Thursday, October 27, 2016

Isetan Lot 10 - The Japan Store Launch

Isetan Lot 10 re-appeared with a new face!
I was told that this is a very long construction (22 months)
and for every floor, they spent almost 2.5millions to refurbish the place
This is definitely a place you should visit.

I was over the moon when my BFF - Sabrina got invites for the opening reception
I was really really excited =D

Isetan The Japan Store has 6 floors in total :

LGF - The Market (food hall + Restaurants)
GF - The Museum (all artsy + expensive stuffs are sold)
1F - The Studio (All about fashion)

2F - The Room (household)
3F - The Cube (Books, Cool machines etc)

4F - Still under construction

The entire shopping place is very artsy. It feels like you are in Japan as the staffs (from Japan) speaks Japanese / jap-accented English. They are here for 1 week to train local staffs. Hence for best "Japanese" experience, you should visit them this week!

Interview with Carmen Soo

Warmth welcome by ladies in traditional clothing.
The Japanese men bowed 90 degree to each other.
Reminds me a lot of Japanese hospitality =)

Violinist performing =)

At Ground Floor - The Musuem
you'll get to see display of very unique items
from Japanese sweets to baby clothings

Myriads Japanese Sweets

More pictures below =)

I bet this is the nicest looking room in the entire place =P

Looks like a high class changing room to me. haha.

and 76style has a new branch here too!
enjoying our manicure session =)

Nails by 76style

We then moved forward to The Fujifilm Section
where they sells all types of cool cameras
and also 2 instant photo machines where you can print your photos straight out from your mobile devices!
They too, provide a little corner where you can decorate your polaroid / freshly printed photos

So I got myself a free polaroid shot by the staff.
Sabrina got hers too.
We got ours too.
All the shots are wonderful. This guy knows how to take nice photos, I aint kidding.

Harajuku Clothing section

Hence, a photo with the staff - Adrian that can really take nice photos.

with ultra helpful staff - Adrian

you can also chill in this cosy / cool cafe at 1F

Cafe @ 1F

360 degree studio that capture your movements to make mini miniature of yourself
finally I get to see it!

360degree studio

At 3F - The Cube you can see this too!
It is a spectacularly designed area for what they called a Learn Zone.
They even offer free classes and first hand experiences to learn more about Japanese Culture!

 Learn Zone

Classes offered in Oct - Nov are :

1. Calligraphy Class
2. Japanese Flower Arrangment
3. Japanese Language Class

Detailed time and date for classes can be found in The Cube.

Children books section. Japanese artists' illustration

Walking down to the LG floor
the Market - food hall!
Many types of Japanese alcohols, fresh food, spices etc are sold here
they have a few restaurants that offer good food too!

Food and fruits

Alcohol section

Local spices, beans etc

and that's about it.
you have to go there yourself to experience this =)

Me and my best buddy - Sabrina

Good bye Isetan! You have been amazing!

Isetan The Japan Store
Lot 10, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +603 2141 7777

Opening Hours : 11am - 9pm Daily