Monday, January 5, 2015

Waffles, The Owls Cafe : Bukit Jalil

The Owls Cafe is gaining the-must-try waffles popularity in KL now
hence, me being kiasu curious decided to go over this morning
since I'm down with severe waffles cravings =)

You can't miss this =)
It was a busy Sunday afternoon
where the waiting list was really long
(they don't take phone booking)
and hence we had to wait around 30 minutes for our turn
I was actually quite surprise that a cafe in such location is so crowded!

the workers there advised us to come in before lunch / after 5pm
usually during those times it will be less packed!

a very busy kitchen this afternoon!
I wonder how many cups of coffee they brewed today =)
Cakes mostly sold off (left 2 slices) because it has been a busy morning & afternoon for them!

 clearly its an Owl's Cafe 
 So finally we get to be seated!
3 pairs shared a 6 pax table
but it's okay =)
Looked through the menu and here are our orders :

The Symphony (RM10)
thought of getting something fizzy and cold in this afternoon
and also it might be a better choice to complement the filling waffles

its a mixture of passion fruit, lychee and lemon
i personally like it a lot!

The Symphony (RM10)
 My friend ordered a cup of Nutty Mocha (RM11)
it was not bad too, but a little bit too much to eat with waffles!
(that's because we are not sharing waffles LOL)

Nutty Mocha (RM11)
and our waffles selection :
(both recommended by them)

Rebecca (RM18)
covered with blueberries, strawberries, almond flakes, maple syrup
and their home-made earl grey ice cream
which I find the taste rather unique, but maybe not to everyone's liking

Rebecca Waffle (RM18)

Milo Dinosaur (RM15)
Dark chocolate ice cream (ultra chocolateyyy)
topped with coco crunch & marshmallows
and of course you can never go wrong with milo powder shimmer on top!
As a milo fanatic, of course, I choose this over Rebecca!

Milo Dinosaur Waffle (RM15)
 In a nutshell
They have unique waffles selection
but it depends on what kind of waffles you like
for me, I love soft waffles more, which I think their waffles are not bad
but for my friend whom prefers crispy waffles, think their waffles are just OK
but still, worth the visit!
I will come back and try their Queen Waffles! 
(didnt get to try it because they don't have macaroons anymore LOL)

We were soooo full after we finished our meal
and yes, listen to them
1 waffle is sufficient for 2 pax haha!
but I'm happy I proved them wrong anyway! 

My Ratings :

Food : 3.8 / 5
Price : 4 / 5
Service : 5 / 5
Ambience : 4 / 5

Workers were really friendly and efficient though
although they didn't serve you a lot =)
they close at 7pm which, is not very "OWL" at all haha!

The Owls Cafe
12-1, Jalan Jalil Jaya 6,
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +6(03) 9543 9828

Opening Hours :
Tues - Sun : 10am - 7pm
Closed on Mondays