Friday, March 29, 2013

Love texts =)

The Man is really good in language arrangement
i call it an arrangement LOL

and here what he texted me
i'm sure any other girl will be melted too if their bf texts them these things =D
*proud gf face* haha!

" I love you and you love me. Thats not all we are, cause we didnt meet at a bar. When my eyes met yours, we were drawn by a gravitational force. There was like,then there was love; so all I knew was to have you is a must."

"As I write these words, I still feel like a derp. But I am honoured and humbled, that my love for you has you muddled. Though this relationship is long and hard, our love will never break into shards. As I'll forever love you."

but lastly, he said this :

" I love you and I promise I wont steal your poo"

u know why?
cuz every time when i'm with him in person
i'll have serious constipation
and he will have no problem in poo poo-ing
while im struggling with my darn-god-so-many-days-poo inside my colon
he, on the other hand, poo-ed everyday 
(even though he ate less vege than me *sigh*)

so yeah
i always say that he steal my poo poo
bad guy!

i miss you!