Friday, September 20, 2013

♨ Heli Lounge Bar KL

Heli Lounge Bar is currently KL's Best Kept Secret
located sky high at 34th floor of Menara KH in the heart of Golden Triangle
and it's definitely a unique clubbing evolution!

I got to know about this bar through one of my friend
and last saturday, we decided to go there and have a sip of heli cocktails 
accompanied by the view of sunset
on a helipad with awesome KL breeze =)

(of course, I did prayed SOOO hard that it won't rain, and God answered me =D)
*god bless god bless!!*

Door Policy :

No reservation is required from 6-9pm 
free admission
walk in first come first serve basis

after 9pm
you are required to purchase bottles to be able to go up to helipad area
(there's a heli lounge area & helipad area)
If you don't purchase bottle, you can only hang in Heli Lounge Bar
not the Helipad

we went there sharp at 6pm
managed to get a table =)
sometimes when it is crowded
you don't get a table so you have to just, stand holding your drinks on helipad

Dress code :

no strict dress code 
as long as no flip flops
Sandals are allowed.

Menara KH is quite easy to find though
it's just a 5min walk away from Pavilion

We took the lift up to 34th floor
and we reached the indoor bar area
the indoor bar area is kindda cool 
they decorated the whole lounge with Boeing 737 parts, blades, turbine etc
very unique
so far I have never seen a bar like that before =)

to go to helipad
you have to climb up 2 flights of staircase
ladies, spare the heels if you don't want to get sore feet!

and here we reached the top!
looks like the helipad is still functioning! HAHA!

another small staircase up to the helipad
where you'll start getting all your acrophobia syndromes here =P

Oh, that's just Me, being excited over things
 and the breathtaking view on top =D
not many tables though
and the sunset is on the KL tower side
so you might want to sit facing KL tower!

KL tower view + other KL skyline

Twin tower view + other KL skyline
 They showed us the drinks and snacks menu
and we ordered a Long Island and Mojito
together with a plate of fried chicken =P
drinks was not bad, and fried chicken is hard crunchy nice =D
( I love hard fried chicken! haha!)

the snacks and drinks are fairly cheap though
for the ambience and place that they provide

Left : Mojito (RM25+)   Right : Long Island (RM25+)
Fried Chicken RM19.90++
 their hospitality was good
very fast service
and they snapped nice pics for us! LOL

too bad the cloud was blocking the sunset that day
we can only see a slight hint of sunset
but with the breeze up there
and the chilling, relaxing moments

it's really nice
with a novel maybe =D

at around 8pm, crowd started to come in
and the helipad started to get a bit, congested
so it's really hard to get nice pics of KL skyline already
I personally love the brighter view more
and less people up there =D

Just a random polaroid =D

Happy face!
Heli Lounge Bar
Menara KH
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
+6(03) 2110 5034
or 012-3170925

Business hours:
Mon-Wed : 6pm-12am
Thu : 6pm -2am
Fri-Sat : 6pm - 3am


F said...

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Anonymous said...

May I know what mode you used for the taking the polaroid at that time?

Sue Thang♥ said...

Re Anonymous :

Hey hello sorry for late reply. Wasnt checking comments for the past half month =P

I used the normal Sunny Outdoor mode for my polaroid (Instax Mini 7 model)

Hope it helps!



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Ann Fernandez said...

Hi ! is this place 18 and above? I have friends that are still 17 but turning 18 soon so is it okay if they come?

Sue Thang♥ said...

Hi Ann :

So far I've been there more than 10 times and none of them checked our identification card / asked for our age. Not sure if they have strict above 18 door policy though! Sorry couldn't help much!


Steve Berke said...

I enjoyed reading your work. I'll come back for more

Keep up the good work :) from TheStillery, a stuart bar in Florida

Tina Lawrence said...

Hi there.. Good share.. Do we need to make reservations before going?