Tuesday, December 18, 2012

♨ Wendy's Ice Cream

we are happy kids!
we have our cheapo yet not bad tasting ice cream from Wendy's
it's only RM1.00 without any surcharge leh! 

yums yums
it tastes very MILKY CHOCOLATE
and the waffle cone is chocolatish
it's worth the price =D

Wendy's Chocolate Ice Cream

 we are the happy kids!

try switching to this ice cream rather than the old McD style!
well wait
on second thought
i still think McD better 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

♨ Delicious, Bangsar

on thursday
we have long lunch break again! 
frankly speaking, i dont really like long lunch break
i'd rather the classes all crumple together and finish before lunch time

we know how to pamper ourselves too
so here we are
ended up in Delicious @ Bangsar Village II
I've been to Delicious a couple of times, but dont know why i always ended up didnt blog about it lol

Me, JiaHui and Raja. Showing off her iphone5!! haha
oh yeah, iphone5 front camera is finally clearer than other i-products!
owh my all time favourite =)
HOT CHOCOLATE!! with marshmallows!

see the pink one?
that's the MOST splendid strawberry milkshake EVER
it's just like a ULTRA thick just melted ice cream
and the melt-ness is maintained like throughout the whole lunch session

i never like strawberry milkshake
and yet i'm complimenting this 

owh to the pastas!
happy that i got my green pesto!!

Beef Pasta 

Pesto + Chicken 
 and thanks for the ultra nice intro Raja =)
see how the choc sauce bulge + flow out??

choc cake with ice cream

awesome choc sauce 
and that's all!

and i was ALMOST late for class
well its not a class
its a presentation
thanks Raja for parking my car for me
i literally jumped out the car and ran into my faculty
imagine a damn tall big girl running in formal attire with a backpack?

i know
ridiculous right LOL
things i do haha!

Friday, December 14, 2012

♨ Kissaten Jaya One

so one random day
Stacey voiced out that we should go movie together
roomies movie date 
cuz too long didnt go out together dy larrr...

after a few "arrangement" and "derrangement"
we decided to just go for food
movie is too rush even for long lunch break :p

and we decided to do it on wednesday
(without knowing it is the magical day 12.12.12)
and i say we can celebrate xmas earlier this time!
(and i planned to borrow the waiter's santa hat for photography purposes but too bad their waiters werent wearing any santa hat =S )

so here's the magical 12.12.12
Early Xmas Celebration
Roomies Lunchie ( it's really precious! )
Kissaten @ Jaya One

The first thing i always do in a restaurant. A snap shot of the menu. =D
 and our drinks!
the soda honey lemon quite not bad....
i like this pic contour a lot 

Stacey, Jia Hui, Me & the mr Gingerbread Man =D
purposely bought it from Cold Storage!
bought it for....er...more xmas feel perhaps? haha

haha ok so here's the closeup for the KISSburger =D
i missed this during the last visit =D

awesome full
and not bad
i personally think that this is WAYYY better than myBurgerLab =P
coz the teriyaki sauce in between the layers are 
awesome whole!
*salty sweet pepperish*

Kissburger : Pork RM13.90 

Layers : Bread, Vege, Egg (yolk), pork with damnlicious sauce, tomatoes, vege and bread =)
 just a short blog on our roomie lunchie =D
see ya again!

the camera shy lady LOL
SERIOUSLY? camera shyy??!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

♨ BEST Char Siew in town

Believe me or not
this is the best char siew in town 
like MY GOD MY GUAN NIM MA this is awesome like hell like shit
nothing can be used to describe the thickness
the scent the taste the honey the sauce
so damn nice seriously

*thanks ah hooi for introducing this place*

this is so damn nice
try the Hakka mee (okok lah) and order side dish : CHAR SIEW
order as much as you can hahahah

i once said that the Village Roast Duck @ Bangsar Village serves the BEST CHAR SIEW
but now
this wins!!

awesome whole!
the shop name is Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant @ Aman Suria 

sorry for the blurness of the pic haha
courtesy to sII camera :p

and for more nice nice pics :
click this link and read more about this shop =D

Saturday, December 8, 2012

♨Uncle Jang Mont Kiara

like finally!! we met up again =D
and it's like 2 days before my exam =S
i know right
i terrible lol
but what to do
too busy for too long and this is the ngam time to go out with the geeks
i miss suecing and joee!! =D

haha we planned to go Uncle Jang @ Mont Kiara
(like FINALLY i get to eat uncle jang)
i've always been unlucky cuz whenever i wanna eat uncle jang
its either close, or my friends busy or me myself busy 

and on the way to mont kiara
when we passed by dutamas area
we heard hitz.fm on radio
advertising on BASKIN ROBBINS 31 =D (the song!haha)
and 3 of us in very random mood
start searching for baskin robbins and in 20sec like that we found one!
we parked illegally, and jumped into BR for ice cream!!

 reached Uncle Jang with half full tummy 
see so "voluptuous"!
for someone who didnt eat dinner like me
this is...a challenge hahah
the spiciness rocks anyway =D
im happy with the tobokki inside =D

 simple restaurant i would say
business not bad too
food was okay enough for the price
its very cheap and big portion =D

 eating like a kid with the dirty table LOL
and i kena didih a few times by the wok in the middle of the table
in all, it was delicious, spicy and yummy!
i love the spicy paste they use!! really!

 after that we walked over to Dr. Cafe Coffee in Solaris Dutamas
and some of our friends ordered coffee there =)
chillax while waiting for one two friends to get their poos released hahahaha
(i know right, the uncle jang is just too full)

 i like my skirt! 

 loving this girl =D
we should meet more before you leave malaysia !!

Monday, December 3, 2012


i'm suffering from this LDR Withdrawal Symptoms
it makes me feel so lonely 
at worst thing is the fb homepage is flooded with couple pics when this kind of thing strikes me
serious emoness overload
dont like distance
screw the distance
friends went out movie together in a gang
and as usual for some reason i was always not involved
emoness overload
and when i felt neglected i do really wish to just have someone there
just a simple movie
but it just wont happen

screw the distance again

but what to do
thats the only way we can have

L.D.R can be quite tiring at times

taken : July 2012