Sunday, July 29, 2012

♨ Sky Bar KL

finally i'm blogging skybar here =D
went there last wednesday
reached there around 10pm
which is a bit heart breaking haha
coz on wednesday they have ladies night from 6-9pm
where all the ladies have free flow margarita =D
nvm nvm i will be back next time 

some pics on Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel, KL
the view is awesome
apparently you are supposed to be able to view the whole KLCC and KL
but we didnt book earlier so we didnt get the window view
*aiyak lesson to learn!*

i like the pool view
but the place is a bit hot though
cant feel the air con (or they dont have aircon?) 
coz the behind part is half open air...

 ordered 3 drinks :P
my companion wanna make me a bit drunk but after two alcoholic drinks im still awake as usual
we tried mixology drinks
(mixture of many many things inside?)
Chinamari is nice 
Berries gone wild is not bad too
White wine ordered taste like beer :P LOL

and frankly speaking
we never expect the food is damn nice there
the fried chicken is so juicy and yummy and tasty =D

 another weird spot i like here is the washroom
the washroom damn clean and nice weh
haha im not joking
i went in already, then i came out, take the camera, and go in for some snaps again 

oh and while i'm googling about skybar
i saw my new motivation
the awesome Skybar in Thailand
i shall go there someday
*pinky deal*
majestic right?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

♨ Victoria Station

here come the big feast =D

we were thinking of where to bring dad and mum for dinner
3 options :
1. Modern Chinese Restaurant in Westin Hotel
2. Steak in Starhill Gallery
3. Victoria Station's Lobsters

so mum ended up deciding on VS for lobsters =D

headed to Victoria Station @ PJ
im tempted to try the one near Jalan Ampang one
which i saw the restaurant is very nice, a single bungalow lot 
but its a bit too far and jam for puasa month :P

the entrance =)

 the interior
i find it cute coz they made it like the train
where u go in and there are cubicles like those british train 

 the experienced one did the orders
and i specifically wanted to drink wine 
(lol saw many ppl ordered wine so i also tempted)
so we have all we want here =)

there are ample of wines choices here
which 99% of them...i dont know what LOL
so ended up ordering this white wine, which turn out to be so damn nice, smooth and good
and it makes you keep drinking =D

 typical english bread and butter before meal =)

 the appetizer =)
oysters or scallops?
and i ended up choosing scallops

scallops in cheese
7 of them
but to me the cheesy buttery smell is a bit too strong
scallops are nicely cooked though =)

Lobsters for mum and dad
each of them ordered one =)
i find the lobster quite the huge but for dad he thinks it's a bit small
*jaw drop*
they cooked it fresh from the aquarium
cooked with garlic 
so the whole lobster smell like garlic bread with lobster meat

and i always thought lobsters meat are like those in crab
but this is damn chewy and nice weh
the texture is a bit like beefy type one
chewy chewy but no beefy smell =D

price wise...
haha...i dont know...
since it is written "seasonal price"

my companion's steak

and my meal 
3 types of fish
Cod fish, Salmon and Dory each a slice
it might look small but 
sipek damn full weh
i didnt even finish it ;P

but the dory is NICE like heaven
Salmon is a little bit imperfect coz many tulang ikan di dalam 
(i dont likey tulang ikan)
and Cod is not bad too

 after 15-20min
the waiter came and help mum and dad with the lobster =)
they help you to crush the shell and take the unseen meat out
*thumbs up for hospitality*

nice meal indeed =)
total up around 420bucks for this dinner
thanks for paying this meal for us =D

and that's me 
looking dumb with my
happy-full-tummy =D

GSC Premiere Class

went GSC Gardens Signature @ Gardens for spiderman =D
my movie partner actually wanna go for gold class again but
spidey is not showing in gold class!
how sad!
not even in TGV The Club Premier Cinema 
*mad sad*
we still manage to get into this exclusive cinema =)

the tickets are not expensive actually
just like Beani Plex
19bucks per person
(i guess if is night movie, more expensive)

so some pics here and there to share =)

the lounge place for movie goers to sit down and relax before going into the cinema =)

the dessert counter to get your food here =)

yes thats our Premiere 4 cinema =)
nice deco inside

 coz we got in late so didnt manage to take pics of the interior
i steal this pic from GSC website (hehe)
so this is how it looks
Premier Class, all couple seats
the seats can be tilted backwards so that you can watch movie comfortably
and they have individual tables beside the seats =)

 guess what, only 2 of us in the whole cinema!
(oh and another GSC worker that sit there and watch tgt with us)

so my personal review is :
it is actually quite the same as normal cinema
just that maybe u get more privacy here 
(which not in my favey LOL)
so unless you go for gold class
if not premier was just OKAY...
haha =D

Monday, July 23, 2012

♨ Boon Tong Kee Little Corner

bro in law brought us to this chicken rice place =)
they serve real nice chicken rice
and you have to take number and wait for your seats
(i was a bit restless while waiting cz the weather sipek hot leh!)

here's some pics =)
Boon Tong Kee Little Corner @ Kellock Road Singapore

 and finally 20-30min of waiting...
we got a place =D hehehehe
luckily the aircon inside is niceee =)

here are some food pics =D

 my sour plum drink =)
sis commented that it's real sour but i feel it's okay =P

 bro in law did all the orders
since we know nothing LOL
and the rice is here =)
served in triangular pattern hehehehe
i got pretty excited with the shape LOL

 taugeh yang sedap =)
chopped off head and tail dy 
so you actually wont feel any vege-greenish feeling while munching the taugeh

 whole chicken =)
saw everybody ordered this bak zham gai rather than the roast one
so i guess this is nicer? LOL

 the 3 eggs vege =)
with century egg, salted egg and chicken egg in it =)
sis says this is the best dishes among all =)

 taufu with the sauce
an unknown sauce
we tried very hard to figure what the sauce is
but we ended up dont know 
got a friend say it tasted a slight feel of wasabi
and bro in law say got slight pandan
and another friend say creamy thingy with green colouring =.=
but it's nice la when the taufu dipped in it =P

i purposely requested for non-shell prawns :P
i like this very much
but apparently non-shell prawns are more oily coz they sucked all the oils in the meat =.=
oh no...*calories*

a nice place to try
can visit when u go singapore!

Monday, July 16, 2012

♨ TWG Tea

saw a few food bloggers blogger about this
im tempted to go and hit a try there but dont know who to call along
and finally
im there =)

TWG @ Pavilion KL

very impressive entrance
I thumbs up up high high =)

 nice mosaic =)
i think i want this in my living room next time =)
*phuhuu motivation to earn money!*

oh btw, saw the waitress standing there with weird pose?
she was actually trying to stop me from taking pictures
(she thought im not going in maybe?)

 tada =) 
seated in a nice place
classy and 40% romantic there
why 40%?
well, i guess if the whole place is dark like cinema sure more feeling :P

 the deco behind my seat =)
i have to twist my body 180degree to capture this leh

 playing with Olympus pro
that proud parents of this cameo snapped me ;)

some pics =)

he did the orders 
er...what tea is this? 
dont ask me :P
i dont know anything about tea :P
but i know its pricey, and no refill :P

i think he ordered each flavor one?
except for two flavor that according to him i wont like
(probably is mint know...)

geez =)
the macaroons are nice and soft
nicer and finer actually
4bucks for each

 and some decos around
croissant on stainless steel =)

the TWG tea on the rack =)

 nicey lovey dovey =D