Sunday, May 19, 2013

3D Birthday Cake

I'm fulfilling my promise here!
staying up late at 1am and blogging about this 
cuz i promised to blog about this, this weekend
(hehe you know who you are, pretty =D )

here, I'll talk about my 3D birthday cake
since 90% of the people asked me about it LOL
kindda fun answering people's question tho =D

Question 1 : 

You designed your own cake? How much is it?

Answer :

Yes I did =P I'm vain i know right, I wanted a handbag cake for like damn long dy but I know nobody will do it for me so, why not make one for myself on my 21st birthday right?
I wouldnt like to trouble anyone and start bitching anybody to do it for me
so yeah, i'm independent much =D hahaha
Initially, my plan was to make a Handbag cake + DSLR Camera cake together + a pink colour rectangular base
can imagine how it'll look like? haha i kindda lost the drawing i drew

I email-ed 5 bakery shops that I can find from google
and the price they quoted me was roughly like this :

a Handbag cake : RM350
a DSLR camera cake : RM350
a rectangular base : RM250 
so total a cake cost : RM950

and they told me that the cake wouldnt look nice cuz it'll be too pack and complicated
most of the weight will go to the design of the cake
and probably left little cake available to be eaten
which is not wise

okay okay
so I gotta change my plan
I'm still very keras kepala on my requirement
(really wanna put that few things that I really love in life onto the cake)
so I came out with a simpler design
a 2-tier cake with polka dot 2D diagram of DSLR camera, handbag and stethoscope

but most of them quoted me around RM550 for this design
and again, I have to change my design because my budget is strictly under RM500 for the cake

lastly, I decided to gave up the DSLR camera
after much persuading from the chef
I decided to make a handbag cake with stethoscope dangling around the handle
and also makeup sets at the bottom ( to replace my DSLR camera T.T )

and I got the price from RM450-500 for a 6 inch cake

I thought for quite a few days whether I should proceed with my plan or not
you know
how if nobody wants to come to my party
how if the cake sucks and nobody wanna eat it
how if etc etc

and the best part of it is
The Man decided to sponsor me this cake
(thanks to the high currency exchange HAHA)
and he even say that the cake is CHEAP
since it's so "CHEAP" ,
then yeah, without any hesitation
I decided on a shop (elaborate later in this blog) 
went to see the chef at the bakery place
(thank you The Man, if you are reading this =D )
and YES
he quoted me RM320 for the cake
very cheap i can say
after all the negotiations with other cake house

and here! how my cake turned out!
I cant deny that I got so paranoid the day before and I texted the chef a whole long sms
reminding him again and again what I want on the cake
(sorry if I was a bit annoying hehe)
but i'm satisfied with the cake!
although the colour is darker than I expected =)

nice right?

Sugar Icing number

Inside of the cake : Moist Choc Cake

What happened at the end =P
Question 2 :

The cake can eat ah? The handbag handle can eat ah? Nice ah?

Answer :

haha many people asked me whether the handbag handle can be eaten or not
my mum asked me the same question also!
answer is, YES you can, it is icing sugar, but they inserted a metal in the middle to make the shape
so you gotta pull the metal out before eating it

How was the choc cake?

according to my friend, they say it is awesome
i think it is okay, not something to shout out loud but definitely above average =D

how about the design? can eat ah?

Yes you can, they are all icing sugar
as the name implied , sugar = sweet
i find it quite sweet
but my friend said it brings a scent of honeydew taste
which they like it much
hahaha =D
(commented by stacey the cey =D )

unique much tho =D

 Question 3 :

When did you order your cake?

Answer :

I'm a real easy-worried person
I start searching for cake shops 2 months before my birthday
I started designing it 1.5mth before my birthday
and I decided, and ordered it 1 month before my birthday

and right enough
my friend ordered it a week before another friend's birthday
they are closed for holiday
and the cake shop said their last order is on my birthday

so, be paranoid, be worry and order earlier =D

Question 4 :

most vital question i think
Where you ordered it?

Answer :

i found them from google
saw their review quite ok
(at first I was quite worry also since I never order a cake online before)
most importantly, their shop is in ss2, so it's like so near to my uni and i can drive there !

what can I say right,
they gave me the best price for the cake
they gave me constructive ideas
so in return i gave them a chance hahahaha

and I am satisfied =)

their name card here!
can view their blog also! got a lot a lot of cakes there
but they didnt really update it tho haha
they reply email either SUPER FAST or SUPER SLOW
so my advice is
call them directly if you want =)
and Monday is their off day =D

oh and also, they charge extra if you want them to deliver the cake to you
cuz they hire another person to deliver it
so you have to pay that person to and fro ss2 and your venue
 my party is in Bangsar, so the delivery will be rm30
what for right
i might as well collect it myself =D
unless you are the kind of person that very very sensitive and cannot collect your own cake on your birthday
then pay for it
i definitely have no problem with that hehe =D

oh oh and they gave me a box of choc cookies as free gift!
and DAMN the choc cookies are awesomely perfect
me and my roommates love it so much =D

Trust me
MAKE your GIRLFRIEND a cake like this
(instead of the old-school 99roses)
SHE WILL BE truly happy
i'm sure every girl out there want a cake like this on their birthday!
right girls?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brunch @ Nosh Bangsar

finally i'm a bit on track with my dining places LOL
have not been posting for quite a few weeks
thanks to my uni laoya wifi in my hostel =P
well and in conjunction with post-election monday holiday
here i am, free to blog =D

random brunch with sue cing
we were initially choosing between Jarrods & Rawlins vs Nosh Bangsar
and we ended up choosing Nosh due to more interesting food pictures provided by food blogger =P
now you know how important food bloggers are haha!

The interior deco of the cafe
typical brunch cafe interior
and the crowd started at around 10.30am

 ambience was nice
not too noisy / quiet

Nosh @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar
here comes our food!
Sue Cing's Full Monty
made up of turkey hams, sausages, mushrooms, beef bacon, 2 eggs, triangular hash brown, 2 slices of grilled tomatoes, and a slice of toasted bread
truly FULL-some
and the sausages are nice =D
got a kind of unique taste, but I couldnt tell what is that taste =P

Full Monty RM28
 and this is my plate
The Noshing!
looks small but trust me
full till OMG
the egg yolk are perfectly half-cooked
not too watery nor hard
and the yellow buttery sauce is perfectly awesome with the fresh salmon + bread

The Noshing RM18
 poke! owh the yellow yolks
i used to hate yellow runny yolks
but as i "aged" LOL
i start loving them =D

The Noshing

and here my Choc Trinity
which they took ages to "brew" it
but it is so so so nice i can say
made of Dark Choc, Malt Choc, Milk Choc, Maple Syrup and Frothed Milk
at first i was worry that the dark choc will be too bitter to me
( i do not like bitter stuffs )
but it came out awesome
temperature was a bit too hot at first, but it soothes the throat when it flows down
and you know what's the most important thing?
that tiny little butter cookie down there?
OMG it's freaking nice hahahaha
but it is nicer without dipping it into the hot choc =P

Chocolate Trinity
 Sorbet as dessert
they have 3 flavours : chocolate, vanilla or yoghurt
however, i think Cascade Mandarin Oriental sorbets are much nicer
as here, the sorbet is soft outside
but the inner layer seems a bit too frozen up
and the ice chunks are too hard until i have to use my dessert spoon to knock it apart
haha =D
overall, the taste is above average

Yoghurt Sorbet
 and more and more dessert!
who ask them to keep presenting dessert on the freezer counter
I was eye-ing on them and decided to order some
dessert was pretty cheap actually
2 for rm19
and minimum order is 2 pieces

Apple cake not bad
but very very fulling
texture of cake is soft with soft apple slices inside
with vanilla ice cream as toppings
and almond nuts to give some crunchy sensation in your mouth
sounds perfect huh =D

Apple cake
Earl Grey Creme brulee was quite a disappointment
the sugar crust on top was way too brunt
too hard and i have to crush it open with my dessert spoon again
and it is darkly burnt at some areas LOL
ps : cannot really taste the earl grey tho

Earl Grey Creme Brulee

next to try on their menu :

Peanut butter french toast
presentation is awesomely attractive

I highly recommended this place for breakfast =D
7, Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur
(closed on Mondays)

pictures courtesy to Samsung S3 camera
thanks myself for forgetting my DSLR at home *sigh*
if not I would have taken better pics 
but i do love the focusing of s3 =P