Friday, October 25, 2013

Love Letter 3

This was even before we were together =P
my lovely GEEKgod =D
i love calling him GEEKgod
i think being GEEKY is sexy
like really =)
i know it is not COOL but  i love nerds LOL

March 22, 2012

I shall attempt to induce action potentials 
into the neuronal mass of suesien's frontal cortex
by using my muscled phalanges
to produce
unfathomable words of substitutable values
just so that my humble is being able to acknowledge 
that i am deeply addicted to all realized media 
of suesien's facial and bodily curves,
i mean, structures.

a repeated post from 

Monday, October 21, 2013

♨ El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang

a very late post but still wanna blog about this restaurant!
went there to celebrate my birthday (May2013) 
*opps a bit too long ago*
and it's quite a nice place to hang out with friends

Entering El Cerdo is like having a porky ride
everything is decorated with piggy stuffs
even the door knob is now mona-lipork =P (mona lisa!)
i would say they (mainly) serve Spanish dishes ;)

hehe happy to get a small stool to put my camera bag!

the as usual FOC bread appetizer =D

They are actually famous for their Crispy Pork Knuckles
where you get to break a plate (really) after chopping the knuckles
but we were afraid that we can't finish the food
so we didn't order it
(but most of the people in the restaurant does! and you should!)
after you break the plate, all the stuffs will cheer for you!

El Cerdo's Family sausage platter
(a mixture of huge, medium and tiny sausages with mashed potatoes)

Review : not bad
Score : 7/10

Family Sausage Platter
that's the size of one gigantic sausage =D
it's an appetizer dish, but we were already half full when we finished the sausages (and breads)!

Paella Traditional Mixta
with seafood, chicken and pork

Review : Paella texture was good, the stickiness was just nice. Portion is definitely enough for 2 (or more if you are a small eater)
Score : 7.5/10

Paella Traditional Mixta
Churros dipped in Chocolate Sauce

Review : not the best churros in town though, but it was okay =)
Score : 6/10

and the interesting thing is
you get to order shots for your birthday! (NOT free la of course)
and they give you a small piggy toy as a birthday gift!

when they serve the shots
all the staffs will sing birthday song for you
"happy birthday to you" (OINK OINK)
really they will sing OINK OINK as well!
happy much, and special much

with the ladies 
El Cerdo
43 & 45 Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel : +6(03) 2145 0511
Opening Hours : Mon- Sun 12.00noon-3.00pm, 6.00pm-11.00pm
                          Sat 6.00-11.00pm
Parking : We stopped our car in front of the shop, and get jockey parking =) (RM15)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Love Letter 2

sorry that I killed and make your heart reborn 

September 5, 2012

I cannot take it anymore

My heart cannot take it anymore

It's been killed and reborn
Just so it can relive the sensation of falling in love with you all over again

This palpitation of love is hard yet gentle
Just like our long distance relationship

There's no one I'd rather share this with
than my most perfect girlfriend,


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

♨ Coffee Ink, Taman Botanic Klang

was craving for coffee that day
and since I am currently in Klang
kindda lack of coffee cafe to chill out
not like when I was in PJ and coffee places are like, everywhere within stone throw distance

so I googled coffee places out
after much effort ( VERY little people blog about coffee in klang )
and so, I found the one and only (more like) proper coffee place in klang 

went there last thursday
to just chill and study a bit in the shop =)

Coffee Ink
To be honest, it doesn't look that appealing from outside =P
but, I regretted saying that once I stepped into the cafe =D
a very cosy one, and nice one !

the owner of the shop is an artist too!
he drew all these 
and hang it all over the cafe
very nice
and very, creative!

So here are the food pics =)
the coffees were good
above average
(and they haven't offer pour over coffee yet!) 

Cappuccino RM7

Mocha RM8
they serve varies Mille crepes too!
as well as cookies and churros!

Oreo Mille Crepe RM9 (per slice), RM90 (per cake)
I personally think it is a bit hard and too thin =P
unless you like a crunchy churros, if not your taste buds won't scream over this !

Churros, 7 sticks for RM5
and lastly
The Belgian (hot chocolate)
this is a MUST TRY
very very nice, and thick and authentic!
it tasted like those I had in Melbourne really!
I will definitely go back for this!

The Belgian RM12
Nice place to chill out
a lot of youngsters there 
and the staffs were all very friendly
the environment was not too noisy nor quiet
just nice, to study =D

Coffee Ink
19-1, Jalan Remia 3,
Taman Botanic Klang,
41200 Klang,
Tel : +6(03) 3319 3591
Opening Hours : Tues-Sat 11.00am-11.00pm
                          Sun 2.00pm-11.00pm

Friday, October 11, 2013

Love Letter 1

was re-reading our personal couple blog
and discovered this

how can you be so good in words?
*so in love face*

September 7, 2012

It's not about how pretty you are to other people
It's about how pretty you are to me
It's about how you make me feel
People talk about being reborn after a life changing experience
I never understood it,
or thought I may have experienced it before
But it all pales in comparison to the day you said "yes" to being my girlfriend
And I know I had a change then,
for the better

You've influenced me in ways that neither you nor I would have expected
All for the better
There are so many things you've said about yourself that are incorrect
And I'm going to correct you one little thing at a time

You're not ugly (lol I always say i'm ugly)
you have the look that appeals to me
It's every little thing that adds up
The way the edges of your mouth curl up in a smile
The way your slightly open lips makes my heart flutter
The way your eyes open the door to your emotions
The way your eyelids appeal to my inner man when they squeeze shut
The way your hair caresses your shoulder and chin, in the wind, when it's tied up or even when it's dripping with water

It all stimulates my senses, and makes me wonder

How could I have thought my life was complete before this?
And it's only the beginning 
The beginning of "us"
I love you!

This post is published with the permission of the author =P

Saturday, October 5, 2013

How the ending of my LDR will be

so this week here
i have these psychic moments with my heart
and here I'll be posting something that I have been thinking 


If you are complaining over your LDR, 
Yes i DO too.

If you think you can get used to LDR after a long while,
well, I think you (actually) won't.

If you think distance matters the least when both hearts are close to each other,
well that's true in some sense but it doesn't actually make the distance feel better.

But at least
If your bf / gf is studying overseas
at least
one day
you will have him / her back in Malaysia
all you have to do is to endure that few years
to test how strong your relationship is.

so readers, you might not know what I'm trying to express here
Well, I'm just trying to spur about

"What and How the ending of my LDR will be"
(not like I can predict future, but I have to plan for it)

For me
it's a life changing decision
at some point in my life (probably 2 years later, yes JUST 2 years later)
I will have to HAVE the maturity to choose
To choose whether to leave Malaysia for good
Migrate over
Get married
Work there
and Settle down there

People often say :"aiyo you just get married and migrate over lah"
if ONLY it is THAT easy
I hope i can do it now
(I totally have no objection regarding early marriage LOL)

At first I was all hyped up to migrate over there
It's like my little dream since young
But when I come to deep consideration :

1. Family

"Would I really want to leave Malaysia?
Leaving my parents behind?
My sisters, and my extended families?
My future nieces and nephews?
and they'll probably cry when I come back to visit them cz they have never / seen me only 1 time per year?"

How if my parents fall sick and nobody is around to be aware of the pre-symptoms?
Will I feel "FAR AWAY" from my family?
not like they will "distant" me away
but to be fair, if you are far for too long
and you dont talk thhhaaaat much to each other
and you dont get to cling to each other that much already
And I seriously wouldnt like to lost all those moments with my family
Celebrating birthdays etc

2. Career

How about my career?
I'm trained in Malaysia
and I have to work in a different system totally
with different prevalence of diseases
have to study hard to be competence enough
have to take qualification examinations to be able to qualify as a Dr there
and probably getting a few years of scolding before I am familiar with how people handle things there

I won't have friends from same Uni working in same hosp
I will have to reestablish my network from zero

and I can foresee how stressful my first few years will be like

I wouldn't care so much if they can take me in easily LIKE THAT
a fresh graduate from Malaysia
I have to start housemanship there
start from the lowest rank
if not it will be harder to get in after housemanship years
not like they will definitely take you in ALSO
oh yes you can, if you are a established specialist with a speciality that australia needs you
they MIGHT hire you
but that will be like at least 8-10years later
and my darling will be like 40+ years old already
not saying the age is very hell important, but I wouldnt want to be in LDR for so long also

3. Future

To make things easier
I probably have to be a PR before I apply to work there
HOPEFULLY they won't put me last in their list for interview
and to make every documents ready by the time I graduate
I probably have to get my PR-ship half to one year before I graduate
and to get PR, the only way now is to GET MARRIED

Imagine if I get married in 4th year of medical school
I will probably face those "IS SHE PREGNANT?" comments
( I seriously hate those negative comments)
you know, not being rude but if my friend suddenly get married during school years
that will be my first thought *smiles*

4. Relationship

How if our relationship gone bad
How if I have a bad fight with him and I just wanna leave the house for a while
I don't have a second home there to hide myself
I don't have a comfort zone there to ease my sorrow
I will be lonely, if I don't have him beside me

If only my parents house is nearby
I will definitely run back home 


It's just hard
I am only 21 and I have to think of all these
future plannings and stuffs
I know you might say I have been thinking too much
I know things will come easily when it is time
not that I couldn't wait to get married
but to have a smoother future in this relationship
and my career especially
I have to think of all these
(again, you might say I think too much)

If I'm not serious in this relationship
I wouldn't give a damn on this
I'll probably slack my life and see how things go

but that Dr career
and to get a place in australia to work
is not as easy as working in Malaysia

and of course
It is not as easy as how you guys said
"just marry him and migrate over lah!"

And the reality is
He will not be the one that come back Malaysia
He couldn't I supposed
His families are there, uncles aunties grandparents
He had his career established there
a bright one I can see
and I wouldn't want to make him let go of his career
his golden chance

He has everything there
except for me
to complete what he is lacking all these while.

It's just hard
But I want us to LAST too
and I'm sure there are people like me out there too
struggling to make decision at the other end of this mother earth.

and for those that have partners studying overseas
all you need to do is 
to wait for him to finish study
and you will be together again

"So if one day, you see me getting married during uni years
you know, I'm not pregnant"

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

♨ Crayon Burger, SS15 Subang

Saw quite a few of my friends posted about Crayon Burger in instagram
the curious me decided to go there and try!
apparently the have coloured burgers
at first I was worried whether they use colouring or not
but oh yeah they are safe to be consumed =)
they added extra ingredients (shown in 4th pic) to make the colours

Crayon Burger @ SS15 Subang Jaya
(it's in front of Station One, near to Taylor's / Inti Subang Campus)

sorry for the not so high definition pics
phone camera used =P

Toilet sign, wondered what the 3rd sign means lol
the Menu =D
price wise is almost the same as other burger shops in KL nowadays
but the special thing is they have Burger Dessert!

here you go, what is in your coloured burger =D
You choose your burger from the menu and the colour of your burger from this board
I choose the red one, purely for photographic purpose
(haha think the pink one won't be obvious enough to be captured in pics!)

Choose your burger
I call them the Crayon Graffiti =)
they provide chalks (very small ones LOL) 
and basically you can conteng all over that piece of wall

writing my name on it, you can go there and search for it! =P
that's me posing with the graffiti wall =D
there are some (quite) interesting drawings though =D
and some really talented one =S

waited for around 10-15min
here comes the burger =D

1. Zombie Burger
My sister says it is a typical beef burger 
and another friend of hers says the burgerlab beef burger is nicer
I don't take beef
so I couldn't comment much on this =P

Zombie Burger (RM15) + RM5 (fries and free flow drink)
2. Cheese Fondue 
burger was OKAY
the one that ate the burger doesn't complain about it 
haha =D
my bro in law is a quiet person *laugh*
Cheese Fondue with Green burger RM15 + RM5(fries and free flowdrink)
3. Hashtag with red bread
you can't taste the YEAST feel from the red bread though
but I think this burger is better than Zombie's
the hashbrown given is a big piece
and the chicken below is fleshy and juicy =)

Hashtag RM15

4. Dessert : I-Scream
it was so-so only
the brownies in btwn the burger was not bad
just that it is abit hard to eat cuz you can't really eat the bread with ice cream with brownies at the same time
unless you cut them and put them together individually
quite an interesting menu though =)

I-Scream RM7
Let's FEAST =D
(the shop person took our pic and say he will post it in facebook page!
Let's see whether he does or not =D)

Crayon Burger
38, Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya
45200 Selangor,
Opening hours : 11am-10pm
no reservation needed

Parking : DONT park below the trees 
LOL my car kena bird feces like kena bomb =S
Park near to the shoplots if you manage to get a parking