Tuesday, July 23, 2013

♨ Harrods Cafe, Suria KLCC

I have always wanted to dine in Harrods KLCC
and yeap
finally in one fine morning
me and my girlfriends went there for brunch =)
pretty excited with the environment =P
(should've dine in Harrods Shop instead, the ambience there nicer!)


Cafe interior

Cafe exterior
we went in late (past 11am)
and that's why we cant order breakfast menu
so we ordered ala carte instead

Beverage was OKAY
the Fruit Smoothie was nice!
 and below are our meals
well, quite bad
as you can see from the picture
the bread are hard
and it was near tasteless
one positive point was, the prawns are fresh =D
If you were to order something in Harrods
maybe you can avoid their sandwiches LOL

Prawn Sandwich 
Chicken Sandwich

Beef sandwich
 a friend of mine that visited Harrods before told me to try their desserts
she said she loved them

after all the sandwiches
I decided to give them another "chance" to please my tastebuds
so I ordered their Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee
 Presentation of creme brulee was not bad
but the texture was wrong
it was totally out
the creme inside is not even soft
it is jelly-ish semi-hard
at some point i even wondered whether it is spoiled
(really sorry to say that, but it is true)
and this is the first time I cant finish a tiny whiny creme brulee

girls are girls right 
despite those unsatisfying food
we still can smile wide and camwhore =P

from the blogger of this blog :
There are a lot better brunch places in KL
you can either skip Harrods
or try other menu
and tell me whether they are nice or not =D
I wouldnt mind trying other dishes and change my opinion towards Harrods!

Harrods Cafe
Ground Level
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur
+603 2165 1111

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Long Distance Relationship, LDR

10 Rules to maintain a LDR

before I started LDR
i actually googled up "how to maintain LDR"
or "how to know if you bf cheats on you" 
lol kind of things
but after a year of LDR
i realized some of the things said out there are not perfectly precise
so I have my own list now
which i think it works real well for me =D

Rule #1 :
Don't Pressure Each Other when come to Texting or Video-calling 

I've seen my friend that skyped with her bf EVERY NIGHT from 1am-6am (GOSH I CANT DO THAT) and i think it is really, hard, to, maintain! I'll be honest here that I really cant do that and I salute that she can, but i think it gives a pressure on both parties. Imagine that guy, after work everyday, have to skype with you from 1am-6am, and he will be like dead zombie the next day when he starts working. HOW PATHETIC! I mean, this thing works only at the starting of the relationship, when both are still steaaammyyy and cuddly and i want to see you 24 hrs mentality...but for long term, NO. 

For me, I think videocall once in a while is good. You get to see your bf, and keep that i-miss-him-so-much interval for a few days. When you see each other in videocam, you will get extra excited! =P 

and, don't get angry if your bf dont reply your sms on time? I mean, at times i will text my boyfriend and say "weyy why u didnt reply me one?" but i do respect him when he is busy. =)

But, don't forget to videocall / call / text each other. =)

Rule #2 :

He has his life, and you have yours. If you do not want him to control who you go out with, if you do not want him to bug you to report everything and what you did for the past 1 minute, DO THE SAME TO YOUR BF too. He needs freedom, he needs to go and have his time with his guys and girl friends (i mean of course you'll get jealous when he goes out with girls) but chillax. He needs friends also right? 

The more you control him, the more information he hides from you, the more things you dont get to know.

Rule #3 :
Involve him in decision making

Even though he is far apart, I think it is good to involve him in decision making. At least, he feels important!(I hope this can stop him from feeling miserable and stop him from seeking other girls!=P) Anyway, it does not have to be a BIG DECISION MAKING thingy, start from small! For example : whatsapp him a pic of you in a dress and ask him : nice? should I get this?.. or snap a pic of menu and say " baby, should i eat chicken chop or lamb chop?" and the key to this is, FOLLOW what he said. LOL. i mean, there are a lot of girls out there asking for opinions, but they ended up deciding on what they want but not from the person that they asked. Imagine if you ask your bf a question and you always ended up choosing the one you think is the best, then why bother asking? If your bf say "baby i choose lamb chop for you today", then CHOOSE lamb chop. You can probably send a pic of your lamb chop to him and say "yummy, thanks for the choice" or even negative one eg "eww your lamb chop sucks! hehe". It's okay to be honest, nobody will blame you.

Rule #4 :

This is very subjective. But this is very important. I trust my LDR bf, yes I do. But I have seen a lot of girls got quite emo spamming facebook / twitter saying "you didnt tell me you went out with who, how if is that who?"etc. HARLO, don't you think you are annoying? Grow up! imagine your bf always suspects you, wouldn't it be bothering? (Unless you have some weird disorder where you like you boyfriend to get jealous and angry over other guys all the time LOL).

But to be frank in this sense right, let's say if they really do want to cheat on you, you wouldn't know right? 
To me this is a part where I leave it to God, if it happens, it will happen no matter how you control your LDR bf. So, god bless =)

Rule #5 :

I think surprises are pretty good. A small surprise card / flower can be very heart-melting ;  or you can even plan for a surprise visit! But if you are not that rich, maybe can surprise him at the airport when he reaches your place? ( I did, and my boyfriend did got happy =D). It brings colour to your relationship. Trust me, it does make you feel like "damn i love this guy man!"

Rule #6 : 
Go for short trips together

I think short trips fairly important. To me, when he visits you / you visit him, you guys will probably go out and eat and movie and walk and come back and it is the same routine everyday, and you ended up getting no sparks in the relationship! Short trips are good, because you get to see how he handles things? Be it good or bad, at it you know him better? Rather than you have a 10years LDR and you both get married and ended up realizing two of you cannot stay together due to some difference in attitude / lifestyle. 

this can also motivate each other to save money for trips, and there is something to look forward at least =)

Rule #7 :
Cherish him when he is with you

Nothing is more important than being with him when he is with you (except for family of course). So, if he is planning for trips to visit you, make sure he comes only when you are free for him! Imagine you have assignments to rush that time and he came, it kindda wasted the trip you know, since it is so hard to get together!

and Do some random stuffs! DO things that you guys normally don't get to do but other couples can. For eg, walk pass the cinema and "hey, let's go in and watch that movie", a random movie date can be so special for both of you because this is not something you can do everyday. =)

Rule #8 :
Support him

Make him believe that you are there for him even though you are far apart! It is very important. But support wisely (you know, just in case you support him in illegal stuffs *meh*)

Rule #9 :
Tell him things =)

I don't mean BUGGING kind of telling. I meant small little things, that can actually make you feel like you are beside him! For example : "opps i just farted..." (haha! ok my bf used that quite a lot and I find it quite funny), or "my tummy just growled, im so hungry!" Those are the little things that you might feel it is not important, but it keeps the relationship work!

and over the time, you will get used of telling him things, and he will too, and he will be like the ONE that you will always seek for when you have a problem. Let's say if you think you bf cant solve your prob and you kept telling your prob to the people around you but not him, after a period of time, you might feel your bf is not important anymore and you might lose to LDR! NO NO NO. tell him things, involve him, and make him the ONE.

Rule #10 :
Don't forget to LOVE

Texting / telling him I LOVE YOU everyday can mean nothing to me if you type it out without feelings. LOL. I think it is important to not forget how you felt on the first day when you guys met? or how you felt when he tackles you? Kept that in mind and dont forget them! Repeat those memories once in a while and that will keep you motivated and felt loved in a LDR.

and my Main Problem is (not really a problem though) :
I always get VERY NERVOUS when I get to see my bf in person. Everything is just like the first time we met, i felt shy to look at him in his eyes, excited, happy and everything! It keeps the relationship work because every time we meet, we start from the initial step, and the whole cycle continues!

Happy Loving =) LDR isn't thaaaat bad after all. 
At least you have a boyfriend, and you have someone that love you so much from another corner of the world!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

How I met The Man ❥

Happy 1st anniversary
although we met each other for 32 days only in one year =P

sowee I am not there for you
(haha too bad cuz i forgot about it when I book my vietnam trip ticket *opps*)
sowee sowee
or else I will fly in aussie first =P haha!

in conjunction with our 1st anniversary
i would like to blog about

How I Met The Man =)

(this will be quite a LONG post, but I do really hope you guys can read it!)

A lot of people have been asking me

"ei, how you get to know your bf ah?"
"ei, online games ah?"
"ei, facebook ah?"
"ei, last time A levels one isit?"
"ei, one of your stalker isit?"

of all the Ei-s above
none of the answers are correct
and how we actually met?

the answer is :
"through my eldest sister's wedding, in September 2009, 4 years ago"

a few years before the wedding,
my sister and her bf (current bro-in-law)
they went over aussie and did some medic attachment there
apparently my bro-in-law has a really close high school friend there
and i still remember how my eldest sister praised that "australian friend can cook very well"
and at that time
my eldest sis was trying to intro that "australian friend" to my second sister!
hahahhahaha =D
(we were quite excited because you know, if my 2nd sis married over, we might visit australia real often in the future hahaha!)

.....(a few years later)....

My sis and her bf decided to get married *claps*
and my bro in law asked that "australian friend" of his to be one of his HENG DAI
before meeting this "australian friend" of his
(okay now he sounded like an gold hair australian ang mo, NO he is a total Malaysian LOL) 
we have this arrangement where my sisters and I have to walk in with another 3 heng dai in the ballroom dinner before the bride and bridegroom
and we were arranged according to height
my 3rd sis (the shortest HAHA) was the first to go in
followed by me
and lastly my second sister

and I was arranged to walk in with this "australian friend"

i did not intent to snatch my second sis future bf away (duh just in case,you think...you know.....)
she already has a bf la that time 

I was pretty nervous when I heard about the news
you know, how if he speaks only australian english
how if we have communication problem
how am I going to talk to a stranger *OMG*
I was only form 5 that time and I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FACE STRANGERS

so the night before actual marriage day
we had our girl-side wedding dinner
and that "australian friend" attended as well
of course I did not forget to ask my sis like sooo many times which one is that guy
and she pointed him to me
and I looked from far

(and he looks wayyyyy older than me duke!)
(you serious you want me to deal with that guy that have accent??)
(again, i was only form 5 and I dont know how to talk like an adults. *shiver*)

apparently we sat at the same table
apparently my grandma kept the food for me when i was gone
apparently he looked at me
apparently he searched for me when I was gone
apparently he was interested in me, that night

I did not remember this part of the story
probably because I was busy and having wedding-host-stress
and he told me all these, a year ago.

and this is the picture of actual day of marriage
red arrows pointing That Australian Friend
(looking super china man la here! haha!)
i think he looked quite cute here! haha!

if you are reading this darling : GET THAT HAIR BACK
you look so nice with that length haha!!
3rd guy from left : that Australian friend
on the actual wedding day dinner
I was sooooo damnnnn nervous okay
i was constantly pulling my tube dress because I scare it will fall
of course to distract myself from talking to that "australian friend"
you know, when you look "busy", people wont talk to you
this guy ah
i was already so damn shy and paiseh
have to act super calm to reply him
he was very gentleman
he WAS VERY gentleman
i have to emphasis this
probably because school guys treat me as brothers
and this guy made me felt like a woman
but I wasnt single that time
so I did not look at him THAT WAY

all i remember was
he opened the balldoor for me
he stood tall and smart with his suit
and he said "you first.."
before we started walking in

at that time, i was actually wondering
why this tall, smart, nice guy do not have a gf?
how can this be?

....(wedding ended)....

Right after the wedding
he added me in facebook 
and he fb msg-ed me
we chit chat a little bit but not for long

and from his side of the story : 
apparently he searched me up in facebook
he added me FIRST
and then he scare my sisters will think nonsense
so he added my 3rd and 2nd sisters as well
and chatted with 3 of us
so that it wont be too obvious
(you better dont lie to me! haha!)

1 week after the wedding
we had dinner with our new-in-law family
why is he there OMG OMG OMG
i totally forgot about this dinner
and he remembered it
apparently he was looking at me quite a while
apparently he remember i tasted the red wine and my face turned weird
and he remembered that me and my sis were playing with a tiny rabbit toy
(i think it was my 2nd sis secret rabbit friend that she put in her bag LOL) 

1 week after the dinner, we met again
and things got back to normal again
after the wedding
i went back to study for my SPM
and he went back australia 

...(and i became single)...

he was quite persistent
on and off msg me in fb
on and off poking me
i think the main part of our "initial" way of communication was
facebook POKES
(guys, not a bad idea to poke a girls and get her attention LOL)
we poked each other quite a lot
and at times i will post on his wall and POKE him using words
he commented on my status(s)
especially those that related to chemistry
(yes my boyfriend is a chem-geek ..)
i replied him whenever i want
not putting interest in him
because at that point of my life
i hate all the guys on earth
and I swore that i just wanna live with cats and dogs for the entire life

some guys tried to impress me during that few years
but i wasnt really into guys that time
especially NOT into relationship

guys came into my life, and they went off
i remain single
and he remains persistent in capturing my attention
for almost 3.5 years
never fail.

.........(almost 1.5 years after the wedding)....

HE IS STILL THERE talking to me via fb
omg this guy is terribly persistent
 I gave him my phone number
i dont know why

after he got my number
he started texting me
last time we dont have whatsapp / Line / Wechat kind of thing
one msg means RM1.00
he somemore sent MMS to me
OMG you know how expensive to maintain this?
I did not reply him often
too pricey for me duke
I was living in RM30/month prepaid era okay

one of the day
he asked me whether I need him to pay for my telephone bills
cuz he will be happy to pay for it
(shits, i did not tell him it is expensive)
I dont want him to pay for me
you are NOT my bf why would you want to pay for me right?
I rejected
and I remain silent after that
I wouldnt want to encourage anything
especially when we have so much difference in between us

I still have his FIRST MMS in my laptop!
see I can be quite sweet one okay
(ngam hao found only haha!)
i remember the msg that came with this MMS was

"I did 6 cups of coffee today, 5 for my family, and 1 for you.."
and the latte art is in LOVE shape somemore *eeww*
(you know how gross it feels esp when you are not interested in that guy?)
(looking back, your latte art quite bad hor that time! hahahahaha!)

this scares me off seriously. 
haha especially when I do not want anything to happen between us =P

First MMS : 2010
he continued texting me, fb msg me, and tried to get nearer to me (maybe?)
what i did was just reject reject and reject
at times I feel like stop rejecting
but most of the time I just wanna be alone and don't want to be involved in relationship thingy
etc etc

2 year passed
...(he is still persistent for another year)...

on October 2011
he came back Malaysia for his friend's wedding
he asked me if I would like to go out
but I did not reply him
(did i reply?i remember I did not LOL)
it's so scary you know
how can you go out with a guy like that
my mum and sis taught me well
i have a lot of self-protecting-skills one okay...

he still continue his way (on and off)
occasionally i will reply him
occasionally i will find him
hey, after all, I am not a bad friend
I would like to maintain a friendship also mah

and 3 years passed
...(and he is still that persistent)...

i think the one thing that made us possible is
hahaha okay quite a lame answer but it is true
when I got my whatsapp done
I searched thru my contact list
and I found his name *wink*
knowing that I have been quite a rude girl for quite a few years
I decided to text him first
i remember I texted him on whatsapp FIRST 

i said :" hey I didnt know you are in whatsapp too!"
and that was around January 2012

we continued whatsapp
(see, I can be quite nice and friendly if you dont make me text you via sms okay)
please la sms is way so expensive
and i can spend like rm30 in A DAY okay
forgive me okay darling
i am still a student and i want to spend on dresses and nice food also marr =P

things proceeded pretty awesome
and that, was when, i thought about this relationship seriously

i was unsure
i dont know if i wanna do this
i dont know if i'm okay to do this
there was 3 things in my mind

1. Age gap
(notttt thattt old, just a 9 years difference, but think about it, imagine a form 4 boy dating a standard 1 girl, WEIRD)

2. Distance
(it will be forever, as his families, grandparents, uncles and aunties, cousins all migrated over to aussie dy, no chance for him to come back to work, unless I decided to go over in some point of my life)

3. His SO CLOSE relationship with my bro-in-law 
(you know it can be super weird when your best friend throughout your school years is dating your youngest sis-in-law)

on July 2012
he came back Malaysia for holiday
we dated a few times 
he was pretty obvious that time
i was pretty anxious that time
in my mind : i want this guy
but i wasnt sure yet
about how things gonna be

he came back for 2.5weeks that time
after 1.5 weeks
and i got pretty nervous already 
like you know, omg it is just me
it is just me all these while 
i have been thinking nuts
etc etc

and one fine day on 20 July 2012
we went Sunway Pyramid for a movie
wanted to bring him to try the BeaniePlex
we got the tickets
bought popcorns
and went into the Beanie Plex
just before the movie starts

(disasters happened)

and 50% of my beanie seat are filed with popcorns
some even got into my shirts and bra (GOSH)
some even stuck between the sole of my foot and my slippers
he laughed at me
and I have to stay in that slanted position for 2 hours
after the movie
i was so embarrassed
my feet, hand, body, hair also got popcorns
and duke

we went for lunch that day
and he went for a LOOOONNNNGGG TOILET
and came back with a rose

and i was thinking in my heart :
WHY do u need to choose a day where I got so embarassed 
and like right now part of my skin 
might still have popcorns / caramel on them

he pulled out the flower
and he asked 
"Will you be my Girlfriend?"

me :"(silent)....."
him :" har?"
me :"(silent)....(shy)...(dont know what to say)..."

i dont know lah!
i think i was ready to say yes
but at the same time i kept telling myself
"you sure you wanna say yes? you will have to live with LDR for the entire life !it will be real hard hard hard..."

him :"okay, silent is consent"
me :"(silent)..."

him :" hello GIRLFRIEND...."


things just happened
you know

and that's how we he went thru that 3 years

he is persistent
he is good

and I have no regrets.
until today =)


so that is how i met The Man
we have been through quite a lot this year
I cant believe it is only a year
it felt like real long already

i know people say happy moment flies
and sad moments feel longer?
but i think in my case
it is not sad

i felt that my life is complete. i really do.

although we have only met 32 days this year
(haha have to emphasis this)

we are not couple that video cam a lot
we are not couple that stick to each other a lot
i think we are both super mature in long distance sense
with our perfect combination of "yes i trust you a lot"

and there are a lot of things that we could not have 
there are a lot of things we are lacking of compared to other non-LDR couples

i still LOVE you =)
from the bottom of my heart *oh blush*
(did i just said that publicly?)

thanks for being my best friend
thanks for being my counselor
thanks for being my supporter
thanks for being my mentor, my lecturer
thanks for teaching me the way of studying
thanks for giving me all those stress in studies (grr)
thanks for being there all the time (not physically =P)
thanks for accompanying me throughout the night
thanks for being a good boyfriend
and a good MAN.

my snoogle (soon's google) when I study

work tired eh?
and lastly
thanks for having a perfect shoulder for me to hide my face when i'm depressed
he has the perfect height for me la seriously!

Happy 1st anniversary
and many more years to go!

see you real soon darling! =)
in 2 weeks time!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

♨Afternoon Tea @ Lobby Lounge Ritz Carlton

How about a tea time in Ritz Carlton?
yumsss =D heard of this place for quite long dy
always wanted to get a tea break there
and finally we are here!
Brought my friend : Raja along this time
we were there to celebrate my birthday
(opps quite a long while ago, sorry for posting this late!)

The hotel carpark was pretty small and scary
and it is expensive
i forgot i paid RM20 or RM25 (i think is 25)
and the carpark is like
some small town The Store shopping center car park
so old 

the lobby lounge was lovely
much smaller than i expected 
but the ambience is perfecto!
and the harpist is good =D
I had a short chat with their harpist
she is from Japan
and she is a very nice and friendly (and shy) lady =P

very helpful staff describing all types of teas 
I ended up choosing something gingery
Lemongrass Ginger
the scent of the tea is very nice, and soothing
(partly because I love gingery stuffs ;P)

very polite and helpful staff
and we ordered 2 pax English Afternoon Tea Set
photos before the food =P
princess much with my birthday throne haha!
and magic wand!

very generous portion of scones 
very very very filling
you know how scones can fill your tummy up with carbs right
so full after the scones ONLY!

Scones and etc

sandwiches are pretty nice
noooot the best sandwich ever 
but still above average =D
at least their bread are not hard and dry

Sandwich much
After a while
their staff will bring a trolley of dessert for you to choose
each pax get to choose 4 types of desserts
i happily choose those interesting ones

Our selection of dessert =D
and lastly
upon Raja's special request
we have birthday cake !!
This lemon cheesecake is VERY NICE
the top jello layer mixed well with the soft cheese and slightly hard base
awesome much =D
i really love this!

Lovely ambience for chit chating
very very friendly staffs
go and visit them!! =D

The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur
168, Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur 55100
+603 2142 8000
Price : RM90+ per pax (after tax)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Connoisseurs KLGCC

So this is supposed to be a belated birthday dinner with The Man
initially he planned to come back during my birthday week
(and it is supposed to be a surprise as well but he brilliantly told me that he wanna give me this surprise =.=)
tolonglah next time surprise means surprise okayyy
surprise means SHHH okayy
*smack* lol!
anyway, The Man's dad have to undergo some surgery during my birthday
which thank god the surgery went well
so, he came back 2 weeks later
to see me!!!
*happy face* haha!

at first he wanted to bring me to Marini on 57
and for some reason at that time I dont feel that place that time
(should have just said yes lol now i regretted) 
so at last,
we decided on Connoisseurs at KLGCC
near to his hotel, and we can save time in travelling!
(cuz i need to study that time, exam coming marrrr)

so here's the entrance to the restaurant!
quite hard to know which building got which restaurant 
as they didnt put up BIG HUGE SIGN "HERE" in front of every building 
but the guard was helpful =)

the interior of the hotel
i walked in and *wow*
pretty cool huh
i really love this kind of old english/european style =D
great choice great choice
they actually have a few private rooms
they showed us around
and yeah, pretty well done and super high class
but you have to spend a minimum of (a value) to enter a specific private room

we requested for Sparkling Water
and i think it tasted weird haha!
but the lemon in the glass served together with sparkling water
made it like some diluted lemonade 7-up 

and the Menu was awesome!
they use IPAD
high HD some more
better than my own ipad lol
and look at this
i think its pretty cool to have a 4 digit menu haha!

Complementary bread as starter
 Our appetizers :

I call this : the pregnant-killed poor thing fishes LOL
 Clam chowder soup has REALLY generous clams serving LOL
you ended up eating more clams than drinking the soup
i think it is the whole idea of it haha!
i think it is pretty nice, as the clams have no stinky fishy smell
Clam Chowder Soup
 Main course :

dont look at it like it is really small
but it is really filling =D 

Im-sorry-I-forgot-the-name =P
 Aglio olio was nice
not too dry and not too oily
the only thing that troubled me was
i have to pull out all the chillies haha!
Aglio Olio
 and the dessert!

I'm always a fans of Creme Brulee
but this creme brulee was OK OK only
i think they burnt quite a few spot on top
i mean, i love it burnt sometimes
but this is like "bitter-carcinogenic" burnt at some spots
overall, it is noooot disgusting, but not something to shout about.
Madagascar Creme Brulee
 Chocolate volcano tasted pretty good
i love how the chocolate flew out from the cake
but we were too full to finish it
so moral of the story, one dessert is enough for two. =P
Chocolate volcano
There you go!

Connoisseurs Lounge & Restaurant
Kuala Lumpur Gold & Country Club,
First Floor East Wing,
Jalan Bukit Kiara 1,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Call for booking : +603 2094 9888