Sunday, February 12, 2012

♨ Dreamz Bakery

and another finally too
i found this shop
got lost last time
went to Damansara Uptown instead of the real location LOL

Dreamz Bakery @ Kota Damansara

lovin' their deco
very very homely and awesome ambience

 tried the Love shape macaroons with ice cream that i saw in their facebook page
super nice
maybe a lil too sweet for me ;)
but it's awesome anyway
specially made for Valentine's 
guess so i just can eat this with meixin huh~

 and they have this nice basket that pun stamps and book and pens inside
you can take the book can start stamping and writing
or take a paper and write and pin it up on the wall
freaking interesting =)
and me, happily writing my stuff!

 some camwhore tho ;)
never miss camwhore session right meixin =)

reamz Bakery :

♨ Little Pantry

finally got here!!
came last time (er..couple months ago) but they were having Private Party inside
this time im allowed to go in =)
yeah with meixin!!
lovin the FEEL of the shop =)
a lil like Garden or Full House style but more homey feeling

Little Pantry @ IOI Mall, Puchong

 some pics while waiting for food to be served
reached pretty early and their kitchen havent start cooking yet
thats why we have plenty of time to snap around =)

 and food is here!
thank god we didnt order much
so FULL after eating =)

 pizza not bad =)
we ordered the typical hawaiian pizza
it's thin crusted so it's my favey i can say =P

 button mushroom toast
nice toast, the crunchiness is awesome
but the mushroom
a lil too...strong the smell
u know..mushroom smell ;P

had fun!
will blog about another shop later =)

more pics