Wednesday, March 8, 2017

About and How to go Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Hi guys! My friend and I just came back from our 5D4N trip in Gili Trawangan, Lombok and thought I'd share some tips on my trip!

6 main points I'd be sharing :

1. How to travel from Lombok Airport to Gili Trawangan
2. Transportation in Gili Trawangan Island itself
3. Expenses in Gili Trawangan (including Food, Body Massage, Hotel)
4. One Day Trip and prices (average)
5. Instagrammable locations

Stand Surfing Beach

Main Jetty
Relaxing beach =)


1. How to travel from Lombok Airport to Gili Trawangan

To get to Gili Trawangan, you basically have 2 options :

Option 1 : Fly into Lombok International Airport
Option 2 : Fly into Bali (Denpasar) International Airport

We took up Option 1 as some says the sea can be rather choppy from Bali - Gili Islands in Jan / Feb.

Our return flight from KL - Lombok is RM369.

From Lombok International Airport, you can :

Take a taxi / bus (unsure) to Bangsal Harbour, then take public boat (Rp15,000 / pax) to Gili Trawangan. Problem with this is the first boat runs at 830am and last one at 5pm. Apparently it can be cancelled or you might just not be able to hop onto the last boat if it is too full. Public speedboat takes 30+mins to reach Gili Trawangan.

So for us, to save all the trouble, we took the less painful way by charting a private transfer. They pick us up from the airport - send us to the jetty with private car  - private speedboat (15mins). The entire process is only 1hr 45mins. We paid Rp2,700,000 for 4 pax (roughly RM225 per pax) - for to and fro service.

This is the transfer that we used :

Contact Number : +62 822-3756-7748 (Lombok Network) - whatsapp
Website : Lombok Network Transfers

*note : if you have a bigger party, you can negotiate a better price*


If you want to save money, book one way private transfer from Lombok Airport to Gili Trawangan, and then book your transfer back to airport in Gili Trawangan island tour agencies. We realized they offer half the price for one way airport transfer.


2. Transportation in Gili Trawangan Island :

Highly recommended : rent a bike (unless you stay really near to jetty, where all the shops are there)
Normal price : Rp50,000 per bike per day
We got it at Rp35,000 per day at a shop near the night market (no shop name though)
Some hotels provide free bicycle for their hotel patrons - most do not have this service.

To cycle whole Gili Trawangan Island - 1 round takes 1 hour


Alternatively, you can take horse car :
Normal price : Rp150,000 per car (max of 3 adult passengers)

*there's no motorcycle / car in Gili Trawangan Island itself. 


3. Expenses in Gili Trawangan, Lombok :

Average Food Prices :

(To ease your calculation : Rp20,000 is around RM6.50)

Night Market food :
BBQ : Rp20,000 - 30,000 per stick
Nasi Campur (Rice + 4 vegs of your choice) - Rp20,000 per plate

Cheap meal in rundown roadside restaurant : Rp20,000 (per local meal)

Proper Restaurant : Rp40,000 - 60,000 per pax

Seafood : Choose your seafood + free flow salad bar /  rice  / potatoes : roughly Rp80,000 per pax

BBQ Corn (Roadside stall) : Rp15,000 per corn

Alcohol (Bintang Beer) - Retail Price from mart : Small bottle Rp25,000, Large Rp40,000
(most restaurants charge slightly more expensive)

Grill Seafood - Remember! Price negotiable

One of the breakfast place that we really love =)

Body Massage :

Normal retail price : Rp160,000-180,000 (1 hour full body massage)

We got it at Rp100,000 (1 hour full body massage) at Samba (near Istanbul Kebab / Gili Mart)

Samba Spa

For Hotel :

We stayed : Gili Ocean Club (2 bedroom suite).
It is a nice hotel with a mini pool, very huge bathroom but it is 15-20 minutes walk from the main area. (Bicycle makes life easier!)

We spent : RM550 per night for 4 pax (2 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms)

Airbnb choices are pretty limited and far from the main area

Gili Ocean Club - our hotel pool


4. One Day Trip and Prices from Gili Trawangan

1. Island Hopping around Gili Islands
(Gili Meno, Gili Air, Gili Trawangan)

Normal price :
With public boat : Rp100,000 per pax
With private speedboat : Rp150,000 per pax

Island Hopping 

Island Hopping

2. Tiu Kelep Waterfall Half Day Trip

Rp : 150,000 per pax
Includes boat back to Lombok, private car from Lombok jetty to waterfall entrance (1.5hrs drive)

Does not include Tour Guide to waterfall (we were told it is mandatory)
Rp100,000 per pax
(honestly, the guide is quite useful and helpful in assisting us especially when we need to cross a few streams)

(scroll all the way down for more pics)

This is when you need the guide's help.

3. Lombok Beach Trip

(Includes Sengigi Beach, Tanjung Ann, Bukit Merese and many other surfing beaches)
Rp100,000 per pax

(scroll all the way down for more pics)

Bukit Merese

Other day trips : Komodo Island, Diving trips


5. Instagrammable Locations around Lombok

1. Sunset Swing in Gili Trawangan

Look at the map below. The yellow highlighted area is where you get to see sunset. Along the beach, there are a few bars that has different types of swings. Just walk to the beach, sit and take pictures with the swing. You do not need to pay anything unless you are drinking at the bar.

Sunset time : roughly around 6.20pm. Be there by 6pm to take nice hue.

We took ours in Ombak Sunset Resort.
The sunset was magnificent. Really =)

Ombak Sunset Swing

2. Riding Horse in the sea (sunset)

When you take pictures around the swing, often you'll see horses bathing in the sea. Just walk up to one of them and ask whether they can bring you for a short ride into the sea =) We got charged Rp25,000 per pax, which I think is still negotiable.

Horse riding in the sea

3. Bukit Merese and Tanjung Ann, Lombok
(good for sunset)
This place is near Kuta, the main city in Lombok. It is near to Lombok Airport.

Bukit Merese, Lombok

4. Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Lombok
(North of Lombok, need to hike 1 hour into this waterfall)

Tiu kelep waterfall. 

Magnificent. Photo credit : @nazrul instagram

5. or just any sea in Gili Trawangan
They are blue! I mean it =)

near public boat jetty

More interesting places in this video =)


Last but not least
Gili Trawangan is all about Sun, Sea, Beach and Party
there isn't much touristy spots to visit
If you wish to visit more places
I highly recommend you to stay in Lombok Island and visit Gili Trawangan as 1 day trip.
Lombok has more things to offer =)

You'll need at least 4D3N for this trip
5D4N is pretty relaxing for us =)

Well, hope my tips are useful
and enjoy your trip!


Any questions : please email me at
or DM me at my instagram : @sue_sien
(I tend miss comments in my blog! use the 2 options above for speedy reply!)


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