Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guide to Sasaran 天空之镜 - Salt Flat in Malaysia

Guide to what I called the Salt Flat in Malaysia!
more well known as 天空之镜

I'm sure a horde of you people have seen this being advertised on facebook
and yeap, we knew this place through facebook as well

still wondering where is it?

It's in a small town called Sasaran, Selangor
situated approximately 1 hour away from KL
or 40 minutes away from Sekinchan

You don't get to see this phenomenon every day
Apparently it only happens 4-5days per month 
(or more depending on the tide)
Only on the right day where the sea level is not too high or low
you'll get your mirror effect photos

Once you reach Sasaran
you'll have to take a 45minutes boat ride out to the Straits of Malacca
to reach this heavenly piece of land =)

According to the tour guide
boat trips have been fully booked until December 2016
due to the sudden surge of demand to this place
however, it is advisable to contact the person in charge
as some days they can accommodate a few more tourists

Price : RM65.00 per pax 
(include free flow ICED water, nasi lemak lunch, junk food)
Minimum : 15pax
Maximum : 25pax
(again, do ask whether they can take less than 15pax, as some days they can do it for you!)

Duration : 9am - 2pm


Here's the Guide of How To Book a Tour to this place
and Details of Tour :

1. Book your tour

My friend contacted them via 天空之镜 Facebook
But here's the name card we got after the tour
Huat is the father aka the boat owner
Calvin is the son cum tour guide
Both of them are very friendly and helpful

2. Drive to Sasaran

We took around 50 minutes to 1 hour from PJ
Smooth drive, no traffic
(direction : use Waze)

You have to arrive Sasaran around 8am
punctuality is utmost important 
If you are late, the sea level changes with time
you'll probably miss the perfect mirror effect photography timing

But don't worry
the tour guide is more anxious than you
he'll make sure you arrive on time =P
(yeap, I'm talking about multiple calls to make sure you arrive on time)

3. Meet the Tour Guide

We parked our car just beside the jetty
and boat trip begins!

Jetty location : guided by the tour guide via car
inside a chinese village


Yeap this is the right boat!
4. Boat Trip to Destination

Darren, a young tour guide briefed us on the flora and fauna in that area
(yeap he did, didn't expect this though)
and told us stories about this area
He is quite funny actually =P

....45 minutes later...
We arrived!!
Thank god the sun was up!

You'll have to walk a short 5 steps distance to the sand area
and the depth is at your knee level
(and no it was not as deep as that if you noticed the light blue shirt uncle)

So it will be nice if you wear something above knee level
long dresses are...urm..at your own risk =P

5. Free and Easy Photo Taking Session

We were given 2 hours to walk around that area
our tour guide Calvin has been really helpful
gave us tips on how to pose
helped us to take loads of photos!

There was a photographer around as well
with the ultra pro camera
helping everyone to take group photos
(you can get your photos from the facebook after the trip, very efficient)

Tips to get nice photos :

1. Wear colourful attire
2. Use props (Tour guide actually prepared props for us!)
3. Stand on somewhere with a thin layer of sea water
4. Find somewhere with cloud (reflection will be a lot nicer)
5. Space out, if you are taking group photos

Hair flippin'!

Colourful props are important! (well maybe should stand somewhere without people behind)

Hexagon on point!

The photographer I was talking about : YM Lim (facebook name)

Our helpful tour guide! Calvin Hoo (facebook name)
REMEMBER to use sunblock
trust me, you need it.
It was so hot and sunny
I burnt my skin so badly!

Worry about the weather?
No problem, ask your tour guide, they'll check it for you =)

Feel free to ask me any questions 
or better still you can personal message them directly!
(links as below)

Photos that I took : 天空之镜
(with Olympus OMD-EM5 iAuto setting)

Tour Guide : Calvin Hoo


Anonymous said...

Hi there, is it necessary to make a booking to go there or can we just do a walk in?

Anonymous said...

Same question here. Do we need to make a booking? Can't we go on our own?

Iskandar @ JomJalan said...

Hi Sue,

I'm letting you know that we feature your pictures of Sasaran in our article here and credit the pic to you :

Tempat Menarik Malaysia -- Yg Pemandangan Macam Overseas

Hope this helps send more people to your blog!

eunice tee said...

For anyone who interested to visit Sky mirror, suggest this airbnb >> https://www.facebook.com/theplayroombnb !

Anonymous said...

the price for the ride to that mirror sea is it standard one or that operator put that such rate?

Sue Thang♥ said...

Hello there :

Sorry for the late replies. Yes it is necessary to book beforehand, as only the 1st and 15th day of the month (Chinese Calendar) has this mirror image phenomenon at that particular area. Also, the tour group is mainly booked way beforehand, so it is full and they can no longer accommodate walk ins.

I am not aware of any other operator at that time as it was fairly new when I went and there was only 1 operator. Not sure whether it is a standard price.


Sue Thang♥ said...

Hi Iskandar @ Jom Jalan :

Thank you for informing & featuring too!


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Henry Tan said...

niceeeee! thanks for the detailed information!
too bad it is so crowded now, not sure if can get any spot without people to snap some nice photos.

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