Tuesday, April 9, 2013

♨ Butter & Beans at Happy Mansion

another lovely coffee place
I think this place can fight Coffee Stain in Fahrenheit =D
cuz they serve better hot chocolate
and of course, I did sipped their Coffee
and it's smooth
something a coffee hater will love (haha!)

Presenting Butter+Beans @ Happy Mansion 
(Behind Food Foundry, Section 17 PJ)

a very small shop that you will not predict that they serve nice coffee
( and nice pastries!!! )

they have this street / wall art too
apparently the penang artist is a friend of the owner of this shop
so the artist helped him to draw on his coffee shop =)

LOOK at the hot choc
it's super chocolatey
and nothing mint inside
(some shop serve hot choc with mint which i dont like)
and the temperature was ngam ngam hou
not too hot to burn your oesophagus
but just warm enough to make it a nice breakie.
their choc danish is pretty awesome too. =D

i guess the shop owner loves BEAR a lot huh =D
DEFINITELY will come back again!
i love this place =)