Friday, March 28, 2014

♨ Jibby & Co, Subang Empire Shopping Gallery

hello all! it's a food blog again =P
I think I have been busy lazy for the past few weeks
for not blogging 0.0
sometimes i wonder whether anyone reads my blog LOL

ok anyway
i discovered this place by accident
so lucky to be able to discover this!
probably one of the better place in Subang other than all the burgers havoc there =P

presenting Jibby & Co @ Empire Shopping Gallery Subang
nice design, like a greenhouse, almost trapezoid in shape
internally also well designed, very nice ambient!
I like this place very much and I highly recommend you guys to go =D

 it is actually a 1.5storey kind of trapezoid thingy
quite cool
the design and lights
pretty awesome =D


Another View

Real flowers on table!
 so we have high score on the design + ambience 
now the food =)

my friend ordered 
Roasted aubergine, zucchini, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach (RM27)
with a dash of chilli flakes and extra virgin oil
its was yummy
the portion quite reasonably big actually =D
and the spaghetti is cooked just nice!

Roasted aubergine, zucchini, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach (RM27)
 and next, my Basil Pesto (RM28)
with a lot of mushrooms and shaved parmagiana reggiano
parmagiana reggiano = parmesan cheese in english

I actually suspected they gave me the wrong pasta 
as this looks like carbonara
and tasted like carbonara too
but after clarifying it with two waiters
and they actually look quite certain they didnt give me the wrong one
oh well, maybe its just a white pesto =P
(but it does taste exactly like carbonara!)

haha anyway, it was GOOD
but very filling cuz of the creamy sauce
the mushrooms are nice!
and the sauce is toothsome!

Basil Pesto (RM28)
Next, the desserts
although i did not managed to finish my pesto (too full!)
but I insisted on trying their desserts =P
too bad they dont have all they wrote in the menu
only 20% of them are availlable
so we tried the cake, and the gelato

this is a damn rich cake chosen by my friend
very thick, adequately sweet, and addictive =D
it is chocolate cake, with banana, caramel and hazelnuts
when you chew it in your mouth, you can actually feel tiny bits of hazelnuts here and there

and lastly
the Home Made Gelato (RM15)
2 scoops, with crispy waffle =D

the chocolate gelato is obviously chocolote
it was rich in taste, no complaints
but the light greenish below it is..well, we dont know what flavour it is
it tasted like pistachio but it doesnt quite pistachio
and very goaty milk taste but not quite goaty milk after 2 secs in your mouth
but anyway, i like the chocolate one more just purely because i dont like goat milk scent =P

Home made Gelato RM15
 that's all for Jibby & Co!
quite a nice place to celebrate birthdays too as they have really long tables on the upper floor =D
we were glad that we had dinner at 7pm
by 8pm when we leave, it was long queue outside
and i overheard that they have to wait at least 30min to get a table =O
so either go early, or book =D

last but not least, a picture with my dinner pal that night =D

Mosey and Me
 My personal review :

Food : 4.2 / 5
Price : 3.8 / 5
Service : 4 / 5
Ambience : 4.5 / 5

P/S : they charge RM30 if you wished to eat your own birthday cake inside. If you blow the candles only and keep the cake without eating it, then they won't charge you.

Jibby & Co
Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 16/1
47500, Subang Jaya.
Tel : +6(03) 5613 7070
(Make reservation if possible)

Parking : in the mall

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