Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lifeproof Nuud & Teqii Glass Screen Protector Review

Hi guys! So as an outdoor junkie /  a very clumsy person in nature
I have cracked so many phone screens 
(totally not proud of it)
and spent loads of money repairing them

until I found Lifeproof cases for my iPhone.


*Disclaimer : I am not sponsored by Lifeproof. 
I am reviewing this product based on my own experience as a blogger.*


By far there are two Lifeproof cases for iPhone

1. The Lifeproof Nuud (the newer one)
2. The Lifeproof Fre (the bulkier one)

with Fre, it also comes with an option with a built in powerbank (Fre Power)
and with Nuud, it comes with an option with alpha glass (a much expensive product)

After judging both of them, I choose Nuud :
(Pros and Cons will be discussed later)

I too, bought Teqii Glass Screen Protector to complement the lack of front screen protection by Nuud
You can either get it from their official website :

(very expensive to ship to Malaysia)

or from other Malaysian Websites :
(click on link)

Teqii Glass Screen protector RM 140

To make things clear
you actually don't need the glass protector for water resistant use
I got it merely to protect my screen from cracks if I ever drop it from high grounds

So let's unbox the case!
(read photo caption for more details)

a scratch screen protector for your front screen - comes in the box

The front and back case

Water testing kit

Remember to keep this blue water testing kit
you are advised to test it every time before you want to go into water
especially if you haven't use it underwater for a long time

Extended earphone jack so you can use it even when the phone is wet

Water testing it - immerse it in water for at least 30 minutes

After water testing

Wipe the exterior before opening the case

Zero water droplets inside - GOOD.

Time to encase my phone =)

Teqii Glass Screen Protector is quite easy to put on

My phone is well protected now. It doesn't affect the display

I've removed the earphone jack screw for the time being

So after using it for 6 months 
(well tested in multiple trips to snowy places and beaches)
Here's what I can concluded :

Pros :
1. You won't get the "plastic sensation" covering your front screen (as in Fre)

2. It is lighter and more aesthetically appealing

3. It offers REALY GOOD PROTECTION - I've dropped it from high grounds for multiple times (even smashed it accidentally) - I feel no pain at all. My phone is all good.

4. Water resistant works well. After immersing it into sea water for around 30 minutes, my phone works perfectly fine.

5. It is not heavy

Cons :
1. There's no front screen protection for the normal Nuud 
(can be counter-proof by Teqii Glass Protector / get the alpha glass Nuud case)

2. The home button screen will be slightly less sensitive to unlock your phone using finger print. I would say 70% of the time is not detected.

3. Underwater photo taking is NOT ideal - touch screen is pretty much useless underwater. I tried using the volume button to take pics but it doesn't work too (touch screen is constantly being "stimulated" by moving water)

4. You can only use original Apple charger / earphones as the case "limits" entry of non-original-shaped chargers / connectors.

In a nutshell, I am happy with the protection provided by Lifeproof case. However I am quite disappointed with the fact that I couldn't take photos underwater. Some forums say it works if you use the volume button instead but it isn't working for me so far. 

That's all =)
feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.

Where to buy :

(doesn't send to Malaysia)

For Malaysia, you can either get it from phone case shops
(so far I find it quite hard to find Nuud. They usually sell Fre)

or get it from Lifeproof Asia HQ 
(where I got it from - fast and efficient delivery)