Monday, November 30, 2015

Rooftop Cinema, Perth Australia

When I was planning for my Perth trip
I spent most of my time planning it through Pinterest
Trust me, Pinterest has everything interesting in the world
and I'm really proud to say I actually know Australia better than The Man now (LOL)
Thanks to Pinterest

"Yes, he does not know Australia has Rooftop Movies" 
(totally old uncle-fied haha)

So I went to the land down under with my sister this time around
and we super-kiasu prepared well by booking our tickets early
THANK god we booked it early because it was sold out the day before
and we were really lucky because they only screen during summer / certain months!

and here it is!
the entrance is not very alluring so we shall skip that part
however, it is a whole new experience on top of the building!
we had a spectacular view of Perth CBD's skyline =D

"I was already ecstatic by then"

Tickets are sold at 15aud per pax (book via online)
but if you buy it on the day itself, it will be 16aud

So the front half is the beanie bags area
and the 2nd half is the beach chair area
we reached there 1.5hr earlier
to get a good seat! 
(first come first serve basis)

as a newbie here
we did not bring anything 
but actually most of the people brought their own blankets
and junks and drinks
really good idea
its windy at night and we were freezing!

we got a seat at the 1st beach chair row
probably one of the best view that we can get
won't be blocked by anyone =D

and need not worry
they have plenty of food stalls too


prices are very reasonable too =)

the bar area for food and drinks before the movie starts

 another view of the rooftop cinema area

If you have time
I would suggest you to reach before 7pm
to view sunset as well
it was splendid really =)
and its romantic!

and the night comes
8pm sharp
the movie started =)

we had fun really
one of the best thing that I've done in Perth
can't wait to do this again in Melbourne with The Man!

RoofTop Movies
68, Roe Street,
Perth WA 6000

Tickets are exchangeable to other dates if you encounter bad weather.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tadom Hill Resort, Banting (info updated as per 21 August 2016)

- blog updated as per 21 August 2016 - 

Disclaimer : They've changed quite a lot since the last time I visited in November 2015!
new price list attached in this post.


A few months back
I saw someone shared Tadom Hill Resorts on social media
Immediately, I was attracted to this tranquil little hideaway place
It seems hard to believe that somewhere near Banting
there's such a serene hideout

Tadom Hill Resorts is located 10-15 minutes away from KLIA
20 minutes away from Banting
45 minutes away from KL

It is surrounded by spring water (a lake)
limestone hills
and a man made beach

almost everything in Tadom Hills Resorts was built by using bamboos
preserving the harmonious relationship between man and nature
awesome architecture designs inspired by nature

Photo taken from Tadom Hill Resorts website
So since we didn't manage to book for their accommodation
(weekends are mostly fully booked)
We opted for a day pass trip

At the reception
we were welcomed by very friendly volunteers of Tadom Hill Resorts
We were quite surprised with the amount of visitors on a weekday actually
very impressive =D

Junks to be sold at the reception
We strolled around Tadom Hill Resorts and peeped the types of accommodation that they offered

[Prices (includes breakfast) attached at the end of blog post]

1. Tadom Bamboo Hut
(2 units of 12 mattresses / unit)

Bamboo Hut
The interior of the dormitory
It reminds me of Bali actually!

Photo taken from Tadom Hill Resorts website

2 units of 10 hammocks / unit available
10 hammocks per sphere with mosquito nets
Booking is open for whole group, sharing or even private 

I personally love this hammock idea
this will definitely be my first choice if I were to stay over!

Hammock Sphere
the interior of the sphere
where you can gaze up the sky through the skylight
when I took this picture
the hammocks weren't hung up yet

Hammock Sphere Interior
It will look like this when it is nicely hung up
very calm and composed isn't it!

Photo taken from Tadom Hill Resorts website
Photo taken from Tadom Hill Resorts website
and the best thing is
the middle of the sphere is full of plug heads
no worries of not getting your phone charged really

Hammock Sphere

2 adults or 1 adult 2 children per tent
sleeping mats and sleeping bags are provided
(max of 2 adults per tent)

Lakeside Tents

2 adults or 1 adult 2 children per tent
(Max of 2 adults per tent)

Garden Tents

(total of 3 units, 2-3pax / unit)

Photo courtesy : Tadom Hill Resort website

Photo courtesy : Tadom Hill Resort website

Washrooms for sharing
Clean and adequate

So for us - The Day Passers
(we walked in, no booking required)

we spent most of our time in Tadom Groove
which is the man made beach / lake area

in Tadom Grooves
we get to relax and unwind in the lake
sitting and kayaking on bamboo rafts
or sit back and relax on floating bamboo chairs

Nearer to the tent area
there's Tadom Splash
where you get to be Tarzan, jump and swing yourself with a rope and dive in the lake
or to literally dive down a 5 meter platform
it felt like free fall
spiked up my adrenaline like nobody business =P

Photo courtesy : Tadom Hill Resort website

Life jackets for everyone
Tadom Splash
So this is me and my friends in Tadom Splash
there's a bamboo swing for you to sit and relax too!

Tadom Splash
Tadom Splash 5 meter platform
Unwind and Relax area

Me having a lot of fun with myself
and my friends

Tadom Groove Lake
you can rent a BBQ pit for your own lunch and dinner
(no refrigerator is provided -  prepare your own food!)

BBQ Pit Rental
Set up (Tables and chairs) : RM3 / pax
charcoal is available at RM15 / box

Detailed price list as shown :

Afternoon session : 11am - 3pm
Evening session :  6pm - 10pm

Phone reception for all mobile provider is good in this area
with 4G data running all the time

In all, we had fun in Tadom Groove
definitely worth visiting!
Go in groups, stay overnight, make use of the BBQ pit!


Tadom Hill Resorts Prices 
Updated as per 21 August 2016

Tadom Hill Resort
(Location is found in Google Maps / Waze)

For accommodation :
Check in : 3pm
Check out : 12noon

Day Pass : 10am - 6.45pm (Monday to Sunday)
if public holiday is on Monday, the resort will be closed on Tuesday

Visit their Website / Facebook / Instagram (@tadomhillresorts) for more info
Online booking available @ Tadom Hill Resorts

Phone : (updated as per 21 August 2016)

+6012 522 5908 (Reception)
+6012 522 5728 (Reservation)

Some of the time they won't pick up calls as they are too busy! My suggestion is to drop them an email to and wait PATIENTLY for their reply!

Parking : Ample and free!

On the swing @ Tadom Splash

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

♨ Take Eat Easy, Kepong

Take Eat Easy upholds a new generation fusion cafe concept
that serves freshly baked homemade bakery, pizza, all day long breakfast
and creative light bulb fruit juices & beverages

For a bakery / cafe
I was fascinated by the exterior and interior of this cafe
it looks very luxurious and classic
a combination of interior that I love

It is situated in Kepong
which is quite far for most of KL-ians
however, I think it is worth visiting!

Below is the bakery area
further down the wooden chairs (on left of pic) is the dining area

menu that wear jeans

We ordered Mighty Breakfast (RM 26.80) for sharing
It looks fairly enormous from the menu
but the actual size is actually a lot smaller
maybe enough for 2 ladies
but definitely just nice for 1 gentleman =)

and their famous fruit juices that served in light bulb
price ranges from RM 9.50 - RM 15.50
I have to say their fruit juices are quite tasty and fresh!

Mushrooms, ham, sausage and croissant were good
but surprisingly their garlic bread and bun is not up to standard
for a bakery shop, I would expect something more
soft, and fresh

but in all, its not bad =)

Ratings :

Food : 3.5 / 5
Price : 3.5 / 5
Ambience : 5 / 5
Service : 4.5 / 5

Take Eat Easy
Wisma Fiamma
Bandar Menjalara,

Opening Hours : 830am - 10pm (everyday)
No booking required

Sunday, November 1, 2015

♨ Yellow Brick Road & Wicked Pancake Parlour, Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights

When I first heard about Yellow Brick Road a few months back
I imagined it to be a very cosy, soothing, europe-ish cafe by the name itself
and here it is!
with elements of what I've imagined all these while!

Yellow Brick Road shares a same corner lot with Wicked Pancake Parlour in Batai Village, Damansara Height (near to Bangsar)
they are affiliated
In a fine sunny morning like this
you will fall into a dilemma whether to take nice filling brunch with coffee?
or to order a few pancakes to try?

Me and my foodie partner decided to just

Yellow Brick Road (Ground Floor) & Wicked Pancake (1st floor)
Yellow Brick Road is the home for Malaysian Barista Champion (2013-2015)
and their punch line is "Built for Dreamers for Dreamers)

As their customer load is massive during weekends
they don't take reservations on public holidays as well as weekends
you got to be earlier than the others to avoid long waiting time!

Yellow Brick Road Interior
The ambience is very nice
Cosy much
Very busy too, workers were walking in out / up down serving food
very popular brunch venue I would say!

Someone won something important!

So here's their food and drinks menu
you can order wicked pancake menu in Yellow Brick Road itself
very interesting isn't it?

Menu : Pancakes & Floats
Food Menu
Coffee Menu
Hot &Cold Beverages
As starters, my foodie partner ordered a Smooshie Juice (Orange, Pineapple, Mango) - RM8
it was really refreshing and nice
I love how they put the little tag on the drink
instantly upgraded from middle to high class already haha!

Smooshie Juice : Orange, Pineapple, Mango RM 8
and I ordered a Salted Caramel Popcorn Float (RM15)
its basically root bear, with cream & caramel popcorn on top
surprisingly the caramel blends really well with root beer!
would come back for more of this really!

Salted Caramel Popcorn Float RM 15
And here's our food
Egg Norwegian (RM25) 
poached eggs on potatoes, with smoked salmon

La Bomba (RM28)
seafood hotpot broth served with bread

Eggs Norwegian RM 25
La Bomba RM 28
Would like to try I Want To Be Kaya the next time I come back!

Next on,
Wicked Pancake Parlour

Initially we planned to order 2 pancakes just to try them out
but after our main meal
we were soooooo full
stomach 90% filled already

we ordered Peter Pandan (RM24)
it's pandan pancakes, with jackfruits, salted caramel ice cream with gula melaka sauce

It has all the elements I LOVE
especially gula melaka
so why not?

Peter Pandan RM 24
We love the pancake
it is soft and pillowy
mouth watering pandan scent pancakes
lovingly soaked in my all time favourite - Gula Melaka

No complaints.

So thats all!

My Ratings :

Food : 4.2 / 5
Price : 3.5 / 5
Ambience : 3.5 / 5 (outdoor quite hot)
Service : 4.5 / 5

Cafe Exterior

Yellow Brick Road

8-7 Jalan Batai
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours :
Mon - Thurs : 0900 - 1700
Fri - Sat : 0900 - 2200
Sun : 0900 - 1700

ps : Kitchen closes at
4-5pm on Fridays and Saturdays

Wicked Pancake Parlour
Opening Hours :

Weekdays : 1600 - 2300
Weekends : 1000 - 2300
Closed on Wednesdays

Parking : Ample of parking