Tuesday, February 25, 2014

♨ Brunch at Jarrod & Rawlins, Bangsar

Brunch at Jarrod & Rawlins, Jalan Bangkung
Jarrod & Rawlins has always been in my to-visit-list
but whenever I follow Waze GPS
it directs me to terrible abandoned place LOL
but this time i got it right =)

service was good
staffs are friendly =)

the whole place is very soothing
perfect for a saturday morning kind of dining place
comfy and nice
and not packed!

presenting our brunch!

J&R's English Fried Breakfast (RM32)
Two organic eggs sunny side up, with sausage, bacon, hash browns, grilled tomatoes, toast or fried bread.
Served with tea or coffee AND a cup of orange juice

it was a really big chunk of brunch
My friend, a guy couldn't even finish the whole plate
it was not bad =)

J&R's English Fried Breakfast (RM32)
J&R's Classic Eggs Florentine (RM30)
Two soft poached eggs covered with Mornay sauce & gratinated cheese served with english muffin.
Served with tea or coffee AND a cup of orange juice

Mornay sauce : a Bechamel sauce (roux of butter and flour cooked in milk) with shredded or grated cheese added

J&R's Classic Eggs Florentine (RM30)
I think the portion for this is just nice
full and satisfying =)
the eggs on top with Mornay sauce is awesome unique
but the english muffin below is slightly a bit dry to be honest 
but all in all, it was not bad =)

My personal overall rating :

Food : 3 / 5
Price : 2.8 / 5
Ambience : 4.5 / 5
Service : 4.5 / 5

Jarrod & Rawlins
63, Jalan Bangkung,
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +6(03) 2095 1608 (no reservation needed)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Review : Air Asia Quiet Zone

I think quiet zone got my good review =)
and hence I'm going to talk a little about it here
Before I book quiet zone
I actually goggled about it but not much details about it on the web

so what's actually quiet zone?

it is a first few rows of seats (row 7-14) strategically located behind Premium cabin (Flat bed area)
and apparently the light they used for reading is more GENTLE
Meals are serve to you first, so you don't have to wait till your tummy goes grumpy
and it is only for guests aged 12 and above!
PLUS, the most important thing is, it is NEAR to WASHROOM
and also easy disembarkation !
(very important to me cuz i wanna see The Man fast fast!)

and now only i know the red curtain is for quiet zone!
haha I always thought it is the Premium zone already =P

to upgrade :

Hot Seat : RM120 per way
Standard Seat : RM50 per way

and I hightly recommend you guys to book the last row (Row 14)
cuz you can lower your seat to the max when you sleep
and it is nearest to the lavatory!
(and exit)


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Love Bridge

Decided to blog about this before I forget about all my feelings
The Man and I went to the so called "I called" LOVE BRIDGE in Melbourne
well, it's quite new yet
not a lot of locks

So it started with The Man took this photograph of the lock bridge in Melbourne
and I got so hooked up with this lock bridge
that i kept asking him why he did not bring me there the last time I went melb
(anyway, i think he did a real great photography here)

we bought the cheapest lock we can find in K Mart before we head to love bridge
well you know, it's just a lock, a symbolic after all
but I was wrong
there were quite a few ultra kiasu people that have amazing locks
have a look =P

some people are just so serious about the Locking-Their-Love there haha
Bless you guys will stay long and ever really =)

At first I thought this is huge enough
(even my house anti-thief locks are not as huge as these)

until I saw those people that actually carved their names on it
quite nice though

and then I saw this
If the size of your love is measured by the type of lock
seriously we lose gao gao already haha!
this is damn kiasu wey!
SERIOUSLY *roll eyes*

Kiasuness Level 101
so OKOK back to topic
come back to the supposed-to-be very romantic moments

well, I should SLASH off my "supposed-to-be"
cuz I honestly think that it was a VERY ROMANTIC moment

so here are the running shots of me locking our love there
and my feelings at that moments
bad boyfie was too busy with his camera
ended up I have to put the lock by myself and he observed from the side
*lost half of the romantic-ness* lol
ok la well we need someone to be the camera man also

so this is me, locking our very small lock there
written with our names, date, and the word "Forever Love"
I purposely choose to lock it beside a super kiasu girlish fully bejeweled huge lock
so that it is easier to locate our lock next time when we revisit the bridge

and when i hook the lock on the metal
and right before I lock the thing
I felt like I'm locked to someone permanently if I click the lock in
in other words,
I felt like I'm obligated to be committed
in another other word,
I felt like I'm married. like you know, LOCKED. 

hey really I'm not trying to be dramatic but this was how I felt

(so this is probably how you'll feel when your bf propose in the future. I think I will have all these mixed scary yes no why yes why no moments again no matter how much you want to be with that guy at that moment)

and here comes my lovely man with his australian accent 

"are you ready?"


oh shit
I'm so locked up now
that was all in my mind

I moved forward to give him a huge hug
and asked him how if we can't last forever?
(you know it really felt like I'm married shit shit)

god bless us please god bless us please

This is my very "locked up" face
heart was still pumping so fast

and then I asked The Man :" oh so what should we do to these keys?"
and he suggested that we should throw it into Yarra River
and my first reaction was :
"how if the fish ate the keys and tuk the tummy and die???"
The Man :"...."

well eventually
we did

oh i mean we did threw the keys into the river
not we did killed a fish or what lol


I personally think that every couple should do this if they have the chance to
it is quite, a sweet and awesome feeling to go through with your partner
geez ^^

next time when we visit Paris Love Bridge
We will be more PREPARED
probably be one of those kiasu one haha!!


so back in Malaysia
I showed Mum my pics at the love bridge

and she asked quite a few funny questions that me and sis couldn't stop rolling our eyes 
she was swapping through my ipad pics and ... :

1. Har, the lock so small, whoever who wants to steal it ma can steal it easily??

2. Whoa, maybe should buy like those people, stronger locks, people wont steal.

3. HAR!! You guys threw the lock into the river?

4. Then ma NOBODY can open the lock next time?

5. Owh, why dont want to open the lock next time?
(....*face palm*....)


Haha, that's all about my Love Bridge post
I will remember this day forever and ever!
and The Man says we should go back one day (or more)
to take more pictures together with our little tiny cutey lock!

much loved!
170days to go till I see you again!