Wednesday, August 8, 2012

♨ Carcosa Seri Negara

Carcosa Seri Negara KL

and this is how they described the majestic place :

" Experience a Traditional English Afternoon Tea in this charming boutique hotel built in the1904 - the official residence of the highest British representatives of the Malay states. Carcosa Seri Negara is the hallmark of Malaysia’s national heritage. Immerse yourself in this experience and be captivated with the Victorian-styled building set amid four acres of lush landscaping.
You and your partner will dine on traditional English favorite of oven-fresh scones with clotted cream, fluffy cakes, golden pastries and other scrumptious savories while sipping on fine teas.
Take time to chat with your partner, catch up on old times and at the same time indulge yourselves with the scrumptious servings of sweet treats – seemingly escape from the world."

Taff saw this place from a food blogger "Augustdiner"
and yeah
initially we are supposed to come here for my bday
sowee for the delay harrr =D
i rang the place up earlier for booking
coz i heard that you have to book 2 weeks in advance *phew*
and yeah
here we arrived, with the help of GPS

 the majestic bungalow
really jaw dropping house and ambience
and the high class waiters here
in out madam this madam that

 we walked into the dining hall
mostly ang mo inside with their partners / family
i felt tense
first time ever a place can give me such tense and oh noes feeling

we sat down on the table reserved
chair pulled nicely by the waiter
( princess right..)
and yeah...they handed us the menu to choose our tea =D

the thing that i kept reminding myself is to SIT STRAIGHT
seriously TENSE weh hahahaha
the environment is WAYYY too high class
maybe it's indoor
and the gloomy light :P

me :"oi, you know how to choose tea one or not?"
taff :" har...?"
ended up choosing two tea that look tempting
the name of the tea i mean
maybe next time we should call our companion along
i bet they can choose well

 so the food is set
it's high tea but not that kind of chinese buffet style
they serve you right portion
full enough 
and elegant enough =D

price per pax is around RM80+ after taxes
which i find it worth spending 
really =D

 thats the food!
3 stories
see it might look little
trust me
we are both so full and terribly, FULL after eating all those
especially the scones!
the scones flour killed my tummy =P 
so full but nice =D

then we started talking
bla bla bla
but we were worried whether we terlalu loud or not LOL
but its so fun to play with the feelings and tenseness :p

nice place that i will go back for it again!
should bring the pig there next time =D
and taff says she wanna celebrate her wedding here LOL!!


Food: 8/10
CREME BRULEE is awesome 
best ever i'd tried

Hospitality: 9/10
total thumbs up =D

Ambience: 9/10
VERY romantic and high class

Carcosa Seri Negara
Jalan Kebun Bunga
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 03-2295-0888

Thursday, August 2, 2012


have been struggling whether to blog about this or not
coz i didnt actually brought my cameo out to shoot pics
so all the pics here are taken by handphone
which (consider my shakey hands) almost BLUR

i ended up blogging this NOW =D
coz the food is too awesome here and 
i really have to share this out =)

WATAMI @ 1 Utama

well i didnt actually read a food blog about this
but why i choose to go this shop?
coz when my companion is searching for parking
i saw this shop ads outside the parking lot :P

and he decided to eat Jap
and "let's go Watami =)"

orders are taken by this little computer
look like the ancient PDA though
kindda cool

seriously good
polite nice efficient
you name it they have it in the staffs =D
*thumbs up*

 and since this is the first time
we just simply order :P
i can assure you
this is the BEST jap restaurant that i can find
that i tasted so far
the food is damn awesome weh =D
*serious eyes*

start with scallops as appetizers
the sauce is OMG heavenly nice
and nice and nice
even victoria station's scallop cant beat this =D
(well actually they are cooked in different way ;P)

the lunch set that my companion ordered
i mad love this
the soup is so awesome
the taste is really tongue tickling
so soothing and sweet and nice =D
just nice =D
(cant wait to go back for second try!)

and my cold soba lunch set
(come with sushi and salad)
nicest cold soba ever
the noodle is so chewy and twingly
(ok thats suesien dictionary : twingly means - long and chewy)
but i ended up changing dish with my companion :P
hahaha coz i like the taste of the soup more 

my rating : 
Food 9/10
Ambience 7.5/10
Hospitality 10/10
Price 8/10 (around 25-30bucks per person)

and i cant tahan the hospitality
too good
tooooooo good
and i filled in the feedback form =D

have to go back soon for the food!

Branches :
Paradigm Mall
1 Utama
Pavilion KL