Monday, October 29, 2012

♨ POCO Homemade

here i'm going to post about Taff's belated birthday with me!!
too bad i cant attend the surprise im supposed to go the day before
awwww =(

and here
Poco Homade @ Bangsar
a shop that i wanted to go since the first day i saw them in magazine
but everytime also ended up going somewhere else due to the "lack-of-food-choices" comments about this cutey place =P

the shop!
quite difficult to get parking there actually
and i did illegal parking 
kissing the butt of a 4 wheel drive lol
darn near to it just to made sure my butt wont be smashed and banged

nice deco right?

 and of course
this jumpy thingy cant resist to touch every single thing inside
curious big girl =)

 the variety of food 
well, not much
basically they only have 4 choices of rice for real food
as in..lunch kind of main meal food
others are tea cakes or desserts =)

the food are not bad 
really like home cooked food
pretty healthy one haha

 and before we order this cake
the waitress told us this cake is REALLY REALLY REALLY 
BUTTER-ish, CHEESE-ish etc etc
i love fat food so...we ordered!
and ended up NAHHH 
hahah i think the carrot cake i made at home is even fattier
see? healthy restaurant :P
but its NAICE =)

 and taff's choice of strawberry shortcake!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dearest ah bii =)
i cant give you a whole gang friend kind of celebration
(naww u know i lack of friends LOL)
but i do love the duet company i had with you!
who ask our man so far away from us huh~

 and some pics of us together
without tripod
without a hand on the shuttle
we took every pic 
timer -  on the table

 polaroids of us!

the two puppet that i find them interesting
resembling us =)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

♨ Tom Dick and Harry's

finally im blogging about this
so one of the day where HC told me TDH's TTDI branch singer is really good on friday night
and since i have never been to TDH
so we went there for anna's birthday!!

Tom Dick and Harry's @ Scott Garden
kindda quiet and chilling coz its a monday night :p
drunkers are still in offices ahha

since this place is related to your birthday
give you a pic on my blog =D

the finally-same-age-with-me old lady 

 a few food shots here
what i wanna say is
we concluded that almost all the dishes are yummylicious
serious like YUMMY kind
huge portion
and authentic =D

 little comment :
Anna hates the green stuffs inside
therefore she feels this piece of meat is just mere OK

 some trival problem over here : 
Julia says the sauce for chicken chop is weird 
hahahah =D

 the bestest dish of all!
some cremey fish ! =D

 tada =)
group photo =D

do visit Tom Dick and Harry's!
i heard the TTDI branch is the best
go for it peopo!!

ps: jio me along lah if you guys going TTDI one