Saturday, February 23, 2013

♨Cascade Mandarin Oriental

Awesome dining again 
this time at Cascade, Mandarin Oriental
at first we were heading to Majestic Hotel for lunch
but we reached too early and the restaurant is not open yet LOL
so Hc brought me to this place
where I can get the chance to taste the food cooked by his future restaurant chef

awesome view
sky scrapers 
smell of chlorine from the pool
( i personally like this smell ;P )

 look at the toilet
it is awesome

 and here's our food!
selection made by Hc of course LOL
(Price apprx RM 50)
lol forgot the price dy

 and this pasta ordered for me
(Price : apprx RM50)
is like awesomely yummy
u can taste the authentic and the high class really finely made pasta feel here
( presentation wasnt perfect with all the spilled sauce around the white place LOL )
but trust me
really nice

 and his 2nd plate
dory fish pasta (price : RM55)
where he exclaimed so loud that the dory is freaking damn fresh and soft
the dory is really nicely cooked 
so squishy that it kept dropping off the fork before you get to put it in your mouth 

 sorbet dessert =)
i love the mango one more

i will definitely go back again for my yummy pasta
although the pasta is expensive
per plate up above rm50
but it is really worth it
really nice
and special
you cant get it in other places in kl
(i think =D )

Thursday, February 21, 2013

♨ Kampachi, The Troika

Kampachi food blog today!
we went Troika for Kampachi
my first time there
which is kindda cool
the wordings out there
look at the building =)
it does look nice right =D
(stole this building pic from internet, i was there at night so pics werent nice )
The Troika, Kuala Lumpur
the interior deco
we were wondering how to fix those dangling light bulbs hanging down from the top
service was not bad =)

this green tea was definitely much more fragrant than those in town
as in, really fragrant

they pour your tea for you
and they will look at your cup at times to make sure your cup is always full with tea
and there was once i poured myself
and i saw an attendant standing beside
those rich geeks that come here, they dont usually pour their own tea isit?

Flowery print tea pot
 my tofu salad
the fried garlic inside was vy nice
i do really like the fried garlic haha
the salad sauce was nice
but only a bit at the bottom
so i was like scrapping it up all the time
to flood my tofu with the sauce haha

 Dinner partner of the day
his bento!
i lovin lovin the word on the food
did they write it with soya sauce?

Pancake Vanilla ice cream
initially was the menu i want 
but he stole my choice

 and he ordered this for me!
im happy that mine is actually nicer hahaha
Tempura Vanilla ice cream

In all
food wise was slightly above average only
not really something to be shouted out loud
but it's nice, and tasty
price was above average also
per person will spend up to rm90-100 for dinner
ambience : good
hospitality : good

simple post for this =D

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

✈ Krabi ( Day 4 and 5 )

here comes the day 4!
it's our second last day
but technically our last day cuz on Day 5 our flight is in the morning
so we went into Krabi Town and stay!

let me clarify this
initially, i thought Krabi is a beach town
but actually it is not
Krabi town is a town
is quite inside, no sea side
the one with sea and beach one
is Ao Nang Town
but they are just maybe around...15-20min away

and some shots before we leave our beloved hotel 
Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas  
really love this hotel
but you rarely see any asian inside la
cuz it's too pricey maybe?
haha all orang putih ;)
and im proud to be the asian inside
thanks to The Man =P
so much of pampering

 walk walk around at the private beach owned by the hotel
clean nice soft

 and i do really love the reflection of The Man's sunnies!

 reached the pier early
so we gotta wait for the taxi driver to come

oh my favourite pic of the trip :p
 since we are just spending a few hours at night in the hotel
we decided to stay in some cheapo budget hotel
but it turned our SUPER NICE really
toilet is good, clean
hot water shower is awesome
aircon is perfect
and room is cosy
very good for the price
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who wants to save money on hotels
but still, if you want to relax and pamper yourself more, 
Centara Grand is still the best hahahah

BanTo Guest House
Location : walking distance to Krabi Town
Staffs : VERY FRIENDLY and nice ( feel at home )
Price : ultra cheap
RM50 ( with air con )
RM 30 ( without air con )

room not bad right

went out for a short massage near the hotel
(recommended by the hotel staff)
and it is really nice
it is call the HEALTHY massage place
5min walk from BanTo Guest House

and after that
we walk (around 15min) to Krabi Town for a look!
weather was hot
so The Man brought me to Swensen's to eat ice cream!
i know right
why are we doing this in Krabi
KL also got right :p

 walking around

 the standard picture you will surely get in Krabi Town

 and the pasar!
fruits and food are pretty cheap here
(lol compared to the super classy hotel food of course right)
we bought whole bunch of fruits
20 rambutan
a bunch of langsat and 10 manggis
ONLY 75 baht!! ( rm7.50 )
i'm so happy, he is so happy, we are happy

 bought a lot of street side food and decided to have our real krabi food feast in the hotel!
but actually The Man wants to watch Australia Open harrrrr....

see i'm the loyal maid 
carrying all the stuffs all the time 
while The Man is busy snapping pics

 on our way back to hotel
we snapped some pics here!
apparently ( according to blogs ) this temple will look like a wedding cake at night

 mixture of unhealthy oily and healthy fruity dinner!
we watched show while eating all these
so simple and happy
and i really love this dinner !!

and for the last day ( Day 5 )
we woke up super early 
and headed to airport 
thanks taxi service for being punctual ;)

back to home!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

✈ Krabi ( Day 3 )

 woke up in the morning
darn tired
that stupid The Man really wakes up real early to get everything prepared
good also that by the time i wake up
all i need to do is change
cuz he packed every important things for me also!
(like my dad hahahaha!)

we headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast
oh i forgot to mention previously
the hotel breakfast has REALLY WIDE RANGE of food
and they change a couple of menu every morning
( but some of their fried rice can be quite dry lol...)

and here! my overkilling fatness to boost my sugar level in my blood for the day!

the van picked us up from the pier
and i likey the van
it's quite new and nice
see the interior ;)

 and our itinerary for day 3 is
1. hot stream
2. emerald pool + blue pool
3. tiger cave temple

and you will never know how huge is krabi until u take this tour
it takes like more than one hour to reach every destination
like seriously

and here is our first destination!
( i personally think that they should put it as the last one haha)
can relax after a whole day right!

so here, first stop

 the water really warm 
and nice temperature
not too hot also

 and next 
Emerald Pool!

 have to do some jungle trekking before you reach the pool

 and here is the Emerald Pool!

 if you are hardworking enough to walk another 1.4km up the hill
( which most of the people dont do that )
you get to see heavenly nice Blue Pool!
i complained so much when i was walking the 1.4km
so tired and long walk
but when i see the blue pool
it's really worth it

blue pool is not for swimming purposes
thats why
it's so quiet, silent and calm
a bit creepy at some point
cuz u dont see any living creatures inside 
it is just

 and the last stop
Tiger Cave Temple

 1237 steps up the hill to reach the peak
many cant do this too
but we decided to JUST DO IT
i regretted for SO MANY TIMES when i was climbing up

stairs are not easy
at some stretch you really have to crawl with hands as it is too steep
we have time constraint
so we gotta go up and down in 30-40min
really not kidding
nearly gave up u know!
luckily The Man encouraged me when we reached 400+ steps
and i asked him to continue when we reached 800+ steps
yeay team work!

 on top of the hill!

 coming down the stairs are crazy
it's so steep that u feel you can fall off the cliff anytime
my legs are shaking
serious shaking that kind
and i can feel myself hypoglycemia
as headache, dizziness and blurness of vision all sets in haha
but we did it!

and lastly
we went for elephant ride
this is like the LONGEST elephant ride ever 
( not that i rode elephant all the time also lah...)

naughty elephant splashing at each other! ( poor thing the people sitting on top!) 
 i bought banana ( 50baht ) for the elephants
they are so cute!!
and i feel so guilty for putting so much weight on them for the whole journey 

Blind elephant : have to feed to the mouth instead of trunk
 so the day tour ended at around 5.30pm
so since it's still early
The Man asked the van driver to drop us at Ao Nang town
we walk walk a little bit 
and had our dinner beside the beach

Ao Nang Shopping Street
and the pancake shop at the street that i saw someone recommended 
so we tried the banana pancake 

nice and crunchy : just like a crunchier banana roti canai
 and my dinner place!
i have been dying to eat pineapple fried rice (served in pineapple ONLY) and i cant find it anywhere
and see! they have the pineapple pic there so we went in!

here's my "pineapple fried rice"
luckily it is served in pineapple, if not i will be really sad hahah
we used to call this pineapple fried rice in malaysia
but it is actually called Green Curry Fried Rice served in Pinapple

 and a modern cute shop beside the beach!
Krabi can be so modern also right hahaha

 and back to hotel
after rest, we went out for dessert
back to the main restaurant again
The Man is dying to eat the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream again
and this time he has his video camera ready LOL

Taylor's Port : The Man says it is not nice LOL
 and here's our ice cream
this time we tried the chef recommended one instead
call : Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with Australian Wattle Seeds

and see the Sprite?
they actually have the BEST SPRITE ever 
really not kidding
their sprite is like so damn nice there
it's so different from other place one :p

ended our day 3!