Friday, August 30, 2013

♨ Auction Room

a few of my friends told me about this
asked me to "must try must try"
and as a tourist here, when you get a number of "locals" (or I should say students) telling you this place is really good
it means it's quite famous right?

this cafe has always been in our To-Go-for-Brunch list
and you know, one fine day when we were on our way there
I randomly asked The Man 
Me :" Why so famous but you have never been there one?"
(you know, maybe not as THAT nice as my bf is kind of a food critic)
The Man :" cuz I'm waiting to go with you!!"

aww when your bf tells you this
i really felt that i have a HUGE position / stand in his heart
*much loved* haha!

okay stop the loveydoveymushymushy thingy
let's talk about Auction Room!
you know right, whenever we get to drink coffee
I have a bad habit, and I will automatically compare them to Seven Seeds
like seriously LOL

Auction Room from outside
Interior of Auction Room
Kitchen of Auction Room
 As usual
The Man got his Latte
and I got my Mocha

for some reason, I love the Latte art on the Latte
cuz it felt "solid" and firm and i dont know, it's nice
(i know, weird theories LOL)

Latte was not bad
(I personally like Seven Seeds one more =P )
and Mocha was good as well
cant really taste the coffee in it, but the choc taste is quite impressive
(it felt different from Seven seeds, so cant really compare this)


 This is the first time I drank mocha that FAST (it's nice!!)
and Yes I need a 2nd cup after like, 8minutes? haha
I decided to really try their choc taste
so I ordered a Hot Chocolate instead of another coffee related stuffs

Random view of some random guy =P
 and here comes my hot chocolate!
I tell you
I really have to tell you I'm frank in this
I tell you (again again again)
this Hot Chocolate is AWESOME
( Seven seeds definitely, lose! haha! but to be fair, seven seeds one are more bitter, so if you like dark choc more than milk, probably you'll like Seven Seeds' more)
the temperature is of my favey! hot down the throat
and the scent and taste of choc is milky and thick
(but not too thick to get intoxication!)
it's just, almost perfect =D
and even my bf (aka the food critic) says it was the Best hot choc he had ever drank!!

Hot Chocolate *wonderful*
 and The Man got his second cup
which is siphon coffee
(guess so he wanted to try coffee taste just like how I wanted to try choc taste =P)

so from the siphon
we are supposed to taste Lychee, small hint of pear and cocoa in it
well, Lychee yes (when it's hot)
but when it cooled down, the pear scent sets in 
(which i cannot taste it but my bf did =P)
(again, it felt different from Seven seeds, so cant really compare this)

 and here comes our brunch!
in the menu it says Winter Brunch Menu
(I suppose they have Summer / Autumn / Spring Menu as well?)

I chose "Elvis Crumplets" 
where you get house made crumplets with 
2 (half) grilled banana
3 slices of bacon
peanut butter curd
rhubarb compote
and maple syrup

the peanut butter curd is DAMN nice
very peanut-y in taste but not as thick texture as the one you got from the groceries
so it does not stuck on your tongue (that kind of feel)
the bacon has a thick layer of fat, but it does not taste like slimy fats
it's much easier to eat, just like part of the meaty meat
rhubarb compote taste like, some berry jam with fibre (kindda unique)
(Rhubarb : is a species of plant that look kind of a red-coloured celery from wiki pictures =P)
grilled banana blends really well with the peanut and maple syrup
and most importantly the crumplets (i called them pancakes LOL and The Man corrected me)
crumplets are thick, filling and nice
(love the flour scent in it!)

Elvis Crumplets
 and The Man got "The Opening Bid"
which consists of 2 poached eggs on toast
and 4 cutie chorizo sausages

the poached eggs were well done
the sausages are nice, no complaints
but i personally think that the bread is a bit too crusty and hard?
or maybe it is supposed to taste like that in nature? haha
(well, i love soft inner and hard crust)

The Opening Bid

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

♨ Seven Seeds

here comes the famous Seven Seeds Cafe
busy morning for Seven Seeds
we have to wait for around 15minute outside the cafe for a seat
*chilling cold wind*

the part that I love the most
their coffee lab =)
(oh not forgetting to mention that I really love their overall uniform! =P)

 and yeap
Mocha and Latte as starters 
No doubt, the coffees are really nice
with awesome coffee scent / aroma

croissant was okay
if only they heat it up for me, it'll be perfect

The Man got the pour over coffee for us to taste the bean
not bad
easy to drink =)
(I've drank pour over that are so, bitter! haha!)

 and a double shot ristretto =)

hot chocolate =)
dark choc inside carries a slight hint of bitterness
i love the temperature of this cup of hot choc
just nice, not too hot, not too cold 

Lovely poached eggs =)
Tasty, nice.

and toasties =)
yumms =D
my sister love this one more =)

need not to say more 
drop by for a cuppa coffee 
it is a Must in Melbourne =)

Seven Seeds
106-114 Berkeley St
Carlton VIC 3053
(03) 9347 8664
Mon - Sat : 7am-5pm
Sun : 8am - 5pm
Public Holiday : 8am - 5pm
Kitchen closes at 3pm

Monday, August 26, 2013

♨ St ALi North

The Man saw this place in Coffee Guide 2013 book
apparently they were rated one of the best in Melbourne for cafe food
and he brought me there to try!
we went there for brunch on a lovely Thursday morning
the cafe was not too busy but not too quiet
just nice =)

St ALi

Things for sale =)

we love the interior of the cafe
comfy much
and very soothing 

Latte was not bad
and Mocha was not bad too
but I personally love mocha with more chocolate taste
so yeap, in all, they were good and smooth =)

Latte on left, and Mocha on right

Fresh orange juice was really fresh
sweet scented and it's awesome =)

Freshly squeezed orange juice
 Our brunch was delicious
I can say that the food is more yummy!

St ALi Royale 

a Wagyu Beef burger
very huge portion for a brunch menu
and it's awesome

St ALi Royale
 and I tried the one that has an asterisk symbol on the menu
saying that it is the greatest
so yeap, why not!

My Mexican Cousin

Corn Fritters with poached eggs,
tomato salsa, tomato relish and greens

and the corn fritters were heavenly good
I really love them!
tomato relish below the dish was really authentic
the scent of it when you eat with the poached eggs
are OMG really!

must try must try!

My Mexican Cousin

St ALi North 
815 Nicholson Street,
Carlton North VIC 3054
(03) 9380 5499

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sydney Trip 3D2N

Decided to blog about this trip 
because initially we thought we cant do much in 3 days 2 nights in Sydney
we covered a lot!
by ourselves! =D

so yeap, i'm going to share this trip
short and sweet one for others out there
who wish to just touch and go Sydney here and there

Day 1

We landed Sydney around 10am
went to hotel, settle down and stuffs
by the time we were ready
it's almost lunch time!

oh we stayed in YHA Sydney Harbour (The Rocks)
It's an amazing one
and it has great location!
Clean, cool and equipped
check it out!!

From the hotel, it is only 6-7min walk to Circular Quay 
where you get to see Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House
(see? great location right!)
and we took a train from Circular Quay station to Town Hall
just 2 stations away

reached Town Hall in a short while
and we walked around the city, the commercial areas
and head on to Darling Harbour (around 15min walk)
it is not a lot difference from KL Malaysia though
but winter makes it feels so much "westernised" haha!

Darling Harbour is quite an interesting place
with a lot of interesting people street performing there
kindda cool
and the World Largest Imax Cinema is there
go and hit a try if you have time!
We do not have enough time, and since we are going Melbourne
(They have a 3rd largest Imax cinema in Melb)
so yeap, we skipped that part =D

Darling Harbour

Panaromic view of Darling Harbour
from Darling Harbour
we searched for the Hard Rock shop
went in the retail center
and further walked out from the shopping mall
and headed on to Sydney Fish Market for lunch!
it's only a 10-12min walk from the shopping mall
but to ensure you get out from the right side of the mall
search for Boost Juice shop
or just ask for assistant from information counter =) 

Our lunch!
each plate cost around 45-50dollars
we ordered 2 plates (supposed to feed only 2 persons)
but 5 of us ate them
and the portion is just NICE for us
(if you are a big eater, maybe order more??)

Lunch : Sydney Fish Market
After that
we walked all the way back from
Fish Market - Darling Harbour - Town Hall station
and went back to our hotel
to check in (we can only check in after 2pm)
we rest a little
and came out for dinner at night! =)

night came faster if we compare what we have back home
here, 6pm looks like 9pm already =P
and most shops close at 5 or 6pm
but you still get restaurants / bar that open till late night =)

Nothing much to do cuz most of the retail shops are closed
so we walked around Circular Quay and took pictures of Sydney night scene =)

Night view : Sydney Opera House
 After that, we walked back to our hotel
based on random direction
(just to explore more about the streets there)
and yes, we got Ben & Jerry's as dessert =)
wanted to see how our mouth freeze in winter =D

my sis and I love the Baskin Robbins Strawberry cheesecake flavour a lot
so we decided to try this
and it tasted ALMOST the same duke!

Places visited : 
1. Sydney CBD Sight Seeing
2. Darling Harbour
3. Sydney Fish Market
4. Circular Quay : Harbour bridge & Opera House
5. Sight Seeing around The Rocks

Day 2

We planned to book a Blue Mountain trip from the hotel
but unfortunately all are fully booked 
(all 3 different packages from different tour agencies are fully booked!!)
the PIC of hotel told me we can make booking when we are there
but trust me
if you have a plan earlier
just book before hand
even before you land in Sydney

but if you don't
you can do what we did!
I'm quite impressive with my Bf and Sis arrangement
basically they found out (manually and ALL BY THEMSELVES)
how to take train to Blue Mountain
how to get into a tour bus from there etc
yes, pretty impressive
*lots of love*
thanks for all that arrangement
my parents get to see Blue Mountain!

So firstly
we took a train from Circular Quay to Central
cuz the train to Katoomba (you get to hop on bus to Blue Mountain tourist places there) stops in Central
We got up early
tried to get into one of the earliest train to Katoomba
and we made it!
the train journey from Central - Katoomba takes around 2 hours
but it's really cheap
only $8.40 per way

reached Katoomba station
i had my gloves, scarf and hat but i'm still feeling very cold
so, if you are not sure whether you can take the wind or not
bring everything along during winter
it's definitely colder than Sydney

Katoomba Station
 We managed to get our Explorer Bus ticket from the train station
(thank god for that cuz we were so scared that it will be fully sold out too!)
hopped on to the bus
and our journey starts!

Explorer Bus details :
$72 per person (Full day pass)
include 3 rides : Scenic Skyway, Railway and Cableway
(most tour packages that I saw from hotel does not include 3, mostly includes only 2 rides)
It's a guided tour, everything is explained CLEARLY by the bus driver
(well at least ours explained really in detail =P)
and it stops at 29stops
what you need to do is just ring the bell whenever you want to stop
(the bus driver will tell you what you can see from each stop, so you decide from there!)

inside Explorer Bus
Since we have time constraints
we decided to JUST do the important ones
we stop at Skyway to get into the Scenic Skyway ride (stop 9)
and from this skyway ride it will bring us to Stop 12
where it is the "central" of all

Stop 9 : Scenic Skyway
 the Skyway ride has someone inside to explain things to you
what you see
and what they supposed to mean etc
very well done =D

we reached Stop 12 
where all the rides are centralized there
and we headed on to take the railway ride
which is the STEEPEST railway in the world
VERY nice experience!
really is!!
should really try despite your adrenaline rush or whatsoever!!

Railway Ride
 Railway ride brings you all the way down 
where you can start walking the "forest" track 
where they also show you how mining are done there during the days of yores

after a 10-15min walk
(depends on how far you want to walk)
we took the Cableway up back to Stop 12
and had lunch at the cafeteria there =)
Food are reasonable and quite nice though

Lunch : Stop 12 Scenic World
 after lunch
we decided to track more in the forest
we took the steepest train down again
and track around the forest
went to see some waterfalls etc
and after we are satisfied
we took the steepest railway up again =)

Beware of time
as the explorer bus has a LAST BUS timing 
(it is written in your Explorer Bus Book, each station, what time the bus will arrive)
and we managed to get into the last bus (around 4+pm) down to Katoomba
(if you missed the last bus, you'll have to walk down the hill for 30+min with cold wind!)

after 2 hours of train back to Central Sydney
it was around 7pm already
we walked to Sydney Chinatown
had dinner
and explore here and there more after dinner
and we discovered a nice Cream Puff shop in chinatown!
long queue =) must be quite well known =D

Cream Puff : Chinatown Sydney
Conclusion : We discovered that it is cheaper to tour Blue Mountain by yourself! Really!


Day 3

We slept in a little
(the day before was tiring)
woke up around noon
and went for a walk in Circular Quay again!
You must be wondering why we went back again?
haha we decided to do so 
just to get some day scene of the Harbour Bridge and also Opera house
you know, on Day 1 we went there at night
so most of the picture with human
or it's either the background too dark
or the human face too dark due to lighting issues =P

so yeap, we went there for photo sessions
but most importantly
we wanted to take the Harbour Cruise to get a view of (almost) everything that the cruise can cover =)

Photo session @ the Quay

Photo session @ the Quay
 There are quite a wide range of types of cruises to choose
but we got the most basic one
which is the Harbour Highlights (due to time contraints again!)
we got the 2.30pm cruise
and as we still have a few hours in between
we walked over to the Royal Botanic Gardens
(just a 2min walk from Opera House)

the Royal Botanic Gardens is BIG HUGE BIG BIG BIG
it is impossible for us to tour around with our feet
right enough my mum saw the Choo-choo train ticket booth at the entrance of the garden
and she bought us tickets for the train!
($10 per pax, guided, and good)

Train ride : Royal Botanic Gardens
 the train ride took us around 30-35min
nice that we got to cover whole of the garden
it is actually a hop on and hop off train
where you can stop at specific stations for further visit
(some buildings look quite interesting, and they have cafe in the garden as well)

after that
we walked back to the jetty
and waited for our cruise (Captain Cook Cruise)
got on top of the cruise
for a better view
and it was very windy and cooling
sunny as well
and yeap we saw a lot of things that we did not see before this!
(it's a recorded guided tour but you can barely listen to the recording if the people around you get too noisy!)

View from the cruise
 After 1 hour and 15min of cruise
it is almost time for us to go back to hotel
pack our stuffs
and head to airport

Places Visited :
1. More of Circular Quay
2. Sydney Harbour Cruise
3. Royal Botanic Gardens

so that's my 3D2N trip for sydney
and i'm loving it
hopefully I can go back there someday in the future
to discover more about Sydney!

See ya!

Happy face @ Royal Botanic Gardens

Saturday, August 24, 2013

♨ Gami Chicken and Beer

we were introduced to this restaurant by one of The Man's friend
and apparently they serve one of the best fried chicken in Melbourne CBD
Guess what's their second name for this shop?
KFC-number 2
(Korean Fried Chicken, not Kentucky!)

Yes it is a korean restaurant
a small one located in one of the cobbled road @ King Street Melbourne
it'll be great if you are here to eat the fried chicken
as they actually do not have a lot of korean food choices in their menu
(mostly rice cakes, soup (top up $2 for white rice), myriad flavours of fried chicken and drinks)

since it was our first time
we picked half/half : Spicy and original
from my estimation, it has at least 18-20 pieces of chicken here
total up to become a whole chicken size

Half/half  $32
 the fried chickens were really awesome
(normally i wouldnt bother to post fried chicken blog)
but this is something you guys should really try!
the crisps of the skin was nice really nice =D
I personally like the spicy one more
cuz the sauce they use is quite, special
you get a hint of "korean" in the spiciness

We ordered Fish Cake Soup to warm our body
and it turns out 
my bf couldnt stop saying "good choice good choice..."
he is a food fuss, and when he says that
it means the soup is really not bad =P
(and very generous portion of fish cakes!!)

Korean Fish Cake Soup $15
I really want to go back and eat the spicy fried chicken again!
(hopefully i have the time to re-visit them before i go back!)

Gami Chicken & Beer
Basement 26 King St.
Melbourne Vic
(03) 9629 2302

Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY Hair Chalk

walked into a pharmacy in Phillip Island that day 
and saw this + bought it immediately!
forgot how much it costs but i'm pretty sure it is below 20AUD (apprx RM60)
I have been dying to have dip dye 
but thanks to medic course
i better dont be too obvious (especially with green dipdye) in hospital =P

Love this product a lot
as it is easy to use
and it stays on hair!! (of course lah better with hair spray ;D)

so I tried it out today when The Man is out to work =D
feeling happy to barbie up myself (haha)
introducing my hair chalk DIY tools
it looks like a mini hair straightener
which you use it like how you use the hair straightener ;)
easy measy

Steps to follow from the back of the packaging
 so this is the cute kit =D
(LOL ignore my cracking and falling off manicure)

Pull it down, with appropriate pressure
 I repeated the stroke for 3-4times and tada! you can get the colour on your hair now =D

and continue with the rest of your ends =)
I tried the green colour as well
(but pink is easier to stay on the hair)
and yeap, we are done !

it's quite fun
and easy to use!
try it out girls!