Saturday, September 29, 2012

♨ Food Foundry

and yeay!
finally Taffy starts school *scream!*
not that her school is in my school or what but
finally she is BUSY

and yeah, we dated to have lunch ;)
celebrating her 1st week of school day?LOL

and I gave her 2 choices :
wanna go the Nice one? or the New one?
and she decided on the Nice one =)
(nice in terms of ambience LOL)

and after all the trouble telling her how to get to my place
(eh duke told u its easy like minum water okay)
and yeah, i skipped one of my Always-SLEEP-lecture just to be with her for the lunch

and here we are
Food Foundry @ Happy Mansion Sec 17
it's actually a flat building but below it
surprisingly, such awesome cafe exists =)
(thanks jh-thehiao for bringing me there once!)

some shot i did ;)
pretty nice awesome place ;)
the kind of house deco i want to have next time when i own one ;P

 arrays of mille crepes =D

saw the small house deco on that?
u know what
taff told me that if thats my house, i have to crawl in from the holes down there coz no doors are available
and i told her i will rather crawl in from the roof
and she played a bit with the roof
and nearly crash the whole tiny innocent house

 Taff in casual and Me in formal
awkward combination LOL

 Food is served!
my Cordon Bleu ;)

 and her Lemon Grilled Chicken ;P

 and we should order burgers instead coz the burgers look damn alluring LOL
and next
the desserts!

mille crepe is still not the best in town
still~ Nadeje's better ;P

 but this huge piece of brownies is ultra moist and finger licking good
but it's too big to be a dessert~!
more of main meal kind of fullness actually :p

cant wait for another lunch date!
sorry yah imma busy woman cant go out with u everytime ;(

Sunday, September 9, 2012

the man ❣

waking up every morning knowing that I wont see you today
is hard but thats the price im willing to pay
I know its worth every moments apart
I know its worth the heart ache
Just thinking of how lucky i am to have you
I'd rather have you this way then

little wishes here and there
so simple yet so hard to achieve
just want to talk to you without 3950miles in between
never know how hard this can be 

i'm ok most of the time
i'll be okay
but when withdrawal symptoms strike
its like deadly
almost deadly

it has been 3 years
thanks for never give up on me
you reached the shore that no one can reach
you convinced me to walk out of my island
i'd rather be like this than not having you
this was what you said

yeah it's painful
we both know
especially when i have to send you off
especially when we have so much to look forward 
especially when it feels like years passed and actually just 2 weeks passed


and here
im going to talk all about this guy
and something that i feel like sharing out =)

so here, 10 things about him =)

1. 3950miles Away

i actually googled this distance out in google map
Starting Point : Current Location
End Point : Melbourne, Victoria
it is miles away to be precise

he is originally from malaysia
he never been to Johor even that is his dad's hometown
and i seriously dont think he went any other place in malaysia other than KL or maybe penang?
then one day i behtahan dy i asked him
"wey u holiday didnt go tour malaysia one meh?"
and apparently he went out of malaysia most of the time when he has holiday
(other than that he must be facing his computer)
total nerd LOL

ok so he lives here in Australia
he is not studying there
he is working there
(pretty old man tho hahaha)
and his parents, grandparents, uncles aunties all there already

which strikes me hard
coz this forced me to believe that
HE is will always be 3950miles away T.T

some of the shots he took =)

and the walkway in his house 
which i find this so nice coz i planned to hide behind some of the tiangs one day when i go over
and jump out to scare him *rarrr* when he comes back from work

2. a Coffee-holic

see yar this guy has all the chemistry set for his coffee at home
buy raw coffee beans? im not sure (never ask about that lol)
roast his bags or coffee beans
which i promised to wake up once and see how he roasts them in skype but i ended up sleeping like a pig
apparently need high skills lol
if not you will burn all the beans :p
grind the roasted coffee beans?
and see below, the coffee kits =D
which actually quite cool la :p

but how ironic
im a coffee-phobic person
i HATE COFFEE my entire life
and i think coffee is smelly which gives me headache
he is convinced that he will make me a coffee lover one day when i go over his country
but im convinced that i'll only drink hot choc ONLY ONLY ONLY

besides all the kits
he loves pouring shapes also =D
(and he likes to send me coffee pics EVERYTIME he made them!)

one of the shapes he poured
some love shape one are really nice but since he just send me coffee pics purely he's proud of the shapes
(i guess)
so even if its love shape milk on top i dont think i'm supposed to be take it as romantic LOL

 3. Likes to cook =D

right frankly speaking i dont really care whether you can cook or not or stuffs
i mean for guys
but after being brain-washed by my roommate jiahui
she kept telling me
"dont u think its so nice to have a guy that can cook?you dont have to cook leh! he cook everything for you leh"
which make some sense there and i start loving to see him cook stuffs

Egg tarts
Cakes etc etc

i think he can make more than those i mentioned =)
(i rmb he can cook chinese herbs also LOL!)

and and and the thing is
he is willing to learn what i want to eat!
so next time i will be like a bitch
"make me macaroons!"
"make me chocolate fondue!"
"make me pork knuckles!"

im enjoying the moments so well
but i dont like lar
he always try to make me eat more more more and more
which im trying so hard to diet diet diet and diet

haha okay, some pics on what he did  in the kitchen =)

 isnt this AWESOME!!

 looks like something you can only get from the Pastry/Cake/Bakery shop right?

and his own made recipe for spags
one day i will make him cook chicken with chocolate sauce with me =D

 4. a little bit Princess here and there

the kind of spoilt kid that asked me how a dorm is because he nvr try one before
apparently private schools camps are held in proper apartment =.=
=.= spoilt brat (i like scolding him spoilt lol)

he is the type of princess that
change his phone every year
(there's where i got his 1 year old phone and he got his new phone LOL)
and change car every 3 years
my mum was like :"aiyor....tell him now got commitment dy cannot waste money like that!"
and he likes big cars
big cars as in spacious one
not the lambo fancy kind one
he did complained that audi is a little bit too small for him
(i blame the fats on his body u know... :p)

and the one thing that he likes about gold class cinema is
the seat is big enough for two and
holy shit
on earth hell
i am not going to share a seat with him LOL

but i do really hope that he will save more
for more trips over ;)

and this is a pic of him waking up early and shoot the streets =)

 5. the anti-Apple one

he hates APPLE damn lot
how ironic again
i LOVE apple company DAMN LOT
seems like we have a lot to quarrel about hor
we had this conversation before
which i feel interesting haha

me:"ey, you go get an ipad lar we facetime easier no need skype"
him :" no...i wont buy apple stuffs"
him :" wei u dont buy for me ah!"
me :" if i buy for you?"
him :"(silent)
him :" then i ma use lor!"

and he likes to spend on me
which i hate the most coz i normally pay for myself one
and one day we have this conversation
me :"ey u like to buy things for me right, how if i say i want something apple?"
him :" why do u need an apple thing! apple is evil!"
me :" but how if i want?will you buy?"
(trying to make him support apple :P )
him :" buy for you and you use but i wont use!"

i think he hates me sometimes :p

6. into Photography

believe it or not
he bought camera to shoot his coffee stuffs
(can imagine how deep his love towards coffee?)
see ar he can just wake up early in the morning to make coffee and wait for the droplets
so that he can shoot them
and i think he did that for one or two weeks continuously?
but i cant deny, he got a good shot btw =)
super imbalance coz he got his camera much much later than me
but he has better photos than me
tsk! i blame my camera lol

i wonder whether he did the same to shoot this water droplets also LOL

and mum finds him funny coz he somemore know how to put a plate behind in this picture!

 6. Likes Flowers 

another ironic stuffs
i dont like flowers
ok apart from receiving flowers which is sweet la
but planting flowers...eww NO

imagine that
this guy likes flowers
he even snapped photos of flowers from the bud till the flowers blooms
make it like a documentary kind

and he developed the flower pics out more than my pic

this is his shot of a pink rose
which i like it the most coz the focusing is special =)

7. Sweet

a sweet human that will write romantic paragraphs 
not everyday/week la lol
his artistic moments only strikes like once in few months
and when im lucky enough i got to receive those paragraphs

he is only medically romantic
not literally LOL
looking back at this March post and you know what i mean
all the neuronal transmissions? LOL

and the newest one was something like that
" my heart has been killed and reborn again, just so it can relieve the sensation of falling in love with you all over again, the palpitation of love is so hard but gentle, just like our long distance relationship"
until here still "aww....i feel so sweet"

and here comes the medical part =.=
"you made my ventricles flutter, my atria pulse strengthens,
and my pacemaker cells expolde like the fireworks of new year's eve"

heart has been divided into ventricles, atria and pacemaker LOL

oh btw
the sweetest moment ever 
(well actually more of paiseh than sweet =.=)
is when he sends me flowers and bear all the way frm aussie
and he plans to send me another bouquet on our first monthsary?
(lol such kiddy right im actually getting excited for first month but i guess it means ntg to the ppl out there )
and i went sg that time and 
seriously if he dares to send me flowers there 
i'm going to chop him into pieces LOL

let's meet kiki and the wrong supposed-to-be rose flowers lol
kiki is named after my favey food : tobokKI :p 

8. Silly

him :" do you think im like a shorchai?"
me :"SERIOUSLY yes"
he did many silly stuffs here and there
which sometime i feel myself even more mature than him

but his sillyness are quite fun around anyway
which holds the smile on my face =P

i used to like someone that is serious beside me
coz sometimes i just wanna be serious
not-serious can be quite annoying at times
this guy is totally different
he is not serious at all when he's with me
and this makes me realised that, you know, it's actually better to have someone silly beside you
it keeps your world brighter in a way =)
(hopefully i wont get fedup of him hahahah)

and i have to constantly remind him to act like his age when talking to my parents
seriously =.=
but i did laughed and slammed my hands and legs hard when we skype
he is such a funny darling LOL

things we did ;P

9. my Wikipedia

he helped me a lot in studies
he is my human google lol
normally i'll just ask him stuffs like..."why this will cause this?why not that?"
and he will (read up? google up?)
then explain to me everything
really great help =)

and even when i say "i duno what to wear for my prom lar"
and after telling him the prom theme
he will google up dresses that he thinks suitable
and send them all for me

which i find quite rare for a guy to do so

10. my Best Friend

the thing that held him so many years (3 years? :p ) there is
i've never dream of having another one anymore
basically i backed off all the guys that attempted to come near me

the one thing that changed my opinion towards him is that

he really treats me damn good
(finger cross lol hopefully it lasts!)

the kind that you feel damn comfortable with him
the kind that you wouldnt care the distance and the age difference
and just wanna treasure him coz you dont know whether you'll get someone like that again or not
the kind that you will automatically spurt everything to him
well basically i told him everything including female stuffs LOL
the kind that makes you feel he's more than just being your partner

he is also my best friend
a good listener
a good adviser

(which makes me feel that i'm a terrible listener at times LOL)

so yeah
we have many more years to go until i graduate
4 more years?
and whether i'll go over his place after i graduate is an infinity yet
7 years?if for me to complete housemanship here?

let the time and distance test what we have
we'll try to make things work
but i'll leave it all to God
if we are fated
we will last =)

the blogger that cant wait 2013 to come 
after writing this blog post