Friday, October 30, 2015

Urban Decay New Launch @ Zouk KL

On 28 October 2015
Urban Decay celebrated their new launch @ Phuture, Zouk KL
Congrats to their first ever flagship store in KLCC, Malaysia!!

I am more than excited to be invited for this party
even more excited when I have my partner in crime - Sabrina with me in this!

We reached, registered, and got ourselves into Zouk 
the first thing that welcomed us was this amazing photobooth by FotoBoxMalaysia
We couldn't stop ourselves from taking lots and lots (and lots) of pictures before we walk into phuture!

This is Sabrina, taking her solo picture
I really love how the photobooth flashes work
It makes every photo a high-fashion-studio kind of quality!

Walking into Phuture
most of Urban Decay's cosmetics are placed inside these small glass boxes
very professionally done

By the time we got in
Phuture was already crowded by guests from every corner of the world
Bloggers, Instagrammers, Hosts, Beauty Pageants etc
It was a sight that filled us with awe and reverence

The theme for the night was Purple and Black
hence the entire Phuture was "dressed up" purple
purple icicles hanging from the ceiling
purple lighting everywhere
very, very purplish

Phuture, filled with purple elements
Girls selfie-ing, photographer trying to take a pic of the selfie =P
The long table that display Urban Decay's best seller!
I was whispering to Sabrina that I want to take some and walk away without anyone noticing!
(no worries, this did not happen)
So alluring cosmetics! 
How can I / We resist!

Then we were served with myriads cocktails
finger food, cakes 
and even better, champagne!
UD team had this well planned I have to say!
We were so pleased!

Not only that
we get free makeup touch ups by their makeup artists too!
You get to try UD products!

Cocktail with lighted ice
Officiating the event
After officiating the event
we were entertained by Hunny Madu, SonaOne, DJ Twinkies, Supa Mojo, AL Caponey, Kayda & Nadhira

We went and had makeup touch up
and here we are
me with UD red lipgloss
and Sabrina with UD purple lipgloss

Us + our new friend from Switzerland!
Thanks for having us Urban Decay!!

OK backtrack a bit,
before we enter the party
we get to choose 1 out of 3 cards,
each written :

(a) FUN

Sabrina took the FUN
and I took the DANGEROUS
at that point of our life, we DO NOT know it means what we are going to get as a goodie bag

FUN gets lipstick, lipgloss and 1 eye shadow
DANGROUS gets NAKED2 with designs on the cover
FEMININE gets NAKED3 with designs on the cover

I was over the moon when I get my NAKED2
it has been my long long dream to buy one for myself!!

Here, showing off my NAKED2!
*squeal with joy!*

NAKED 2 as a gift!

Last but not least, zillions of thanks to Malaysia's Hottest Blogger (MHB) for the invite!
We had SO MUCH fun on that night!

Before I end my blog post
here's a last dose of Sabrina & Myself
posing in front of the FotoBoxMalaysia
holding our free gifts from Urban Decay
Super love this photo booth
You are officially in my next year's birthday wishlist already! =P

Bye readers!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

♨ Cielo Dolci - Nasi Lemak Ice Cream

When my friend told me about Nasi Lemak ice cream in KL
I was skeptical about it
Totally. 900% skeptical.
How can a hot food be possibly turned into soft ice mould

So, being a foodie, I wanted to try it so badly.
I know Cielo Dolci @ IOI City Mall has it
but despite numerous visits
they still did not sell the ice cream
apparently it is a very "seasonal" thingy to be sold. HAHA!

They wrote my name on a small notebook
promised that they will contact me (and the others in the notebook)
when they sell nasi lemak ice cream

one fine day
I got their whatsapp 
cannot wait any longer already
super kiasu 
super want-to-eat-it-before-sold-off again

So here we are
in Cielo Dolci IOI City Mall
Just right in front of the ice skating ring
you wouldn't be able to miss this little shop!

Cielo Dolci, IOI city Mall
their choices of ice creams
apparently other than nasi lemak ice cream
they are famous for their
(i) Rum and Raisin
(ii) Coconut Gula Melaka

Shining with glory
my long awaited Nasi Lemak Ice Cream
Small (RM8.80)

You can't really see it from this picture below
but it has chunks of ikan bilis, rice and chilli flakes embedded in a coconut/santan ice cream
I was overwhelmed by this taste

it tasted like nasi lemak LITERALLY
wasn't kidding really

Initially it was quite weird, awkward taste
but after a few scoops I actually like it!

Nasi Lemak Ice Cream
Dad decided to try two other flavours
which are Durian & Coconut Gula Melaka
Medium (RM15.80)

Durian was quite durian-ish though
but I personally think InsideScoop's durian is better

Coconut Gula Melaka was very nice
no doubt it is one of the best seller also!

Worth the try!
My advise is better to make a call to ensure they have certain flavour before you visit their shop

Cielo Dolci
F-K10, 1st Floor,
IOI City Mall
62502 Putrajaya.
(+6)03 8949 9268