that's the fear! BUT, it was FUN after 3-4 rides! haha!

Tubby Ride
 Coming up, The Free Fall!
I don't know where I get the courage from
I'm quite a chicken person but yeah I tried it
well, it is only 1.5 storey high
but the act of convincing yourself to jump down is
my most ungraceful moment ever
(I pulled the crew's gloves down because I held his hand involuntary when I jump down LOL)

Free fall, once in my lifetime is more than enough =P

After that right, when I see lots of little kids happily free fall
I feel myself a bit useless la
*quietly swear I won't do this again in my life*

Right up, Go Pedal & Low Ropes 
Low Ropes is similar to Sky Trail (see below) but for kids
and Go Pedal is basically a non-challenging pedaling GO-Kart
which you don't get to compete with anyone because they only have one adult car
but try pedaling it at full speed
it was FUN especially when you speed the corner!

Go Pedal & Low Ropes
After that, here comes Pump Track
Here, riders are provided with a bike, helmet, knee & elbow pads
you basically cycle through bumps, jumps & berms
the main key to success is to stay focus literally
if not it's quite easy to fall (i think)

Gears on!
Focus focus!
After all that, we headed on to Power Station
where all the climbing challenges!
They have various rock climbing
some are available for you to compete with your partners
and some only works with teamwork!

Power Station
 and this is Leap of Hope =P
LOL you climb up the ladder 
stand on the platform
and WHOOSH jump and HUG it!
it is actually not as scary as you think
because the safety gears will pull you to the giant bolster 

Leap of Hope
 and this, very important teamwork
One partner will stand on top
and another will try to build it higher and higher
current record is 12 blocks
we tried the 13th but I fell when I pass the blocks to my sister
quite hard to break the record though

Building blocks - teamwork!
 and this fake buildings
is where you climb up each of every one till the highest one
and JUMP down
of course, it is not as bad as the free fall
but takes courage to jump too

and this is probably one of our favourite!
you basically climb with your partner
and each of you have to hit a button
in order to open up your partner's climbing steps

Teamwork too!
 and last but not least,
the Sky Trail!!!!
we waited this till 3pm
and the crews said they normally open only in the afternoon
because there is not enough staffs to supervise this in the morning

The safety gears
 and me, before my adrenaline rush
I certainly did not expect I will have gastric pain after the whole trail
too stressed out LOL 

Prepare to go!
 it was quite tiring and scary 
I'm afraid of heights so I'm quite scared
some of the challenges need a lot of arm strength
which I have depleted most of them in the Power Station LOL

I quietly took some pics from the top
when I was taking my breath at the platform
mind the height
scary sial
and all the hanging ones are quite shaky
but they are certainly secured =D

I find the hardest to complete is the tyre one
the tyre kept swinging and you have to use a lot of arm strength
and a lot of confidence

and how about a bike ride on a rope hanging in the sky
the thought of it is already scary enough
I can't imagine I completed it haha!

Lastly, the Roller Glider
which sad enough we don't get to experience it because it was under maintenance now!
but probably is a good thing LOL
if not I'll die of heart attack maybe 

and that's all!
Overall I think District 21 has did a great job
this is definitely something new in Malaysia
and it is definitely worth the RM55
the staffs were friendly and helpful
highly recommended!!

tips : bring along a few ringgit to buy water when you are thristy
As lockers were provided, but its a one off locker
so you have to pay RM2 every time if you wish to lock it back after you unlock it
and I would love it more it there is a free water machine provided =P

ps : go in the morning to avoid long queue!

District 21 from the outside

District 21
IOI City Mall
Lebuh IRC,
62502 Putrajaya.
Tel : +6(03) 8328 8888
Currently not available for online booking
Opening hours : 10am - 10pm (Daily)

Parking : in the mall (currently free parking)

Friday, November 28, 2014

♨ Wild Honey - Brunch , Scotts Square Singapore

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and we decided to pamper ourselves with nice brunch before a shopping day!
happy to find another nice brunch place here, near to Orchard Road

Wild Honey, Scotts Square, Orchard Road
(5-7min walk from Somerset MRT station)

we went there quite late in the afternoon
so it wasn't packed with people
apparently if you go earlier, you might need to wait for a seat

Inside of Wild Honey
and our Mocha to kick start our day!
well, Mocha was not bad, satisfying much.
But I wouldn't say it was the best ever though =P

They have quite a vast selection of food in their menu
mostly ranging around $20-40 dollars

English Breakfast ($25)
including pork sausages, bacon, baked beans,grilled tomato, brioche, potatoes...

It tasted like any typical english breakfast out there
not bad actually
and the bread was soft, "fluffy" and fragrant!

English Breakfast ($25)

and this is Caribbean ($20)
Coconut waffles with fresh passion fruit creme 
served together with baby bananas, mangoes 
& passion fruit syrup (thumbs up!)

I love the passion fruit syrup!
It was a filling breakfast meal 
the waffles were well done
and the mangoes and bananas were sweet!

Caribbean ($20)
Ratings :

Food : 4.2 / 5
Price : 3.5 / 5
Ambience : 3.8 / 5
Service : 4 / 5

will definitely come back to try more!

Wild Honey
Scotts Square (3rd floor)
333A, Orchard Road,
Tel : +65 6235 3900
Opening Hours : 9.00am - 8.30pm
(except Fri & Sat : till 9.30pm)

(5-7min walk from Somerset MRT station)