Sunday, September 29, 2013

♨ The Shepherdoo, Centro Klang

celebrated one of my friend's birthday here last monday
found this place when I drove pass it
( currently having clinical posting in klang but I dont know whereabout the klang seriously =P)
saw the exterior quite interesting
and so I decided to plan a birthday party for my friend here =)

Booked early, and they gave us the whole indoor space which can fit around 25pax
medium sized with nice ambience

The Shepherdoo @ Centro Klang

The Shepherdoo
They have a wide range of food to choose
from nachos to pizzas to burgers to pastas to cocktails
mainly Italian-style cuisine

Prices for drinks ranges from RM8-RM20+
and the food ranges from RM15 - RM30+
depending on what you order =)

here comes the food pics!

the very lemony drink =) refreshing much =D

Caesar salad

Pollo Funghi Pasta - Very nice but very filling

Pasta ala Pollo - unique

Mushroom soup

Songs of the sea : not bad =)

Ensaladilla de Aglio : VERY nice really (recommended!)
Chicken Parmigiana ala Mexicano
Very huge portion of The Shepherdoo's Gringo Burger

Poh Yong and his happy dessert from his set menu
We were quite happy that the food were nice *nod*
getting yummy western food in Klang is like, something quite new to us =P
nice ambience
nice air-con area
and handsome waiter =D *wink*

and Happy Growing Old again Anna! =)

Anna and Me
The Shepherdoo
Forecourt, Centro Mall,
Jalan Batu Tiga Lama,
41300 Klang, Selangor, 
Tel : +6(03) 3341 5828

Sun -Thurs : 11.30am - 1am
Fri- Sat  : 11.30am - 2am

(Parking : definitely can do illegal parking beside the road or park inside centro mall, 
around RM1-2 only for weekdays)

Friday, September 20, 2013

♨ Heli Lounge Bar KL

Heli Lounge Bar is currently KL's Best Kept Secret
located sky high at 34th floor of Menara KH in the heart of Golden Triangle
and it's definitely a unique clubbing evolution!

I got to know about this bar through one of my friend
and last saturday, we decided to go there and have a sip of heli cocktails 
accompanied by the view of sunset
on a helipad with awesome KL breeze =)

(of course, I did prayed SOOO hard that it won't rain, and God answered me =D)
*god bless god bless!!*

Door Policy :

No reservation is required from 6-9pm 
free admission
walk in first come first serve basis

after 9pm
you are required to purchase bottles to be able to go up to helipad area
(there's a heli lounge area & helipad area)
If you don't purchase bottle, you can only hang in Heli Lounge Bar
not the Helipad

we went there sharp at 6pm
managed to get a table =)
sometimes when it is crowded
you don't get a table so you have to just, stand holding your drinks on helipad

Dress code :

no strict dress code 
as long as no flip flops
Sandals are allowed.

Menara KH is quite easy to find though
it's just a 5min walk away from Pavilion

We took the lift up to 34th floor
and we reached the indoor bar area
the indoor bar area is kindda cool 
they decorated the whole lounge with Boeing 737 parts, blades, turbine etc
very unique
so far I have never seen a bar like that before =)

to go to helipad
you have to climb up 2 flights of staircase
ladies, spare the heels if you don't want to get sore feet!

and here we reached the top!
looks like the helipad is still functioning! HAHA!

another small staircase up to the helipad
where you'll start getting all your acrophobia syndromes here =P

Oh, that's just Me, being excited over things
 and the breathtaking view on top =D
not many tables though
and the sunset is on the KL tower side
so you might want to sit facing KL tower!

KL tower view + other KL skyline

Twin tower view + other KL skyline
 They showed us the drinks and snacks menu
and we ordered a Long Island and Mojito
together with a plate of fried chicken =P
drinks was not bad, and fried chicken is hard crunchy nice =D
( I love hard fried chicken! haha!)

the snacks and drinks are fairly cheap though
for the ambience and place that they provide

Left : Mojito (RM25+)   Right : Long Island (RM25+)
Fried Chicken RM19.90++
 their hospitality was good
very fast service
and they snapped nice pics for us! LOL

too bad the cloud was blocking the sunset that day
we can only see a slight hint of sunset
but with the breeze up there
and the chilling, relaxing moments

it's really nice
with a novel maybe =D

at around 8pm, crowd started to come in
and the helipad started to get a bit, congested
so it's really hard to get nice pics of KL skyline already
I personally love the brighter view more
and less people up there =D

Just a random polaroid =D

Happy face!
Heli Lounge Bar
Menara KH
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
+6(03) 2110 5034
or 012-3170925

Business hours:
Mon-Wed : 6pm-12am
Thu : 6pm -2am
Fri-Sat : 6pm - 3am

Sunday, September 15, 2013

♨ Marini's on 57

Marini's on 57 is one of KL premium sky bar 
where they have a Lounge, a Bar and a Dining place which serves fine dining cuisines
it is an Italian restaurant, with a master chef originated from Italy

we decided to hit a try one fine day
to celebrate my friend's birthday
it's a fine dining restaurant
and we were mentally and economically prepared to go there =D

We went there early, though we had a booking with the restaurant
(the dining place opens at 6pm+)
and so we were ushered to wait in the Marini's Bar
magnicificant view up there
KL Twin Towers look really near, and huge
not forgetting a first class KL skyline view here

oh, before we head into the main topic
i personally think that the elevator up is real cool
the elevator has real high ceiling
and it moves damn fast up 
amazing =D
(dont forget to swallow your saliva to keep your ears clear!)

I brilliantly deleted all my Marini's pic just because I thought I transferred them into hard disc
so that's why
I have limited pics here
*nah so sad =(*
i'd taken quite a lot of nice view up there!

and here's the bar =D
a happening one =D

Marini's Bar
 we had a look at the bar menu
it was okay though
tit bits price ranges from rm16-45
and pizza, around 6 or 8 slices (forgot the exact)
only cost rm30+ depending on what you ordered
that's fairly cheap for a venue like that

since we have to wait for 15min only
we didnt order anything from the bar 
(i will definitely go back to try!)

here's our balloon for my friend!
we happily bought the balloon from KLCC and brought it all the way to Marini's
and into the Bar
but when we enter the restaurant
our balloon was taken away cuz the restaurant supposed to be formal
and so, no balloons are allowed.
so people, don't bother to get balloons (or other funky stuffs) into the restaurant even though you want to celebrate your friend's birthday ;)

Hospitality was really good
first class service I can say
the only thing lacking is 
the waitress that served our table
can't speak english well
but she understands what we said though
so no big deal ;)

Deciding on drinks
 we ended up choosing Mojito (RM25+)
and it was really good
nice fresh and not to heavy for a female ;)

sunset was good here
lucky that we get to see a nice one
but I personally think that the view at the Bar is nicer
(probably because the view here has more construction sites!)

Sunset View
Sunset View
 breads were served on the house
and they were yummy
we asked for another basket of breads =P

here's our food!
Pasta di Lagsana con Melanzane e Mozzarella (RM98+)
complicated name huh =P
it's basically a lagsana with eggplant, tomato and basil
Comment : It's rather disappointing though
I don't know whether this is the authentic Italian taste
but it doesn't taste as good as we expected
the lagsana is a bit dry in general, nor enough "puree" kind of taste =(

Pasta di Lagsana con Melanzane e Mozzarella (RM98+)
and our next plate is Rissoto (RM108+)
with 24 carat edible gold leaves on top
quite special though

Rissoto con oro Parmaggiano e Balsamico (RM108+)
here comes our dessert 
Fondente con gelato all a vaniglia (around RM30+)
in short, it is a chocolate larva kind of cake
(70% pure valrhona melted choc with vanilla gelato, need 15min preparation time)
Valrhona : a French luxury choc manufacturer

the waiters are really helpful in bringing out the cake with candles for us
thanks for the great effort =D
they even hid it in a box! or rather to prevent the candles from being blown off by wind =P

Chocolate Larva Cake (around RM30+)
the best so far was the choc larva cake
it was really yummy
and the vanilla gelato is really vanilla-ish

lastly, we get to eat a whole cutey ball of cotton candy served on a plate (on the house)
everybody gets it =D
it's yummy
and really sweet =P

Cotton candy, on the house
so here's my overall review :

Ambience : 9/10
Service : 9/10
Food : 6.5/10
Price : High end

Marini's on 57
Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas
50088 Kuala Lumpur
+6(03) 2161 2880
(It's always better to make a reservation)
Tips : You can park your car in Mandarin Oriental or KLCC Shopping Mall car park and walk over.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

♨Tea Lounge, Majestic Hotel KL

Knew about this place quite long ago
and we decided to give it a try
solely because they have such tempting and nice ambience there =D

Tea Lounge @ Majestic Hotel KL

we called up and made a booking 2 days before our visit
tea time is available from 3-6pm i remember

we arrived earlier just to walk around and see more of Majestic Hotel
and snapped some photos as well! 

Posing in the Orchid room
we purposely asked the person in charge to open the door for us cuz it's locked
RM20+ will be charged if you want to be seated in Orchid Room
after thinking for a while
we decided to just take the tea lounge area as they look more...
romantic! and cosy!
(you know too bright light might be hard to get nice portraits =P)

Orchid Room
Tea Lounge, Majestic Hotel KL

Tea choices are not as much as Ritz Carlton KL
but hospitality was really good here
no complaints =D

tea items come in nice golden metallic tiers
items served are captured in pictures

i personally think sandwiches set was a bit dry
the bread i mean
but overall still OKay..

cakes delights were good
not much complaints =D
texture was fine and nice too!

i think the most delicious delicacy was the so called "malaysian-kuihs" choices
they were really authentic
served hot
and tasty much =D

they served us scones too
cant be missed in english afternoon tea
scones were okay only for that afternoon
not the best scones ever though!

and a group of datins (or maybe sultan's wife) were sitting beside us
when they arrive, everybody has to stand up somemore
that portrayed how Majestic this tea lounge can be =D right? 

Personal opinion :

If I were to compare Ritz Carlton to Majestic Hotel Tea Lounge
I prefer Ritz Carlton one more!

Pricing : 

RM 48+ seated in tea lounge area
RM 88+ in orchid room
RM 68+ in drawing room

make reservation to avoid disappointment!

Tea Lounge Majestic Hotel KL
5 Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin
Kuala Lumpur
+6(03) 2785 8000

Saturday, September 7, 2013

24-hours After.

really wanted to blog this 
but not sure whether I want it publicized or not
but at the end of the day
I decided to do so
as I really need a place to spur 
and to release my feelings
of how i terribly struggled through the 24hours after leaving Melbourne
most importantly The Man ;)

I know some people will think I'm a bit emotional / too much in this
but I dont know why
I wouldnt want to be one too
I hope I am not like this too
I have never expect myself to be like that too
but probably because we always spend 10days max together (when he visits malaysia)
and this time we get to spend 1 month plus together
thats why leaving each other became so damn fucking hard

so damn hard

okay, let's do this countdown.

1 week before departure :

We were in Yarra Valley with his parents
having a 3D2N trip there
and that wednesday night
i looked at him
caressed his hair
and told him :"one week more only *sulk face*"
and he just shook his head
and remain silent

5 days before departure :

we were holding hands in the car
I told him :" 5 days more and I wont be sitting beside you already"
and he said with his super sad face :"dont say like that, sad ar..."
(you look quite good in sad face though =P)

3 days before departure :

he held my hand while he was driving
and placed my hand in front of his left chest, his heart
and say :" dont goo.....sad ar..."


1 day before departure :

I was too busy packing
and did not cherish much of our moments together
we had dinner together, a romantic one
walked along the Yarra River at night
hoping this will last forever =(

In the airport during check in :

everything was serious
as usual
gotta make things goes smoothly
ensure every documents are ready
remember to hold on to my passport all the time
double check this and that

that was a busy morning

in front of the international departure gate
we hugged good bye
and I walked into the gate, showed the ticket to be checked
and before I walk into an area that is enclosed
I looked back
and I flew a kiss

he was smiling to me
and nod his head

i walked further in
and both of us were no longer in each other's vision field
i recalled the smile that he gave me 5 sec ago

i knew

that kind of smile
was a sad smile
a smile of pain
a smile of sorrow
and a smile of reluctant, reluctant to let this smile makes a curve on your face

30min after getting into the gate

I cleared the custom
held on to my bag
tried to distract myself by looking at all the tax-free goods
but i couldnt get my mind away from thinking about him
and whenever that strikes
my tears filled my eyes

i wouldnt want to cry in public
especially alone
i held all my tears back
but i knew that my eyes were red, watery red

he told me the walking journey back from airport to carpark was different
it was so different from how he first brought me and my parents here
he felt like everything suddenly went back to normal life
he was really sad too

In the plane :

that stupid journey back was terrible
it was an afternon flight
and I couldnt sleep at all
I was tired, exhausted
but I couldnt sleep

normally when I couldnt sleep
I'll close my eyes and think of him
until I manage to get into dreamland

but this time
once I close my eyes
all the moments together came flowing in
and tears flew out again

I just wanna be with you all the time
moments with you are just so
undescribably WONDERFUL

7 hours in flight :

one more hour to reach my home land
and the korean girl beside me started talking to me
we were talking about melbourne 
about food
about places
and she asked me why did I go melbourne
I told her I went there to find my bf
and the bf topic started
from "how do you guys meet"
till "aww it must be hard to be in LDR"

and god damn me
i nearly cry in front of someone I just knew
every single word that I used to describe our relationship
makes me wanna go back MORE
makes me feel even more incomplete
makes me feel so lonely

about 12 hours after departure :

reached home
distracted myself with unpacking stuffs
and do all the laundry
but all the topics in the house was 

whenever i flipped my hp to unlock it
your face appears
teary eyes struck me all the time
like seriously
it just hurt so bad
people would thought I just broke up LOL
and i was in a moody mood that night

15 hours after departure :

I bathed and I cried so badly in bathroom
I let myself go wild
crying wildly
that is what I can say
felt a bit better after that
and decided to Tango him
cuz Im so used to see you every night already

when tango connected
i saw his face
and I burst into tears again
that face, i really miss him so much
that face, i couldnt caress anymore

24 hours after departure :

woke up in despair
woke up and the first thing came into my mind was
" what's the time now, is he late to work?"
i looked at my clock, showing 9am
and for some reason, i made myself believe it was 11am already
yeah 11am, but not in malaysia

i reached to my phone
and tango-ed him
saw his puffy face again
and I couldnt stop crying again

I just wanna be with you duke
I never have this strong feeling before
I had never spend so much time with you before
I got used to have you everyday already

and now
I have to re-learnt how to live with LDR

I have already reached that extend that
I just wanna leave uni and just stay with you
forever ever ever ever
I really just wanna do that

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

♨ Snacks I ♥ here

just a random post on the snacks / junks that I REALLY love to eat here

1. Grain Waves

It is supposed to be a 30% less fat chips
and made from wholegrain (which taste like one too)
really, nice, and yummy

2. Gippsland Yogurt

I love eating yogurt
especially those thick and milky ones
When i were in Vietnam, my sis introduced me to Vinamilk, a brand of yogurt there
and that was awesome shits!!
and here, The Man picked his favey yogurt for me and my sis
and turns out it tastes like Vinamilk (aww!!)
and even thicker in original flavour!!
seriously, i can eat this whole day long.
i mean it!

Family size yogurt?? I can eat it all by myself weh!
 3. Carman's Muesli

Never really eaten muesli back home before
well i did, but not as nice and not as many choices you have back home
and it is also more expensive back home

and here, I have Carman's with yogurt every morning
trust me, 2-3 table spoons will hold your tummy together for at least 6-8hours
very filling
very crunchy
and of course, delicious!
they don't "melt" in yogurt
(as in soften when you pour liquefied material into it)
they stay crunchy and blend really well with Gippsland =D

just a short and random blog post! 
*see ya!!*