Thursday, November 17, 2011

♨ Village Roast Duck

celebrated dad's birthday here
(thanks family for fetching me from uni xP)
this is Village Roast Duck @ Bangsar 

okay let's make this clear
i DONT EAT duck
duck smells to me..STINKS..seriously
but i ate the duck here
awesome whole !! 
some pics on food =)

even normal Claypot Taufu tastes like heaven

this is awesome ;)
aubergine =D

the popiah skin with some accessory vege
for you to wrap with the CRISPY duck

the ROAST duck is effin CRISPY
it's like..heaven man! seriously!
1st in my life time i kept eating duck
non stop xP
nomnomnom =D

the Lemon Crispy Chic then we all know
the crisps are crunchy
and the inner meat is soft and tender
with the lemon sauce on it
it's just so FINE!

and this charsiew and siew yok it's FREAKING nice
even the BEST chicken rice shop dont serve this NICE kay!
take one and dip in the dark thick sauce that they provide
omfg heavenly~~
must try must try
i think it's around 20-25bucks per plate =)

pencuci mulut =)
Pamelo Mango Pudding with Sago
(forgotten the precise name dy xP)
and it is not normal pudding 
like those jelly-ish feel
it's more of like yogurt-ish jelly where u actually just have to swallow it down your throat
and let your taste buds feel the sweetness+sourness of it =D

yeap =)
happy customers of the day

and not forgetting
King of the FAMILY

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

♨Curry Wanton Mee

got up super early this morning
4.45am i guess
went out makan with buddy =) haha
the curry mee that i have been craving for during last weekend =)

Curry Wanton Mee @ SEA Park, PJ

this stall opens at 4am to 6am (heard so)
tho it's pretty early for a day
but then ppl still go for it =)

the Small portion one
it's kindda big to me dy =)

 awesome =)
and im feeling Fat and Happy now =D

 thanks buddy for bringing me out!!
not forgetting my cobud's company also!